Teachers Can Help Student to Mitigate Nervousness. Know How

It is quite common for students to have nervousness in their study life which adversely affects their learning cycle. For some students, the anxiety is only mild and is seen only at exam times but it can be an alarming issue for certain students. Whether the nervousness is mild or if it is a serious
  • 28 Feb, 2018
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35 Inspirational Quotes for Teachers Appreciation

  From times immemorial, a teacher has a special place in the lives and hearts of knowledge-seekers. Revered for being a noble profession which can transform the lives of students, ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures and global literature put the teacher on a pedestal as a Godly person.  A teacher called as a “Guru” in Indian
  • 25 Sep, 2017
  • Probytes Pune
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