15 Important Educational Trends to Look Out For in 2018

15 Important Educational Trends to Look Out For in 2018 featured image
Good news awaits all the educators, students and school administrators for the year ahead. Much to the surprise of all the stakeholders, a number of exciting trends are predicted to shape up, revolutionizing the educational sphere. The year 2018 is all set to shed light on a number of concerns and topics that are poised

Effect of Technology on Family time: Positive or Negative?

Effect of Technology on Family time Positive or Negative featured image
The advancements in technology have made a strong impact on almost all areas of our society. It is making a serious difference in the way kids and parents perceive the world and each other. Have you ever thought about the impact of technology on family time? Even when one can highlight how the reach of

10 Reasons Why Having a Lesson Plan is Important

10 Reasons Why Having a Lesson Plan is Important featured image
All those who are in the teaching line will vouch for the importance of a lesson plan. A lesson plan is a concise and organized structure which provides answers to important questions about how a teacher can maintain a standard pattern of teaching. Lesson planning provides a step-by-step guide to teachers to delve deep into

How Wearable Technology is Revolutionizing Classroom Learning

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Technology has by far spread its wings into every sphere of human life. Simplifying the lives of both students and teachers, technology-powered gadgets have already made their strong presence felt in the arena of education. Crafted to help educators and learners with their daily classroom routines, the present generation can now bank on wearable technology.

20 Things Teachers Shouldn’t Do in the Classroom [Infographic]

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Students follow their teachers’ footsteps in almost everything. So, a good teacher is supposed to demonstrate only those things which they can ask their students also to do. If the teacher can do a similar project what his/her students have been assigned, then students can come up with better work. It means if the teacher

What is E-learning and how it’s Important to our Education System?

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“E-Learning  – education conveyed via electronic means” There may be other insignificantly different definitions, but this could be considered succinct. E-Learning is so ubiquitous and vast that it’s difficult to articulate a concise outline that truly does the word justice. What exactly is the spur in created by e-learning and its various aspects. Let us

How to Make a Mind Map for Studying

A mind map is a diagram that connects bits of a topic to form a hierarchical representation that is easy to remember and recollect. With an aim to promote study skills amongst students, mind mapping is a promising tool. Mind maps encourage students to not only visualize educational concepts but also express them better. They prompt

The Importance of Soft Skills for Students

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Undoubtedly, students of today are the future employers and employees of profitable global businesses. For students to stand out as promising assets to multinational organizations, they need to invest in the sharpening of what are labelled as soft skills. These abilities which are linked to personality traits are a host of interpersonal capabilities that will

What Is A Mind Map? How Can Students Make Use Of Them?

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Mind mapping is a very common approach in various industries to externalise and visualise the difficult concepts in its simplest form. This innovative thinking tool is one of the best methods followed so far to connect easily between ideas and relations. By considering its success rates, the strategy is widely being adopted in the teaching