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24 Must-Share Poems for Middle School and High School

Have you ever thought about whether reading a poem can make a difference in someone’s life?

In fact, there are many examples of individuals who have changed the way they see the world or the way they see themselves after reading a book or poem.

There are some amazing poems from great writers which can make a lasting impact on the readers and showering positivity.

Especially, the students can easily get inspired by good poems or stories which totally change their outlook.

Here we are sharing some of the best poems from great writers that are particularly a good choice for the middle and high school students.

1. “Dreams” by Langston Hughes

This is one of the best poems for school students to learn about the significance of dreams and hope in life. He decently relates the scenarios of poverty and social inequality he faced in life. He inspires students to fight against fate and chase the personal goals.

2. “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou

This awesome poem from an American poet and civil rights activist discusses about resilience and complete recognition of her feminine power. The main topics covered in the poem include resilience, females, femininity and social expectations. The sexual references can be used along with a similar novel showcasing female issues to give a complete picture.

3. “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” by Emily Dickinson

This is a great master piece from the poet which is in fact readily understandable for middle school students. They would love to read about the role of ‘frogs’ in our present society. It is actually a small poem but what makes it special is that it is an all time relevant subject which implies to even our present world.

4. “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon

The poet’s childhood memories, family influences and imagery of her favourite birth place are portrayed beautifully. This piece of work is truly inspiring for students to come up with poems of their family and memories.

5. “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost

It could get a little confusing to understand for students at the beginning. But the best part is the particular ‘moment’ after you read it when the idea of the poet strikes your thoughts. This is a short but powerful poem which stimulates a platform for discussion among readers.

6. “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” by Dylan Thomas

The poem was written in the background of his plead to his dying father which says “rage, rage, against the dying of the light”. The poet clearly focuses on struggle, adversity, evil and persistence through his work. Students get a chance to learn more about symbolic meanings of darkness and night in literature.

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7. “The Cremation of Sam McGee” by Robert W. Service

It is interesting to listen to Johnny Cash’s recording. Unlike other poems, the students can anticipate a start, middle and end for this poem. Importantly, students would love the end of poem which is equally funny but surprising.

8. “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley

This is a good choice of poem for high school students to learn how to overcome the limitations to succeed in life. In fact, the life of poet itself is an example for fighting for life. The poet tries to discuss areas like self-reliance, adversity, power, fate and resilience in his poem.

9. “Look Up” by Gary Turk

The poem interestingly discusses the wide use of social media and cell phone among the present generation. The poet ironically discloses how lonely she is despite having a number of friends and connections in social media.

10. That Sure is my little dog

How emotional and social baggage is passed down the lines of generations is the central idea that Eleanor Lerman has beautifully expressed. It showcases how troubled the author is with the show her generation had to pull off and now she wants the next generation to know the truth – they are inheriting something what their elders never believed in but were forced to accept.

11. “If” by Rudyard Kipling

This is a brilliant piece of work from the late Victorian writer known for his globally famous The Jungle Book. This poem is a glimpse of advice for teens to live a good life by handling fear, dreams, hatred, gossip, and more. It also kicks in the values of integrity, self-reliance and forgiveness, which is an ideal choice for high school students.

12. “I, Too” by Langston Hughes

This is an amazingly wonderful piece of work from the poet which has a lot of relevance. The “today/tomorrow” sequence of the poem can be readily figured out and understand the speaker’s anger and bitterness. You can see a change of “sing” to “am” throughout the poem and it can easily trigger up a discussion among students.

13. “The Man in the Glass” by Dale Wimbrow

This mind blowing poem which was written way back in 1934 clearly shows the significance of believing in the man in the mirror. It simply emphasizes the importance of being proud of your worth rather than worrying and seeking external validation. Students can get an idea about how self-perception is good than pleasing others while experiencing the fun of independence and life choices.

14. “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks

The lesson focus of the poem is through a rhyme and form and this short and punchy poem can be a good choice for middle school students. The initial reading itself gives a better idea for students with only a few new words to be verified for proper interpretation.

15. “The Rose that Grew From the Concrete” by Tupac Shakur

This mind blowing poem from the author revolves around diverse areas such as resilience, adversity and social judgements. Most of his songs are lyric poetry and he wrote this beautiful work early in his age of 19 which is really inspiring for kids to explore their talents.

16. “Hope is the thing with feathers” by Emily Dickinson

This is, in fact, a little gem from the great poet which is easily understandable and relatable for a middle school student. The figurative language used in the poem clearly showcases the concept of hope in life. This compact but powerful write up demonstrates the use of condensed language among students.

17. “Eating Poetry” by Mark Strand

In this awesome work from American poet and essayist, you can see the interesting scenarios of how a man eats poems in the library and the response of librarian and the following incidents. The poem says a lot about creativity and teachers can in fact use it to emphasize literature’s role in society.

18. “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath

This amazing poem from American poet shares mirror personified talks showcasing the role it has in a woman’s life. A diverse range of topics are covered throughout this poem including self-concept, self-esteem, beauty, self-image and aging.

19. “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan

This is a very powerful poem that narrates the poet’s experience of being bullied in school life. The poet gives good messages on suicide, isolation, depression, and resilience to the school students. Teachers can use this as a platform to talk with the students on a personal note and give them the courage to come forward against all these hassles.

20. “Did I Miss Anything?” by Tom Wayman

This is a fun to read poem which is an instant favourite for many for its sarcasm brilliance. This clever poem is constructed with an everything/nothing construction as it moves forward with vibrant scenes. The poem was inspired by this common question from students which has not changed all these years.

21. “The Laughing Heart” by Charles Bukowski

This poem is really appealing to teens on how the poet chose independence and taking risks by start writing poems over a stable career. This is all about coming of age and teachers can use it as a platform to advise students about making life choices and about overcoming adversity.

22. “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes

This is a politically charged poem that is still relevant in today’s world. The short but beautiful poem is in fact timeless. In this poem, a mother compares staircase to life while giving valuable advices for her son. She gives confidence to son to move forward despite what life offers him.

23. “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost

This mind blowing poem depicts the struggles of the poet with depression. His struggle life may resonate with the students facing serious troubles in life. Students can also identify that their problems are far more adjustable when compared to the struggles faced by others around.

24. “How to Be a Person” by Shane Koyczan

The poet is known for discussing the teenage issues and this particular poem is a piece of advice for teens in their journey to be real people. Students can see a different perspective to humanity, wisdom, character, courage and integrity through this short poem.

Even when these poems can be a great read despite age and sex, most of them can make a leaving thought among the student generation. While some of them teach the moral values in life some others are highlighting the importance of never losing hope in life and fighting till end to chase your dreams. Teachers and parents can share these awesome poems to the kids which can make their day and it may make a positive impact on the way they grow up.

27 Facts about Pollution For Kids

Pollution is a condition when harmful and poisonous things are added to the environment. When huge amounts of toxic compounds, elements, smoke, and gases are out into the atmosphere, it causes pollution.

These gases and chemicals are very damaging to social, plant, and animal development. As grown-ups, it is our duty to tell kids about pollution and the necessary steps to curb it from roots.

What is pollution?

Pollution is the entrance of contaminants into the open environment which produces unfriendly change. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or force, such as sound, heat or light. Pollutants can be both foreign substances and commonly befalling contaminants.

As responsible citizens, we have to make sure that our kids know about pollution, its types and ways to combat it.

Below are facts about pollution for kids in our generation:

1. Kids are more unsafe due to pollution of any kind than grown-ups because at their age their immune system isn’t fully developed.

2. Kids share only10% of the world’s pollution every year but still, they suffer more due to pollution of all kinds.

3. More than 3 million children under the age of 5 years die every year because of environmental circumstances like contamination in water, toxic air, etc.

4. Around 1000 babies die in India each year due to infections caused by the dirty water.

5. According to WHO, 9 out of 10 people of the world’s community exists in regions where air pollution has passed the safe threshold.

6. Air pollution appears 4th in the level of risks pretended to human well-being, after high blood pressure, dietary hazards and smoking.

7. The world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide is China, accompanied by the US.

8. Global warming happens when greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc.accumulate in the environment and consume sunlight and solar transmission that have jumped off the earth’s cover.

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9. Greenhouse gases are also the prime reason behind the gradual increase in earth’s temperature and are liable for global warming are called Greenhouse gases are also prime sources of air pollution.

10. When smoke and fog are mixed together, they form smog. As it contains small particulate matters and ground-level ozone, it generates serious respiratory disorders, including asthma, breathlessness and lung failure. The term smog was first used in London.

11. Common road-based vehicles like cars, trucks, and buses are big contributors to air pollution because these vehicles use fossil fuels which emit carbon monoxide into the air when combusted.

12. Air pollution can be reduced by amending strict PUC certification rules and also by taking bicycles, electric or hybrid vehicles in daily use.

13. To curb air pollution in Los Angeles, the United States has become the first country to update and take an initiation of the Clean Air Act.

14. Air pollution has the biggest role in worsening breathing problems, increasing respiratory and lung diseases, pulmonary disorders, and Asthma.

15. Till now, air pollution is still uncontrollable because about 3 billion people without a decent house and healthcare cook and heat their houses using free fires and cracked stoves, thus adding more towards pollution and global warming.

16. One of the severe effects of air pollution can be seen as – depletion of the ozone In May 1985, an annual report was submitted stating the affected ozone area over Antarctica. The main reason stated for the depletion was the use of CFCs in cooling and refrigerating equipment.

17. One Chlorine in CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) can react with free oxygen in OZONE (O3) and kill up to 100,000 ozone molecules.

18. Depletion of OZONE will adversely impact the environment; UV rays may enter the Earth Atmosphere and might destroy plankton, which is the main source of food in the ocean’s food series.

19. Water is necessary for mortal endurance, but we are falling out of secure drinking water. On Earth, only 2.5% of the available water is fresh water. In rest available water, about 70% of industrial waste and 80% of untreated sewage are dumped.

20. Untreated sewage helps algae to develop in the water which utilizes the oxygen disturbing the total BOD. This disturbance is also another reason for marine life extinction.

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21. Apart from the untreated sewage and industrial waste, 18 billion pounds of plastic is also thrown in oceans every year succumbing marine life to death. It is one of the most serious problems of land and water pollution. Plastic persists on earth for millions of years without degradation.

22. Out of 18 billion pounds of plastic trash, 40% generated is used once for packaging articles and then it is abandoned. It either goes in landfills or contaminates water bodies.

23. About one million plastic drink bottles are marketed every minute throughout the world.12% of plastic is cremated, and 79% is deposited in the landfill, becoming a crucial and no biodegradable source of land pollution.

24. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle which is also known as Three R’s is the only way to prevent non-biodegradable wastes to reach the soil. If we reduce our waste and decide to reuse them by converting them in new product or item, it will prevent land pollution and soil will maintain to have its fertility. Also, recycling of trash and composting may rescue 85 tons of waste from being discharged into the environment.

25. Water pollution can be efficiently checked by establishing water-efficient toilets, disposing toxic or oily fluid waste after treatment and never dumping synthetic wastes in water bodies.

26. Ganges water in India is a decent example of becoming septic due to the dumping of industrial waste, enshrouded babies and half burnt and unburnt dead bodies.

27. Among different types of pollution, noise pollution is another evil. It occurs due to intense honking, booming music, outcries, and horns. Researches have even shown that sound pollution may induce insomnia, reinforces stress, sound loss, hypertension, and heart disorders. On regular exposure, it can also disrupt people from concentrating on their regular activities.

Final Words:

Kids see this environment as a wonderful place to exist. They admire their house, school, town and the life nearby. As grown-ups, we require to maintain that excellence for forthcoming generations. By giving children enough knowledge to be informed of the problem at hand, we can wish for a safer place to breathe and permit the planet to be better again.

15 Brilliant Toys For Autistic Children To Play And Learn

Being on the spectrum of autism changes the way you perceive the world around. Teaching skills to autistic children require unique and more playful ways. There is a special range of toys available for autistic children. Such toys target social interactive skills, language skills, problem-solving and sensory-motor skills.

Here is a list of 15 brilliant toys for autistic children to play and learn.

1. Fidget Cube of 12 Sides

Dealing with stress can be difficult for autistic children. Having this toy can help when closed ones or teachers are not around. This cube has proven to be helpful in reducing anxiety and relieving stress. Children with autism can feel relaxed, having this toy in social environments, during long drives or anywhere else.

2. Adorox Liquid Bubble Drop

This is a portable bubbler, which children can carry. The colorful liquid moves slowly, which relaxes and increases concentration. Bright colors of the liquid keep autistic children focused. They stay calm, which increases their ability to gather thoughts.

3. Blocks of Vehicle and Sound

This toy is perfect to improve picture association and help kids learn the sounds of vehicles. The game comes with a feature of self-correction. Each block contains 6 sides with pictures of motorcycle, plane, train, boat, ambulance and fire engine. Correct solution of the puzzle results in an auditory response of the vehicle’s sound. This makes the game exciting for autistic kids.

4. Chubuddy Pendants

These beautiful pendants are made with latex, lead, plastic and other safe materials. The colorful pendants look like a stylish fashion accessory. And they can also work for children as their chew toy. This can help when a kid feels an immediate need for sensory stimulation.

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5. Learning with See and Spell

This toy is a perfect combination of pictorial representation and language improvement. It improves spelling ability, motor skills, reading and vocabulary as well. The set of puzzle contains boards and pieces of English language letters. Kids can make spellings in this colorful game.

6. Farm Animals and Sound

This is another puzzle to motivate auditory senses in autistic children. The wood-based board contains animal shapes along with colorful animal blocks. A kid has to place the right block in the right shape with the help of pegs. Correct placement results in the sound of that animal. This allows the kid to identify different animals, their sound and improves the ability to work with shapes and colors as well.

7. Quack Stack

With this one toy, you can make shower time exciting and improve your kid’s visual, spatial and motor skills. This toy comes in the shape of a duck, made of non-toxic and safe material. The feet of the duck has a cup shape. The beak pours water and the wings work like a propeller. Pouring water over the duck allows it to navigate its way in a bathtub full of water.

8. Foam Puzzle Blocks

Soft foam blocks of the puzzle are easy to grab. Their multiple colors allow kids to learn texture, while the variety of shapes improves shape identification. They are lightweight blocks in various shapes and a kid has to make building blocks with them. The dotted surface stimulates the skin and touch-senses in an autistic child. This makes them more interactive in other scenarios as well.

9. Balance board

For kids older than 3 years in the autistic spectrum, a balance board is suitable for physical activity. Kids find it fun and enjoy trying to balance themselves on board. You can find versatile animal character shaped boards for your kid. The kid has to stand on the board and balance his or her weight in the center.

10. Riverstone by Gonge

Gonge is known for various toys for children. Their Riverstones set is perfect to improve physical coordination in autistic children. The materials are not slippery at all. The size difference of 6 pieces makes it exciting. You can place the pieces on a flat surface at convenient or challenging distances. The kid can try to move from one stone to the other and balance his or her body on them.

11. Space Hopper

Space hoppers provide therapy forkids. Inflated balls help with sitting and jumping safely in a room. This activity involves multiple muscles, which increases the muscle strength and core power in kids. It also increases the ability to balance. These hoppers are available in different colors in the market. The material is safe and kids enjoy playing with it.

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12. Bilibo

This helmet looking toy is open to your child’s creativity. The material has the capacity to handle weight and damages. Your child can do a lot of things using this toy. It won’t shatter, no matter if played outdoors or indoors.

13. Socially Speaking

Autistic children usually shy away from social encounters. They struggle to express their emotions, which makes communication difficult. This toy called Socially Speaking is a perfect board game you can introduce in the life of your autistic kid.

The game helps to improve the interactive abilities of kids. About 3 to 6 players can play this game together.

The game revolves around the tasks of greeting, listening, complimenting, asking correct questions, calling people, expressing feelings and other social activities.

14. Board of Basic Skills

This is an educational toy to educate kids with autism in terms of daily activities and skills. The toy includes the practice of buttoning shirts, tying shoes and other acts. Kids, who are older than 3, can enjoy this game and learn to do a lot of daily activities on their own. The board game comes with a wide range of toys to build excitement.

15. Early Learning Flash Cards

Flash Cards for Early Learning improve the memorability of kids. Learning shapes, alphabets, phonics, numbers and words become easier. Autistic kids between the age of 4 and 8 can get maximum advantage from this game.

Now, you can find the best toys to help autistic children grow their knowledge, physical and social strength…

10 Things You Need to Know to Find High Quality Childcare!

When you want the best childcare facility for your kid, the options include formal centers, in-home facilities, and family care. No matter which option you pick, it is important to make sure that the place is best suited for your child.

There are 10 important factors you should know about to find high-quality childcare.

1. Security and Safety

First and foremost, you should find out everything about the security and safety of the place. Analyze the building in terms of its equipment, safety measurements and the quality of overall security. Don’t judge the security with respect to general guidelines. The arrangements should ensure the safety of children in that building. For instance, you can evaluate the entry authorization process. This way, you will know that your child is in a secure place.

2. Caring and Responsive Environment

High-Quality childcare provides a caring environment with the consistent availability of a caregiver. You can find out the quality of care by listening to the conversations between the caregivers and children. See if kids look happy and try hearing the sound of laughter. Spend some time to find out how responsive those teachers are towards children. Make sure they treat kids kindly and don’t ignore them. After all, you want your child to get a loving and caring environment.

You can also ask for caregivers’ credentials to understand how reliable they are for the job. A teacher with years of experience with kids will be a trustworthy choice.

3. Cleanliness

Cleanliness should be a priority when selecting childcare. You should ensure that all the caregivers follow hygiene guidelines such as washing hands from time to time, especially after eating and coming out of the restroom.

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4. Welcoming and Respectful

Childcare should not be castle where parents can’t enter during the day. There has to be a welcoming environment, where you can visit anytime. This shows the transparency and trust they want to offer to parents. At the same time, the administration and teachers should respect your culture. If teachers aren’t respectful to your language and culture, it will also impact the care they offer to your child. So, it is better to avoid such facilities.

5. Engaging and Stimulating activities

Activities throughout the day should be engaging and stimulating for kids. Children need to feel interested in activities such as interactions, reading, exploring items. This depends on the abilities of the teachers as well as the environment created in the childcare. A colorful environment with puzzles, blocks, props, books and other items encourages children to indulge in activities. Space should be wide and open enough to help the kid to enjoy. Children should be able to safely run, climb and throw balls in the available space.

6. Steady Availability of Staff Members

Trained adults should be available all the time when your child is there. Each child should receive proper attention. This is a matter of care and safety as well. One caregiver should handle not more than 4 infants. Also, a caregiver should only get 7 two-year-old or 10 preschoolers.

Also, inquire about the steadiness in their availability. If the staff members keep on leaving frequently, then, it is not a good sign. Your child won’t be able to make a steady relationship with his/her caregiver.

7. Qualified and Experienced Caregivers

You want qualified caregivers and teachers, so feel free to ask for the proof of qualifications. The director, teachers and caregivers, all are responsible for your child’s care. You should ensure the highest standards by letting only qualified people handle your kid.

Standard qualifications in childcare facility include child development training, teaching expertise and others. The teachers should also have the ability to prepare daily schedules and implement it without putting any pressure on children.

8. Communicative Relationship with Parents

A childcare administrative staff should have a communicative relationship with the parents. Caregivers and parents should interact with newsletters, phone calls, and direct communication. You should receive daily notes from the staff and also get to learn about their programs via conferences and meetings.

You can also ask for a handbook of policy, which the childcare facility follows. There has to be a policy book and the policies should align with your desires regarding your child’s care.

As parents, you should also show eagerness to learn how they operate and how they aim to upgrade their facilities with time.

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9. Recommendations and Trust

Nothing beats the evaluation provided by the parents who have used the childcare  before. Try and find references from parents. Many childcare facilities provide contact information about enrolled parents to help you interview them and understand the quality of the facility.

You can also, find them on social media to discuss your concerns. This will offer a chance to have an impartial conversation about the quality of childcare your kid can receive.

10. Your own Intuition

Your own intuition and gut-feeling matters. Even after all the analysis and evaluation, it is possible that you don’t feel satisfied with the available options. No problem! Keep looking until you find trustworthy childcare to take care of your kid.

Follow this 10 things and you will comprehensively evaluate childcare facilities for the ultimate selection.

5 Parenting Tips for Dealing with an Angry Teenager

For parents, the first few years of taking care of a child seem overwhelming. But as the child grows, parents realize the increased challenges of parenting a kid during his or her teenage. In fact, many parents feel, as if, they are losing the kid they used to play within the backyard.

This happens to almost every parent. And this time is not just difficult for parents, kids also feel confused and go through a tsunami of new emotions as they live their teenage years.

Their biological characteristics change, which impacts their emotional understanding. At the same time, they try to understand their own place in this world. All these things turn a teenager into an angry child.

The bigger problem is their children’s inability to express and manage their anger correctly. Which is why teenagers often find themselves into trouble. Teenage kids can feel a strong need to shout, act out or other loud things to release the force of emotions they feel.

As parents, seeing your kid go through all that is hurtful, overwhelming and sad. In some cases, parents don’t know the right approach to managing their kid’s anger and end up further damaging the child’s emotional health.

You need to understand where that anger is coming from. Teenagers think and try to behave like adults, but they are not adults. They are in the process of becoming adults. The brain development keeps on happening until we complete 25 years on this planet.

If you yell back at an angry teenage child, it will only increase the pitch of the issue. An anger outburst in teenagers should be handled in a particular way to defuse the intensity. Your kids are finding themselves in the middle of the outside world and your protection. They need your protection but don’t like to be bossed around. This confusion between dependence and independence turns into angry power plays.

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The outcome of any situation with your teenage kid depends on your ability to communicate and take the right actions.

This article has 5 tips you can use in that department to obtain positive results.

1. Listen calmly before speaking

You might feel that your kid is acting out for no reason or maybe for the wrong reasons. But do not charge at the child without listening to them. Take some time and patiently hear what your child has to say.

An angry teenager wants to let it all out. If you avoid listening, it can further increase their anger. The feeling of avoidance can make your child go overboard with his or her anger. So, your goal in such situations should be to be extra attentive towards your kid and listen before you speak.

2. Find the right time to speak during a heated conversation

When your child is angry, his or her emotional intensity reaches its peak. And that emotional peak doesn’t allow the kid to hear and understand what you say. Even if you talk in their favour, they feel interrupted and get angrier.

The chances of your kid listening and communicating increase when you find the right moment to put across your point. You shouldn’t try to talk during the heated emotional outburst. Let the child say it all and calm down. Sometimes you have to spend the whole heated conversation, simply listening to your child. Then, when you find your kid calmed, you can sit and begin the conversation in a softer manner.

The process is easier said than done for sure. You may also feel anger and wish to say everything out loud. The challenge is to hold yourself and relax. The thoughts may have to stay in your mind for a few days before you get a chance to talk to your kid.

3. Make a physical release opportunity available

Mental stress is released with physical activity. Which is why you might see an angry teenager throw stuff, pacing or do other physical activities to release the stress.

You can provide a positive opportunity for your child to release from an anger teenager mindset. Find out his or her favorite sport or activity such as running, swimming, basketball or any other. Encourage your kid to join a class, so he or she can indulge in an activity for a physical release.

You can also try to take exercise classes together. This will ensure a physical release and you will get a chance to connect with your child more.

4. Allow and respect his/her privacy

Your child is in the process of becoming an adult. There is a constant urge to acquire freedom and do things as he/she pleases. And you have to respect that! Teens usually don’t prefer their parents walking in their room without knocking. It is their own castle and you can’t barge in. This gives a sense that you are trying to control your kid’s life completely. You don’t want to be perceived as a controller, it should be an image of a protector.

For that, you need to respect the boundaries and allow your kid his/her privacy. At the same time, you can make yourself available for your kid’s protection and support.

5. Don’t infantilize your teenage child

Teenagers don’t want their parents to treat them as if they are an infant. In your eyes, they will always little babies. But you can’t forget that your baby has turned into a young child and trying to become a grown boy or girl.

If you start babying their every action, it will trigger the anger and thus become angry teenager. Criticizing their actions, trying to teach them every single minute and being in their face all the time. These are the things that create unwanted situations. You can find a quiet, one-on-one time to respectfully inform about something that you don’t agree with.

To parent a teenage child, you have to treat them as grownups and protect them as a child. There has to be a perfect balance to avoid heated situations.

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Top 11 Classroom Challenges, According to Teachers

A teacher can be a good role model for a student who can inspire them to live a better life in various means. At the same time, the life of a teacher is not that flawless like everyone thinks it is. Like every other career, teachers are also facing a lot of challenges.

Though, good cooperation from students, parents as well as school administrators can help them to overcome most of the hassles they face and come out successful.

Lack of teamwork, minimal personal time, working towards long term goals, arguments and student excuses are among some serious challenges they face in a classroom.

Addressing these common problems can not only help to improve teacher retention rate but also enhances success rates of student and the ultimate quality of education.

Here we can have a look at some of the top classroom challenges faced by teachers in the present education scenario.

1. Lack of Time for Planning

Unlike in the past when teachers can’t just finish off their syllabus and typically evaluate the students.

The situation is more challenging today. They will have to handle multiple roles in the classroom.

Updating the subject to new demands, correcting materials, content presentations, managing field trips as well as bringing in new creative approaches to meet the present educational trends are a few among them.

Teachers are finding it really challenging to handle multiple roles as they lack enough time for planning.

Preparing, planning and executing tasks expected out of them add a lot of pressure and the lack of time doubles it.

2. Lot of paperwork

In addition to preparing quality teaching content, it is common for school management to hand them with many additional roles including psycho-educator, social worker, counsellor and a lot more.

Building reliable statistics and preparing and updating student growth indicators are one of the important classroom challenges they have to handle in addition to teaching notes. Such excessive paper works take a lot of time out of their regular schedules. This can seriously impact the quality of work they deliver.

It is seriously challenging for them to handle all of this without giving space for criticism. It can take a toll over their health and many are finding it difficult even to have a proper work-life balance.

3. Performance Pressure from School Administrators

Unlike in the past, there are serious competitors in every field and the situation is no different in the teaching career. Everyone is being challenged always to give out their best because a better person is knocking on your role. This causes a lot of pressure from school administrators to perform well every time without leaving any point of blame.

A teacher is now accountable for the win percentage of the class, the lines of the student growth indicators and even the disciplinary factors of the class they handle. Being accountable for a number of roles other than quality teaching is sure to put on a lot of performance pressure on teachers.

4. Balancing Diverse Learning Needs

Let it be any school, the type of students in a classroom will be different and they will have diverse learning needs. Satisfying all of them in the same way while approaching a particular curriculum will be a serious challenge.

Nowadays, teachers are trying differential teaching strategies to satisfy a slow learner and quick learner. So they will be forced to bring in a lot of creativity and diverse strategies which in turn requires additional preparation time. However, once you learn to come out of it, it will, of course, be an empowering experience for your career and for the benefit of the classroom, as well.

5. Handle too many masters

They are of course in the middle of many ‘masters’ like parents, students and school managers. Satisfying all of them in the same meter can be a serious challenge for them.

A management that is not supportive, a class of students who lack teamwork and parents who are complaining without understanding can make the job tough for them.

Also, there can be arguments or even fights between these ‘masters’ and taking a stand to solve the situation can be a bit worrying for them at least a few of the times. They will have to make choices between fairness and survival at times.

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6. Get burn out easily

It can be fun and relaxed to take up teaching as a profession as you can be in the company of kids and youth which keeps you young. At the same time, a lot of factors like we discussed can cause them to burn out easily.

Feeling overworked, unsupported, underpaid, lack of personal time, the difficulty of work-life balance and not getting proper rest all can result in burnout.

Overworking can even affect the most energetic teacher and this can impact on the way they handle class too causing more serious problems.

7. Lack of proper funding

There needs to have proper funding from the management and parent funds to successfully work out many teaching strategies and related stuff during an academic year.

Teachers have seen raising concerns about the lack of funding which can seriously impact the way they want to take the class forward. And we have heard cases of teacher ending up paying from the pocket in order to ensure flawlessness of their strategies.

8. Limitations of standardized testing

Not every student in a class learns a subject in the same way and similar is the case with the way you evaluate them.

Teachers would be eager to come up with creative ways of assessing their students and these approaches may be initiated after studying their learning styles. However, if the management insists on standardized testing methods, it will be a tough job for teachers.

This forces them to shift their approach of teaching and limits the scope of creative ideas to uplift the progress of the students.

9. Lack of Parental Support

Even when it is the role of teacher to provide students with quality education, the process is only complete with the cooperation and understanding of parents and school management. Parents should be the ideal working partners of teachers to provide the best learning experience for students.

If parents are stepping away from their responsibility, it can be tough for teachers to handle at least a few of the students.

That is one reason why today teachers are taking initiatives to set up a meeting with parents and communicating them through apps so that they can have an eye on the progress of their child.

10. Changing Educational Trends

This is one of the worst classroom challenges faced by teachers as educational trends have been changing every year. Schools will be eager to adopt new technologies and tools to update new trends.

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However, they may not take the same effort to give proper training to teachers on how to use these new tools. Teachers will have to figure out themselves on how effectively they can utilize the new tools.

This can result in inconsistency in their teaching styles and more often leading to frustration and low job satisfaction.

11. Limitations of disciplining Students

Not all students in a class may be well mannered or respectful. There can be some cases of serious disrespect towards teachers and the rules safeguarding students can be a headache for teachers.


Teachers have to look into the lawsuits and double check it before you respond as things can turn against you in unexpected ways. However, if they are forced to teach the same set of students even amidst an unfriendly classroom condition, it can kill their love for teaching.

Dealing with a silent class is yet another classroom challenges as a teacher can move forward confidently only if they get a good response. With changing educational trends and the limitations of teachers in student centred classroom, their existence is getting tougher and tougher every day.

However, a timely involvement from the school management and the cooperation from students and parents can help teachers to give their best out. A good flexible teaching platform can help them to better contribute to the education quality and the overall success rates of students. Teachers also have to take serious efforts to tackle all these classroom challenges and contribute their best to the teaching world.


35 Best CBSE Schools in India

Choosing the best school for kids is always a challenge for parents. They have to look into a lot of factors like quality of education provided, the proficiency of teachers, activities, teaching techniques, the infrastructure and facilities of the school building and premises as well as the efficiency of school management.

Parents are looking to provide all comfort and ease to their kids while not compromising on the quality of education. Considering these factors, CBSE schools are far ahead considering similar schooling options. However, all these factors may not meet for all CBSE schools.

That is why you have to look for the best CBSE School for your kid in your preferred location. Here we can help you with the task as we list some of the best CBSE schools in India that satisfies more or less all of the deciding factors.

1. A.V Boys Sr. Secondary School, Chennai

It is located away from the noise of city which follows a co-ed classroom set-up. The student-teacher ratio is 26:1 and they support extracurricular activities along with quality education. Key features include large assembly halls and library & aesthetically designed classrooms.

>>Address: R-45, 120 Ft Road, Mogappair, Chennai – 600 050

>>Phone: 044 26242340 / 26243818

>> Email Id: [email protected]

>> Website:

2. Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, Anantapur

They provide education from nursery to the 12th grade and the institution is inspired by the values of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. They follow the co-ed classroom set-up and boasts of dedicated teaching staff, excellent infrastructure and hostel facilities.

>>Address: Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School, P.O. Prasanthinilayam, Dt. Anantapur, A.P. 515134

>>Phone: 08555 – 287237

>>Email: [email protected]

3. Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi

They follow the co-ed classroom system and provide education for nursery classes to grade 12. They boast of excellent infrastructure facilities including a huge campus, large airy classrooms, hi-tech labs and canteen facilities.

>>Address: Lodi Estate, New Delhi 1100 03

>>Phone: (011) 24627344 / 55, (011) 24620355


>>Email Id: [email protected]

4. Kothari International School, Uttar Pradesh

They offer to school for classes up to 12 and boasts of competent faculty, safe and secure campus. They follow the co-curricular education system and they were ranked in the top 10 schools last year by many surveys.

>>Address: B-279, Sector 50, B Block, Sector 50, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

>>Phone: +91-120-4082430, +91- 9818548495

>>Email id: [email protected]


5. Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Deoghar, Jharkhand

This is all boys residential school, a best CBSE school in India provides education from Nursery classes to XII. They boast of several academic achievements, library, canteen and even training and placement cell. The school was rated among top 10 schools in India in many surveys.

>>Address: Ramakrishna Nagar, P.O.: Vidyapith, Dist.: Deoghar, Pin: 814 112, Jharkhand

>>Phone: (06432) 222413, 236854


>>Email id: [email protected]

6. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai

This is a charitable public trust built for the promotion of education and culture to the society. In addition to basic education, the institution gives the ultimate focus to gear up the fundamental values of life.

>>Address: Kilpauk Garden Road, Davidpuram, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010

Phone: +91 44 2464 3420

Fax: 044-24641045

Email: [email protected]

7. Lotus Valley International School, Noida: The institution is dedicated to providing the best quality education and its motto says it all ‘Arise Awake and Stop not till the Goal is Reached’. Many surveys have rated it as one of the top K-12 institutions in North India. They follow the co-ed classroom system and feature a cafeteria, well-equipped gym, and infirmary along with basic facilities.

>>Address: Sector 126, Express Highway, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201303

>>Phone: 9910962228, 9910952225/6/7


>>Email id: [email protected]

8. Vyasa International School, Doddabommasandra, Bangalore:

The institution is designed to provide a stimulating all-round education for the kids. In addition to basic schooling, they are known for vibrant arts, community outreach, leadership, culture, and international exposure.

>>Address: No.101/2, BEL North Gate, Dodda, Bommasandra, Vidyaranyapura Post, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560097

>>Phone: +91 80 2345 1899

>>Fax: 080-2345 4777

>>E-Mail for Admission: [email protected]


9. Sri Kumaran Children’s Home School, Bangalore

They follow co-ed classroom system and provide both the CBSE and ICSE curriculum education. They boast of well-ventilated classrooms, sports activities, large playground, Sick Bay and canteen services in addition to quality education.

>>Address: Survey No 44 – 50, Mallasandra Village, Uttarahalli Hobli, Off Kanakapura Main Road, Bangalore 560062

>>Phone: 080-22538102 / 22538100


>>Email Id: [email protected]

10. AMITY International School, Uttar Pradesh

The school offers top learning platform for pre-primary to senior wings. The amenities for each class are designed to suit their age groups. Other than the basic schooling facilities, they provide power back up, controlled PA system, fire fighting solutions and emergency staircases.

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>>Address: Sector-44, Noida-201303, Uttar Pradesh

>>Phone: (120) 4399000

>>Fax No: (120) 2431430


>>E-mail ID:[email protected]

11. National Public School, Bangalore

Many products of IITs and IIMs are from this great school of renowned educationalist Dr. K P Gopalkrishna. They provide education from Playgroup to Grade 12and features hi-tech labs, large playground and well stock libraries.

>>Address: National Games Village Complex, 80 Ft. Road, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka -560047

>>Phone: 080 – 25705171, 25705172


>>Email id: [email protected]

12. Meridian School for Boys and Girls, Telangana

This is one of the top schools in India since 1995 which is known for their creativity and innovation in learning. They provide close to attention education for preschool to main school students.

>> Address: #8-2-541, Road No.7, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500 034, Telangana

>> Phone: 23420561/ 62/ 63

>> Email: [email protected]

>> Website:

13. Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore

They offer education from classes 5 to 12. They even provide IB programs and promote hands-on experiments and projects. They provide large playground, library, and computer lab and transportation facilities in addition to basic schooling options.

>>Address: Nallurvayal Post, Siruvani Main Road, Coimbatore-641 114, Tamil Nadu

>>Phone: +91 422 261 3300


>>Email id: [email protected]

14. Lovely Public School, New Delhi

This is one of the top schools in Delhi for 46 years. In addition to providing basic education, they assure stress-free learning with various clubs and unique meditation lab. Other facilities include a safe transportation system, purified RO water coolers and modern labs.

>> Address: Priyadarshini Vihar, Near Bank Enclave, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092

>> Phone: 22547753, 28822375, 22058369

>> Fax: 22014728

>> Email id: [email protected]

>> Website:

15. Army Public School, Telangana

The school started contributing to the field of education since 2002 and now offers learning solutions to over 3000 students every year. The main facilities include diverse labs, hobby clubs, counselling room, and multiple halls.

>> Address: Jai Jawahar Nagar Post, Bolarum, Secunderabad, Telangana

>> Email: [email protected]

>> Website:

16. St Antony’s Public School, Kottayam

This is one of the best CBSE schools in Kerala and it follows co-ed classroom system. In addition to basic classroom facilities, they provide transportation facilities, a large playground, hi-tech labs and well-stocked library.

>>Address: Anakkal, Kanjirapally, Kottayam Dt. Kerala, Pin: 686508,

>>Phone: 04828 – 202669, 202981

>> Website:

>> Email Id: [email protected]

17. Abhinav Bharati High School, Kolkata

This school was established early in the year 1945 and now offer classes up to higher secondary students. They boast of an excellent infrastructure which includes A.C. Montessori hall, library, playroom, assembly hall etc.

>>Address: 11, Pretoria Street Kolkata -700071

>> Phone: 033- 22823516/5215

>> Fax: 033 – 22821685

>> Email: [email protected]

>> Website:

18. The Heritage School, Sector 62, Gurgaon

They offer world-class education and students can opt for CBSE, ISCE, and even PUC board. They feature modern technologies such as smart interactive classrooms, laboratories and sprawling grounds.

>>Address: Sector 62, Gurgaon – 122011

>>Phone: 0124 – 2855124/25/26


>>Email id: [email protected]

19. Silver Hill Public School, Calicut

This is one of the best schools in Kerala since 1975 that follows co-educational class system. They even provide science research internships and corporate internships. Main facilities include airy classrooms and well-fitted laboratories.

>>Address: Paroppady, Marikunnu P. O.Kozhikode District, Kerala – 673012

>>Phone: 0495 2370075, 9349 03 03 00


>>Email id: [email protected]

20. Hindu Senior Secondary School, Chennai

They offer education from Playgroup to Grade 12 and boast of ventilated classrooms & airy and well-equipped labs. Their learning program includes educational trips and facilities include large playground to promote sports and games.

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>>Address: No.1, 2nd Main Road, Indira Nagar, Chennai – 600 020

>>Phone: 044 24901836, 24451693


>>Email id: [email protected]

21. Lakshmipat Singhania Acadamy, Kolkata

They are one of the top institutions in Kolkata which is recognized for various awards and achievements. Beyond the basic curriculum facilities, they focus on clubs and special activities, workshops, educational trips etc.

>> Address: 12B, Alipore Road, Kolkata – 700027

>> Phone: +91 33 24793600 / 24792176

>> Email id: [email protected]

>> Website:

22. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Alappuzha

This is a co-educational residential school which is dedicated to provide modern education to kids from rural areas. They offer classes for students from classes 6 to 12 and allow lateral entry for classes 9 and 11.

>>Address: Chennithala P.O, Mavelikkara, Alappuzha Dist, Pin:690 105



>>E-Mail:[email protected]


23. HAL Public School, Bangalore

They offer education from classes LKG to XII and boast of experienced and well-trained teachers. This co-ed school provides support for cultural activities and sports and features dedicated computer lab and audiovisual rooms.

>>Address: Suranjandas Road, Vimanpura P.O., Bangalore – 560017

>>Phone: 080-25220762


24. Don Bosco International School, Mumbai

Being one of the reputed schools in Mumbai, they offer classes from pre-primary to higher secondary students. They have a good infrastructure with various labs, library, activity lab and wellness rooms.

>>Address: Plot No.8, Sector 42-A, Opp. D-Mart, Seawoods, Nerul (W), Navi, Mumbai – 400 706.

>>Phone: 022-27712031

>>Email: [email protected]


25. National Academy for Learning, Bangalore

This school is founded by K.P. Gopalkrishna and their motto is “Aspire, Achieve and Excel”. They provide extensive coaching for IIT and AIEEE from class 6 onwards. The main facilities include interactive boards, airy smart classrooms, diverse laboratories and sports facilities.

>>Address: 3rd Cross, 3rd Block, 3rd Stage, Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore-560079

>>Phone: +91-80-23239281


>>Email id: [email protected]

26. Aavishkar International School, Ahmedabad

They focus on overall development of a child with out of the box thinking capabilities in addition to basic education. They offer open classrooms, labs, canteen, transportation, musical solace and art studio.

>>Address: Near Science City, Ahead of Ognaj Circle, SP Ring Road, Ahmedabad – 380060

>>Phone: +91 (0) 90 3333 3456

>>Email id: [email protected]


27. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Neriamangalam, Kerala: They are one of the best schools in Kerala since 1987. They boast of massive academic block, spacious dormitories for girls and boys, dining halls, kitchen, Staff Quarter and play grounds.

>>Address: NH 49, Neriamangalam, Kerala 686693

>>Phone: 0485 2554246 0485 2554376

>>Fax: 0485 2554376

>>Email id: [email protected]

28. The Camford International School, Coimbatore: It is one of the best international schools in the country with over a decade of experience. They follow a success-oriented education program and their main facilities cover labs, AV room, transportation and support for games and sports.

>>Address: 574/1, Sangaralinganar Rd, Ganapathy, Manikarampalayam,, Maniyakaran Palayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641006

>>Mobile: +91 75980 56660

>>E-mail: [email protected]


29. Delhi Public School, Vadodara: This top-class institution from DPS group aims to provide the right skills to students in addition to basic education. They offer good support for co-curricular activities including dance, art, drama and sports activities like football, basketball, and hockey.

>>Address: Transpek, Vadsar Road, Kalali, Vadodara, Gujarat 390012

>>Phone: +91-0265-2681571 / 72


>>Email Id: [email protected]

30. Birla High School, Kolkata

This is a co-ed school which follows the green school concept. They have a Wi-fi campus zone and features AC classrooms, large play area and transport facility with phone-based GPS system.

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>>Address: 457, Barakhola (Behind Metro Cash & Carry) P.O: Kalikapur. P.S: Purba Jadavpur, Kolkata-700099, West Bengal

>>Phone: 033-24260160/6003 / 9674074140

>>Email id: [email protected]


31. Modern Senior Secondary School, Chennai

The school provides classes through a vibrant education program and offers to school from LKG to Grade 12. Their main facilities include an open-air auditorium, library, various labs and ground support for badminton, hockey and cricket.

>>Address: 4th Street, AG’S Office Colony, Nanganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600061

>>Phone: 044 2224 1854


>>Email id: [email protected]

32. Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Hyderabad

The school was established in 1993 and they boast of a friendly campus with all basic facilities for peaceful school life. In addition to basic education, they focus on instilling moral values in kids.

>>Address: Sandeepany Kailas, Kundanbagh, Begumpet, Hyderabad -500016

>>Phone: 040 23418012

>>Email id: [email protected]


33. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chandigarh

The institution provides emphasis to promoting moral values in addition to quality education. They offer education for Playgroup to the 12th grade, features large amphitheatre and support innovative learning techniques like playing chess during breaks.

>>Address: Sector:27 B, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh – 160019


>>Phone: 0172-5041620, 0172-2656955

>>Email: [email protected]

34. Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Girinagar

They offer classes from kindergarten to senior secondary students. They have an awesome infrastructure with facilities like smart class, library, labs, canteen, stores and resource room.

>> Address: Girinagar, Kadavanthara, Kochi, Kerala state, South India, Pin-682020

>> Phone: 0484 – 2319081/ 0484 – 2310702

>> Email id: [email protected]

>> Website:

35. Bluebells School International, New Delhi

This institution is one of the best cbse school in India inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s vision and is recognized with the Award for Excellence in Education. They provide schooling from preschool to 12th grade. The main facilities include ventilated smart board classrooms, libraries, laboratories, discovery room and a recording studio.

>>Address: Kailash (Opp.) Lady Shriram College, New Delhi-110048

>>Phone: 011-29232963, 011-29235679


>>Email id: [email protected]

These are just a few among the many top CBSE schools in the country.

With over 17000 plus CBSE schooling options in India, parents will never run out of options despite wherever they are. The quality of education provided to your kid can reflect in their learning success and future.

Every child deserves the best education and it is the role of parents to do thorough research and get the optimal option for your kids.

These set of schools are administered by the Central Government and they make sure to set the right foundation for students to earn more success in education.

11 Interesting Easter Activities for Kids

Yet another Easter is approaching us in a few days and it is the time for another day of fun, energy and happiness. Games and interesting activities are inevitable elements for the occasion and enthusiasts have shared many new ideas to spice up the celebration.

Here we share a few of the most interesting Easter activities for kids to make the get together with cousins and friends memorable.

1. The Egg Drop:

This is one of the really exciting activities you can include for the day to spice things up. After all, such active games can turn on the mood of an entire circle of people and fill up with laughter.

In this activity, you are supposed to drop the egg from a particular height to the floor and one who manages to keep the egg unbroken wins.

Does it sound weird? Are you thinking how can an egg survive a fall? But you don’t need to worry as you can cushion it to prevent a break on fall. You will be given a range of items like tapes, cotton, old containers, cardboard, newspaper etc.

Your job is to use the materials wisely to build good cushion support for the egg to keep it unbroken on falling.

2. Easter Egg Bowling

This activity can actually give an Easter twist for the teens who have a love for bowling. The activity needs a bunch of hard-boiled eggs which should be arranged first and keep aside to cool.

Once it is done, the group of teens can be allowed to paint these eggs to bring out their artistic touch too.

A large chocolate egg can then be placed on a particular spot on the activity floor. Now the teen groups can take the painted eggs and try bowling towards this chocolate egg.

It would be pretty hard to reach the exact spot. So the teen who manages to reach the closest to the chocolate egg can be announced as the winner.

3. DIY Easter Crafts

This is another awesome activity that demands some creative thinking to come up with some really mind-blowing crafts. Unlike common games, ask the teens to contribute some sparkling ideas for DIY crafts.

You can even have a small competition, a guesswork game or dare to do rounds to make the session more fun. Have a look at some of the stunning ideas you can try for the DIY Easter crafts:

>>Make paint-filled eggs on canvas

>>Design jelly bean candles

>>An Easter basket out of candies

>>Craft stick Easter puzzles

>>Make jelly bean bracelets

>>Easter egg bath bombs

4. Cook Easter Dinner Together

Other than games, teens would love to make some serious contribution to Easter dinner. Parents can sit with them to set up the menu that would be ideal for the entire family and for guests.

Maybe you can start off with small items such as starters like fries, soups, salads or dessert this time and gain the confidence for a full-fledged meal for the next season.

The contribution of Easter dinner can even include setting up the dinner table and decorating the table and surrounding area for the occasion and serving the guests.

5. Map Hunt

Teens would find it easy to read a map now. This activity is usually done in a group where each of the members will be given a map which would be marked with some treasure points. The catch is to locate the treasures in the least possible time and return to starting point.

However, make sure that they carry enough water and snacks in case they fall tired in between. Also see that they have cell phones with emergency numbers in case they lose their way.

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6. Goal the Egg

This traditional English Easter activity is still one of the most popular activities during Easter. Take a bunch of hard-boiled eggs and allow them to cool. Now teens can get ready for an egg race where their role is to roll the egg down from a slope.

Two small goal posts can be arranged at a specific distance in the play area. The teens have to aim to let the egg roll in between these posts. The game can be made interesting by giving them turns to do the activity and by setting a limited number of chances overall.

The teen with the highest score wins the game. The distance between the posts can be rearranged and go for a retake in case of a tie.

7. Make a Bunny Cake

It won’t be a surprise to know that it is a festival of cakes too. Making cakes can be an interesting activity which can be tried by teens. You need not to go for a triple delight or designer cake but go for some interesting but simple options such as bunny cakes.

Parents can give a little supervision for the first time and can help them with the ingredients needed to make the cake. You can even have a trial session before the special day. Join with your friends and cousins to have a competition of making the most beautiful cake and let the guests rate you.

8. Toss The Egg

This is another interesting Easter activity played with eggs. First a few hard boiled or raw eggs can be taken and let the teens colour it. Once they are done, ask them to stand on the play area by keeping some equal distance between one another.

When the game starts, the teens have to toss the egg to the other person and then to others and so on.

The person who drops the egg will be out and this activity can be made more challenging by increasing the gap between the teens. The teen who remain last in the circle without dropping even a single egg wins.

9. The Fox and the Eggs

This is a fun activity which can be played in groups. One randomly selected teen will be the ‘fox’ and others will be ‘eggs’. Each ‘egg’ can decide a colour for them which should be kept as secret.

The egg has to then face the fox while the fox has to guess the colour of the egg. If the fox is wrong with the guess, the egg is safe and can go back to the ‘home basket’.

If the fox guesses it right, then the egg is in danger and has to run towards the home basket while fox runs to chase them. If they manage to reach home basket before fox touches them, they are safe. In case fox catches them, he will be the new fox.

10. Historical Hunt

This is a really interesting easter activity for teens where their job is to find out the historical monuments in their area. In this digital era, such activities are a good choice to let the teens connect with such historical pieces in a rather fun mode. The list can include heritage places and statues in a particular area.

The activity can even be organized in the form of teamwork where different teams set out for the task. You can give enough clues to let them know about what exactly are the types of historical pieces you are looking for. Giving a stipulated time frame can gear up the activity and improve the team spirit to come up with strategies to finish out first.

11. Easter Egg Rolling Race

This is, in fact, a fun race between teens where the eggs have to ‘run’ on behalf of them. Mark the race lines, the starting point and finishing line at first. Get ready on the starting point by keeping the egg on the start point. Each of the teens will be given a wooden spoon.

When the whistle blows for the race, the teens have to use the spoons to roll the egg towards the finish line. The teen who manages to reach the spot first wins the activity.

These are some of the randomly picked easter activities that can be tried out during this Easter day. After all, it is the day of get-togetherness and sharing with lots of fun.

The joy of these Easter activities are not limited to just kids or teens but adults can have a little matured versions of these games to have fun, as well.

If parents are looking for ways to make the teens fall in love with Easter, then don’t hesitate to share these activities with them. You can even restructure some of these games to family activities if you are planning to celebrate it abroad or some other place without the company of relatives or friends.

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20 Smart Brain Games For Kids

Improving your mental skills is a continuous process. However, the foundational work has to happen during the early days of our lives.

Children can learn faster, which is why parents should direct their attention to guide their brain development.

It is exactly like working on the physical growth of your kid.

Here, in this article, you will find 20 smart brain games to ensure a positive and consistent brain development in your kids.

1. Eye Spy

Children become more attentive and observant with this game. It saves from boredom and helps in brain development.

You need eyes, imagination, ears and time.

The rules are simple. You describe an object with respect to its shape, colour or purpose. Then, the child has to use his imagination and look for the object in the designated area. You can play this easily with one kid or with a group of kids at your place.

2. Pretend to Play

Pretend to play is a game that aligns thinking ability with emotional and social skills. Plus, the child learns better language skills as well. The game also incorporates the practice of working memory, which the child uses to create characters and pretend like those characters throughout the game.

You need a few ideas, props and scenarios.

Children are given situations and characters, which they enact. The limitations stay minimal, so kids can think outside the box and improvise.

3. The Brain and the Body

Motor coordination between mind and body improves children’s skills in sports and other physical activities. To encourage this coordination, you can incorporate these brain games for kids.

You will need a wide space for children to stretch, bend and move around.

Use the space to encourage toe wiggling. Also, you can ask the kid to use the non-dominating hand to do a few things. Start with simple activities then enhance the difficulty levels.

4. The game of memory

Recalling things will get easier for your kid with this game of memory.

You only need imagination and comfortable space.

Start by picking a theme such as objects, animals, foods or anything else. One player says a word according to the theme. The next person has to repeat the first word and include one word. This keeps going on and the number of words increases gradually. If you miss the word, you leave the game.

5. One word storytelling

This interesting group activity is about thinking creatively.

You can think of various themes for stories.

Children sit or stand, forming a circle. One kid utters a single word such as ‘yesterday’, ‘once’ or any other word. Then, the next kid has to say a word aligned with the first word and the theme. This creates a fun series of story creation.

6. Rubik’s cube

If you can turn a Rubik’s cube into your child’s favorite toy, it becomes a great fun exercise for his or her brain. From waiting for a doctor’s appointment to traveling, this game is enjoyable everywhere. Your child has to concentrate to solve the puzzle, which increases the spatial awareness. A Rubik’s Cube offers about 43 quintillion solutions.

7. Sudoku

Sudoku is another puzzle that improves your child’s brain capacity. This puzzle includes a 9*9 grid and a few of them contain numbers. The player needs to systematically fill the correct numbers, so no number comes twice in any column or row. The usable numbers are only between 1 and 9.

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8. Jigsaw puzzles

If you have a young kid, this puzzle is suitable in many ways. Jigsaws are effective in improving cognitive skills in young kids. It also improves visual perception, motivates problem-solving, spatial awareness and motor skills as well. Children have to pick the right shapes and adjust them together to create a large image.

9. Mazes

Maze puzzles require finding the right path to reach the finish line from all the wrong ones. Children have to use their observation and visual skills to trigger problem-solving. You can divide the same puzzle among all your kids and ask them to finish as fast as they can.

10. Brainteasers

Brainteasers are also popularly known as riddles. Unique questions asked to kids that allow them to think outside the box and come up with the right answer. So, you can ask:

What is yours, but used mostly by others?

Answer: The name of a person.

There are many different riddles you can find online and use on a daily basis to improve your kid’s thinking abilities.

11. Obstacle course

If you are thinking about some physical activities that require brain function, then, obstacle courses are perfect. You can design a course with obstacles, depending on the age of the kids involved. All the kids need to hop, jump, climb, walk and crawl to complete the course. This activity is possible at home and school as well. Teachers can organize this game at a big level and reward the winners. At home, you can use simple items such as cushions, chair, tubs, and others to set the course.

12. Scavenger hunt

With scavenger hunts, you encourage immediate thinking followed by the right actions. Children are compelled to find rewards in hidden places. They have to use their memory to find hidden items. Depending on the design of the hunt, this game involves various physical activities such as running, climbing or simply walking.

13. Simon says

At school or a party, you can collect a group of kids to play this game.

You need a few children and a wide space to play this game.

One of the kids becomes ‘Simon’ and sends commands. These commands are followed by other kids. So, if Simon says “Jump”, players have to jump. However, the commanding player has to begin every command with ‘Simon says’. If not, the children shouldn’t follow the given command or their points get deducted.

14. Stacking toys

Stacking toys are great for young kids. It promotes brain development with hand-eye balance and motor skills. Kids have to delicately pick and stack items to make a huge tower that doesn’t fall down.

You can find age-appropriate stacking toys for toddlers, young kids and teenagers as well.

15. Neighbourhood map

Creating a map requires memory, visual observation, knowledge of angles and motor skills as well. You can ask your kid to create his or her personal map of the neighbourhood.

These brain games for kids requires large-sized papers with pencils, rulers, erasers, sketch pens, and crayons.

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Using the available items, the kid can make a map. First, you can allow the kid to have a quick round of the neighborhood to memorize the places. Then, use that memory to create the map.

16. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a popular game of X-O, which is played on a grid of size 3*3. One player uses Xs only, while the other one can use Os only to fill the boxes. The goal is to make a diagonal, vertical or horizontal series of the sign you have selected. You can play with your kid. In multiple attempts, he or she will start beating you in the game.

17. Dot Squares

This simple game of dot squares involves kids’ mental attention for hours. The game requires two players only, so you can play anywhere and anytime.

The game requires a paper, two pencils of different colors.

First of all, one square is created on paper, using nothing but the dots. Then, you can move from small squares to bigger ones. Each player uses his/her own colored pencil to join two dots with a line. Each player gets alternate chances. A player gets points after completing a square.

18. Pictionary

Just like charades, Pictionary is also a guessing brain games for kids. But here, players have to draw in order to give clues. This helps to improve creative thinking, interpersonal skills, communication and observational abilities in kids.

You need a whiteboard, a marker, and a list of objects, topics or movie names to play this game.

You can divide children into two or multiple groups. Then, one member of a team takes the board and give clues to his or her team using the drawing skills. The team with the highest points wins in the end.

19. Paper Telephone

With pencils, kids start drawing images on the same paper according to a theme you provide. You can ask each kid to draw the image one by one. But they have to follow the same theme.

20. Crossword

Crosswords are the most portable brain games for kids that you can let your kid play. The game involves multiple grids and questions that result in answers that the kid has to write in the correct boxes.

The spelling, the position of alphabets and correct answer matters to complete the whole puzzle.

You can purchase a crossword book appropriate for the age of your kid. Give a pencil with an eraser and your kid is good to work on his or her brain development.

So, which games you think are the best for your kid?!


Top 25 Math Websites For Teachers and Students

Mathematics is one of the nightmare subjects for many of the kids. However, once you start loving the subject, it is one of the most exciting and easy subjects of the curriculum.

Teachers are finding out alternate methods other than a textbook to make the subject interesting for kids. Students are also in search of additional resources where they can find easy methods and extra help to tackle the problems.

Understanding its importance, enthusiasts have come up with many interesting websites to learn and teach the subject with fun.

Here let us have a look at some of the Math Websites For Teachers and Students to learn and teach mathematics.

1. Buzz Math

This awesome math websites has improved the learning outcome of millions of students and teachers since 2004. It is specifically designed for K-12 and comes with over 7, 000+ activities particularly to meet the Common Core State Standards. The key speciality is differentiation tools that identify particular challenges and offer individualized solutions.

2. Math is Fun

The objective of these math websites is to let students learn mathematics in an easy and enjoyable manner. They offer assistance for the subject from kindergarten to 12th In addition to covering a range of subject areas, they offer dictionary, worksheets and puzzles to interact with the subject without losing fun.

3. Dreambox

The learners can experience adaptive online K-8 math solutions which are supported with informed decision making. These kinds of math websites offer personalized instructions to enhance strategy development and special activities to promote student decision making. The academic insights and real-time data empower educators while students are motivated with a game-like engaging environment.

4. Math Playground

 This is one of the math websites in the world where students can learn maths through engaging games. In addition to more than 500 math games, students can also engage with interesting brain workouts and logic puzzles while mastering different concepts. In this fun platform to practice math facts, students can also come across math stories and videos.

5. Mathway

There is no better platform for maths students to figure out alternate solutions for the problems which they find hard in their classroom. They offer solutions to a wide range of subject areas from basic maths, algebra to trigonometry and graphing. You just enter your queries and tap the tutorial to find solutions.

6. Coolmath4kids

Millions of students across the world are using these cool math websites since 1997 to learn the subject without losing the fun. There is enough content in the website to help them learn the subject in a full filled environment. In fact, it is termed as an amusement park of lessons and games.

7. First in Math

This is an awesome supplement to any curriculum that particularly targets all K-8 students. With over 200 self-paced activities, this platform provides immediate feedback to support students to learn and master procedural skills. The website also has Math success stories to inspire students to love and learn the subject.

8. The Math Forum

This is an online hub dedicated to serve the interests of the mathematics education community. This is a platform for maths enthusiasts to learn the subject together. Students and teachers can discuss about resources, problems, research, survey, guidance and a lot more about the subject.

9. Illuminations

This online platform offers more than 700 lesson plans that cover a vast range of the subject areas. Students can play online math strategy games, and over 100 other activities train them to master the subject. They even provide newsletters where educators can get latest information, resources and interesting ideas to make the subject easy for students.

10. Absurd Math

This is an awesome mathematical problem-solving game series which lets students learn the subject in an interactive way. Students are supposed to use their skills and knowledge in the subject to unlock game levels. Teachers and parents can email the team to get the answer keys to evaluating the kids.

11. Istation

The platform provides amazing tools to assess student growth in the subject with computer-adaptive, interactive analytic and screening programs. Personalized instruction is the key and students get the required instructions as and when needed that helps to stay at ease. Students can master instructional decision-making and educators are assisted with diverse teaching approaches through customized instruction.

12. Math Goodies

Teachers and students who are looking for alternate ways or additional assistance to solve math problems can find this website really useful. Enthusiasts can get assistance for a wide range of areas such as algebra, fractions, set theory, statistics and a lot more. Students can also engage with worksheets and subject puzzles.

13. IXL Math

This amazing online platform simply lets the students to experience the subject with unlimited questions, real-world scenarios and engaging item types. The resource offer assistance to students from play school to advanced studies with lots of categories. Simply select your grade and explore the concepts of your curriculum.

14. Math Central

This is a comprehensive online platform designed particularly for maths enthusiasts. You can find a lot of teaching resources and the repository of math glossary helps you to learn more about the subject terms. You can easily search for an answer for your queries and can send the question to experts if answer not found.

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15. Khan Academy

Learners can explore maths subject through this platform that covers a vast range of topics from early math to algebra and advanced maths. Students can easily choose their category from kindergarten to high school. The website also provides assistance to various test preparations for higher classes and they even provide details on career prospects.

16. Math Drills

Students can learn mathematics by making use of over 50 thousand free math worksheets from this website. A wide range of topics are covered ranging from pre-algebra, measurement, geometry to money concepts and more. Choose the desired category and practice until you are tired.

17. Mathletics

This comprehensive platform empowers learning and teaching of mathematics across Asia. The website provides all necessary tools for students to excel in the subject in the classroom and beyond. The options are designed to cater the diverse approaches like teacher-led instruction or student-driven learning. There are separate sections for students of primary and secondary classes and for teachers.

18. AAA Math: This is a great online resource for maths students and teachers that feature over thousands of interactive arithmetic lessons. Thorough mastery of various concepts is possible with unlimited practice. The immediate feedback feature lets them correct the mistakes almost instantly. The resource is made available for kindergarten to 8th

19. Woot Math

The website offers formative assessment for maths learners and their objective is to collect and process information, facilitate collaboration and offer insights into trends. Assessing the student work through this platform enables teachers to identify common misunderstandings among students and take an extra step to solve it in the next class.

20. Mathplanet

This online resource offers a platform for students to learn maths with all possible assistance for absolutely free of cost. You can simply join their maths courses in diverse concepts and just explore the subject for free. They even provide practice sets for competitive exams covering maths.

21. BrainPOP

This online math website was developed back in 1999 to help students to master the subject through creative ways of explaining difficult concepts. Now millions of learners worldwide utilize the platform to enhance their skills in core and supplemental subjects. They cover a range of universal topics with localization for particular languages.

22. Art of Problem Solving

Passionate maths students can reach this math website to improve their proficiency in the classroom and beyond. In-depth problem-solving skills are taught with rigorous materials and accomplished instructors take real-time classes too. They offer assistance for the entire math curriculum for middle school and high school. They have successfully prepared several students for joining prestigious universities.

23. GeoGebra

This is an awesome online math tool that covers a range of areas in the subject like geometry, graphing, 3D, and a lot more. They even provide various online and offline apps for particular subject areas like spreadsheet and probability. Learners can master the subject by utilizing over 1 million free simulations, activities, exercises, games and lessons.

24. Wolfram MathWorld: They are recognized as one of the web’s most extensive mathematics resource that covers almost all subject areas. The students can build up their understanding of concepts by exploring over 13000 entries. Students are engaged with interactive GIFs, downloadable notebooks and demonstrations while they master concepts.

25. Kahoot

This is an awesome game based classroom response system used by lots of teachers to teach maths in an engaging way.

The whole class can play the game in real time to learn various areas in the subject. For instance, when the classroom screen displays multiple-choice questions, students can answer with their devices.

These are just a few among the many awesome websites available to teach and learn mathematics. While most of these resources can be accessed for free, some of them demand subscription charges for extended learning.

Following these websites in addition to the syllabus textbooks help teachers to make the learning more interesting for students.

In the meanwhile, students can follow these websites to do additional practices and to learn more about the tips and tricks to tackle the math problems.

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