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10 Outstanding Educational Games for Students

The gaming industry has merged learning in online and app games. No need to have flashcards, whiteboards, or textbooks. Modern games are giving top-notch learning experience to students.

Here, in this article, you can find a list of interactive educational game options.

1. Dragon Box

Algebra is not a favorite subject for many students. The problem is the complexity and boredom that don’t allow some students to understand this subject.

For all those students, Dragon Box is a suitable learning game to solve equations and know the concepts behind everything. This game uses the visual elements to make Algebra interesting for kids. For example, a student can actually visualize the two sides available in a closed system. Then, the game requires students to remove the unnecessary components and balance an equation.

Visualization of this game allows students to stay excited and prepare their mind for the equations they would explore in school. The best part of this game is that students eventually forget that they are trying to solve a mathematics problem. Everything just looks like a game.

2. Code Spells

Almost every parent knows the importance of teaching codes to their kids. Coding has become the second most valuable skill after language. This game is perfect for students who admire coding skills. Even if coding is not a major subject in your school, you can use Code Spells to make coding a fun task.

The concept of game is helping gnome characters to complete several tasks. Gnomes use magic, but those magic spells have to be in a Java code. This educational game has proven to be effective for girls and boys to learn to code in an effortless manner.

3. Mind Snacks

Learning phrases and forming words is now easier in foreign languages. Mind Snacks is providing Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Japanese language knowledge. This app uses touch game options to help students memorize games. The repetition creates a memory of a word or phrase in the mind of the player.

This game is saving kids from wasting hours without learning a single word. More effective than textbooks, Mind Snacks feeds foreign language to the students with fun and playful games. One can play this game when traveling, waiting in a line or at any other time.

4. Scribble Naughts

Kids from 8 to 11 years of age can use this game to resolve creative problems by indulging in imaginary scenarios. The game focuses on the spelling, creativity and logic sides of education. A player receives challenges to solve with their creative solution. A variety of scenarios can come to life and make puzzles and challenges more interesting to solve.

Kids can even create their own puzzles to share them with their friends. This game cultivates spontaneous creativity in kids.

5. Game Star Mechanic

It is pretty difficult to teach students game designing skills in early ages. Game Star Mechanic does this job with great excellence. This game develops creative designing instincts in kids. Logical steps presented as options allow kids to learn game designing.

Players can create games on their own and share them with friends and family. This game has successfully created a huge community of designers. Even teachers use this game to teach life skills and creative problem-solving.

6. SimCity

Educational properties, productivity, and seriousness of this game impress students. Players love the fact that SimCity starts understanding their minds with time.

The creators of SimCity has given another version called SimCity EDU. This version incorporates all classroom learning requirements related to Technology, Science, Mathematics and even Engineering. Kids play this game to create virtual cities and also learn how to plan urban lifestyle and manage it all.

The framework is holistic and covers all details of a city, which allows kids to innovate in their own style. Students who aspire to become an architecture fall in love with this game.

7. Math Ninja

Students at their early education require learning subtraction, addition, multiplication and other mathematics fundamentals. The idea of this game is to make kids enjoy mathematics through appealing graphics. Adding ninjas to anything creates an excitement in the minds of students. The same thing happens with this game.

The ninjas in this game are presented in a glossy style. The enduring game format gives challenges that a ninja fulfills with the solutions that the player finds. Repetition of mathematical problems and creative approach allows students to retain the concepts of mathematics. Math Ninja is available on iPad.

8. Mindblown Life

Teaching finance and money management should be a necessity. Every kid has to face money in his or her life. Hence, parents should teach kids about managing money. This game can help out in that process in a fun way.

Designed for teens, Mindblown Life allows kids to understand money and manage it in a virtual environment. Many players can play together and interact while playing. This game teaches how life requires you to balance professional and personal things at the same time. In all that, money management decides whether a player wins or loses.

This game is definitely a great help to parents and students.

9. Dora’s Cooking Club

Most young kids love the character, Dora. Hence, Dora’s Cooking Club would be a suitable choice for them to learn and play with their favorite character. This game teaches fractions, numbers, Spanish and shapes as well.

Dora helps her grandmother in this game to prepare a meal. This game is way better than a workbook. Kids indulge in an activity and remember things that they learn during the game.

10. Civilization Revolution

How about you teach your teen kid about the history, culture, and empires in a fun way. Civilization Revolution allows older students to gain historical knowledge and use them to create their own empire. The game focuses on some of the most popular societies that have a long history.

Use all these games and allow kids to learn in a better way.

Make sure you ask kids about their interests before choosing a game.

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14 Best Edutainment Games for 2018

Education and entertainment seem like two different aspects when you look at traditional methods. However, modern-age kids don’t learn like that. They love enjoying the process of learning.

Thanks to a variety of applications, edutainment games are available now for kids. Here is a list of top edutainment games that can help your kid learn in a fun way.

1. Faces iMake

This iOS game empowers the creative side of kids. The creator of this app is an artist named HanochPiven. The app is comprehensive and quirky and allows kids to create pictures. The graphics quality is impressive with a variety of artistic elements. Kids can enjoy creating pictures and find the artist inside themselves. The application also offers a music option, which makes it more entertaining for kids.

Price: $2.99

Availability: iOS

2. World Edition: Geography

World Edition is offering an app to learn about locations, countries. Both adults and kids can play puzzles and other games to learn about flags, locations and even the places all around the world. The app is available on iOS platform. The most fun parts are the challenges that app offers to complete. With every success, you win stamps to include in a virtual passport. The challenges change according to countries and continents.

Price: $4.99

Availability: iOS

3. Monkey Word School Adventure

If your kid loves adventure games, this game can become a perfect edutainment option. The application helps your kid learn phonics, spellings, letters and other things. The jungle theme creates a sense of adventure and excites your kid to play more and learn in the process.

Price: $1.99

Availability: iOS, Android

4. Space

Realistic graphics and unlimited scope of universe merge together in this application game called Space. Offered by THIX, this application allows you to create a solar system. The features of this game allow elements to react to each other. For instance, if you place black holes together, the app will show you what would happen. This way, this game creates a broader understanding of the universe let kids know how space exists.

Price: $2.99

Availability: iOS

5. Lightbot

To improve problem-solving skills of your kid, this game is a perfect option. In fact, you can also introduce your kid to the world of coding with this app. Small beautiful robots follow the code information that the kid enters and complete the task.

Price: Free

Availability: Android, iOS

6. Todo Math

From 6 to 8 years, kids start learning simple mathematic problems. However, this is the time when they start feeling intimidated by mathematics. This app game can help you avoid that by making math interesting for kids. Your kid can play fun games of learning count and writing numbers. Even the negative numbers become easier to understand. They get to form simple equations in a fun way. With every correct step, kids obtain starts. That is how the game keeps the kid interested in mathematics.

Price: Free

Availability: Android, iOS

7. WolframAlpha

WolframAlpha is a perfect combination of physics, chemistry and mathematics. This application incorporates expert knowledge of all the given subjects and provides a pocket encyclopedia. This application makes complex scientific knowledge easier for students.

Price: $2.99

Availability: Android, iOS

8. DragonBox Elements

With puzzles and many characters, DragonBox Elements helps kids to play and learn geometry. There are more than 100 levels that kids can play with the guidance of adults. The levels are interesting and give an idea of geometrical shapes to kids.

Price: $4.99

Availability: Android, iOS

9. The Elements

This one is great for teenagers who have to learn periodic table. The app makes learning easier with appealing images. A huge collection of about 500 objects is presented in beautiful photographs. In fact, the user can find out stories behind every element they learn about.

Price: $8.99

Availability: iOS

10. Duolingo

This popular application makes language learning a game. The in-app purchases and progress tracker creates a competitive environment to help kids improve their foreign language. The application is suitable for all students, no matter how old they are. The interface is engaging and offers an intuitive learning experience.

Price: Free

Availability: Android, iOS

11. Petting Zoo

A perfect game to let your kids know the beautiful world of animals. Petting Zoo includes about 21 animals that look beautiful. The graphics of every animal comes with its unique musical sound. Kids can create their own zoo and learn about various animals in an entertaining way. The app is highly rated, so kids will surely love this one.

Price: $3.99

Availability: Android

12. Endless Alphabet

Learning ABCs is what every little one does. Endless Alphabet makes ABCs colorful and interesting for kids. Pictures and alphabets of this app allow kids to understand spellings and words. There are no competitive features such as leaderboards or scores. Hence, your kid can choose his or her own pace to learn alphabets, spellings and writing words.

Price: Free

Availability: Android

13. Baby’s Musical Hands

A simple game that allows kids to play and understand basic notes of music. This app game is perfect for young kids and toddlers who love exploring new sounds. The interface is simple to use, which makes this app easy for toddlers as well. A push of buttons begins the game. Then, kids can touch color icons to create sounds.

Price: $0.99

Availability: Android

14. Peekaboo Barn

Learning about animals is possible with this playful game app as well. Peekaboo Barn allows kids to find out the names of various animals. Animals jump out to surprise the kid. A narrator talks in a childlike voice to help kids learn about animals. The game is available in English as well as Spanish. However, you can purchase other language narrations for your kid.

Price: $1.99

Availability: Android

Learning and playing are possible now for kids with all the games mentioned here. Now, you just need to pick games that align with your kid’s age and interests. Also, you can think about the things you want your kid to learn. Then, pick games and provide your kid a chance to enjoy education.

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13 Innovative Trends in Educational Technology

The findings and advancements of this modern digital age have a great influence on the way we learn and perceive life.

Today’s classrooms are one of the few places where we can witness the actual impact of modern technology.

This ranges from virtual education, student privacy, paperless textbooks, adaptive learning, augmented reality, and improved access to learning resources, more creative mindsets to virtual parent teacher communications.

Here are a few among the top most innovative trends in educational technology that are going to make a huge impact in shaping the present student generation.

Paperless Textbooks: The digital devices such as tablets are now slowly replacing the heavy textbooks.

Cost was a highlighted issue; many schools have now recognized that this cost is much affordable over the time.

School authorities can easily upload the study materials every term or year on the same devices and save the extra cost of new textbooks every year.

The ease of accessibility and storage and comfort of carrying only a light weight tablet to school every day makes this a smart choice.

Artificial Intelligence:

The use of artificial intelligence in today’s classrooms has really transformed the quality of education.

It can provide a great insight into student learning and improves the overall process with better communication.

Teachers can make use of its possibilities to speed up the grading and other daily chores and utilize the saved time for quality teaching.

It acts as a personalized learning companion to meet a variety of student needs and help teachers to act as learning motivators.

The automation in classroom can help both students and teachers to stay more productive in the daily chores.

VR/AR In Classrooms:

By accommodating the possibilities of visual learning and overcoming language barriers, augmented reality has made learning more effective.

As the price of AR and VR equipment are showing a downfall, more of teachers are now making it a part of their teaching strategy.

Virtual field trips are one of the most effective benefits of VR in classrooms.  This helps students to go deeper into various subjects at the comfort of their classroom.

Moreover, this technology has enhanced creativity among students through imaginative play and thinking.

Social Media Influence:

Social media has a great influence in almost all industries now and. It is in fact playing a crucial role in shaping today’s classrooms.

This platform is helping teachers and students to globalize the classroom and connect easily with others with similar interests and mindsets.

The right use of this social platform is giving opportunities for students to think about the lessons outside the classroom.

Online Courses And Learning:

The present education industry is more inclined to online courses and learning than just the classroom education.

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Students are largely utilizing the possibilities of online courses to study their preferred field of interest and research on their favorite subject areas.

Students are also utilizing similar online courses to have an additional educational support on their tough subjects.

Digital and Media Literacy:

As students are spending a considerable amount of their study time online, it is high time for the teachers to understand the importance of digital and media literacy.

The school authorities are taking initiatives to guide them on how to behave online which includes rightly processing information they encounter online and communicating online by respecting others’ views.

In fact, the inclusion of digital and media literacy in the curriculum is aimed at helping students to learn how to responsibly utilize online resources.

Embedding Innovative eResources:

Educators who are looking to incorporate digital content to the classrooms can now make use of the vast array of educational resources available online.

However, selecting the right set of teaching materials from this wide array of information is the key.

Today’s technology is giving them options to access refined and well-researched digital materials that are relevant for their purpose.

Gamification and Gamified learning:

Creatively engaging students in learning is one of the smartest means of getting their attention for a longer time.

Understanding the importance of games to engage students, schools have shifted their strategy to gamification and gamified learning in classrooms.

This not only improves their interest for learning but also instils a friendly competitive mindset and invokes their creative thought process to win situations. 

Gaming through digital platform also improves their social behaviour and problem solving skills.

 Wearable Technology:

This technology is creating a big bang in the school campuses as wearble devices are not only making the kids safe but also improving their quality of life.

As it can track the location, students are safe inside the campus and parents and teachers can easily track them.

The options to make payment through these smart devices avoid theft and bullying while facilitating paperless transactions.

Data Privacy and Cyber Security:

In this modern educational system, one of the major areas of concern is the data privacy and cyber security of students.

So authorities are making serious steps towards preventing cyber bullying and maintaining their desired privacy in the digital platforms.

This is in fact a shared responsibility and only a mass campaigning can make a vital improvement in the areas of concern.

School authorities are now more focused on providing lectures and campaigns in schools led by scholars to educate students about data protection and cyber security.

Flipped Learning:

The modern educational technologies are putting forward the possibilities of inverting traditional teaching methods to enhance learning process.

In this teaching strategy, students are making use of the advanced educational technologies to have a look at lessons beforehand.

They go through tutorials or videos to study the lessons at home and utilize the classroom time to do assignments.

They can work out problems under the supervision of teachers and clarify their doubts if any.

Moreover, having an idea about the subject beforehand makes it easy for students to easily catch up what teachers are talking about.

Analytics and Data Driven Decisions:

More than getting drowned in large collection of data, educators are now more focused on understanding the analytics and coming up with data driven solutions.

With the advancements in technology, they are not just conducting analysis and keeping data aside but making serious steps to ensure that the results are relevant and diagnostic.

Effectively utilizing the wealthy information we have is the key to experience positive results and changes.

Relevance to STEM Materials:

 As advancement in technology has made many remarkable changes in today’s education system, schools are slowly changing their focus to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects once again.

This in fact places a platform for institutions providing higher education to develop a more engaging curriculum for coding, robotics and programming.

Moreover, the possibilities of integrated learning are helping educators to provide the best possible learning experience for students.

With the rise in technology and innovations, it is normal for students to expect seamless technology in school.

There is nothing surprising to see if machine learning overcomes other learning aspects and school systems can turn more scalable.

In the next few years, all or most of the critical data will be stored in the cloud.

Above all these elements, a serious thinking should be dedicated to improve social-emotional skills and student well being.

As outside the classroom learning is becoming more important, the collaboration tools will become more prevalent. Moreover, the big data analysis helps schools to learn the areas where the students excel and identify the areas in which they struggle and thus provide additional support.

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10 Incredible Movies for Toddlers

If you have a toddler at home, you must be aware how difficult it is to keep them entertained. Running after them throughout the day, drains out your energy and yet you cannot leave them unattended.

In such a scenario, what can you do where your toddler will get entertained while you can rest for some time? Well, the answer is very simple.

Opt for animated movies for your toddlers.

They are a great way to keep them entertained and occupied for at least few hours. The entertainment industry has come up with many wonderful animated movies.

Isn’t this really exciting?

Following are the list of best movies for toddlers that you can opt:

Toy Story

Released in the year 1995, Toy Story is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by John Lasseter, the movie revolves around Woody – a pull string cowboy doll who feels threatened when Buzz Lightyear – an astronaut doll makes an entry in their world.

The movie is quite entertaining as the toys pretend to be lifeless in front of humans but comes back to life whenever they are not around.

Your toddler is sure to fall in love with this movie. After all what is there not to love? – It is animated, it is about toys and it is so very colorful. It is sure to catch your child’s attention and keep him entertained for quite long.

The Jungle Book

Based on Sir Rudyard Kipling’s the famous book of the same name, Jungle book is a fun-filLed movie. The protagonist Mowgli is raised in the jungle by Baghreera the panther and Baloo the bear.

The movie deals the trials and tribulations of Mowgli who wants to return to the human civilization – all the while dealing with Sher Khan – the evil tiger that wants to harm him and his animal family.

A universally popular movie, the plot of the movie will teach your toddler about different animals, the friendship between humans and animals. In short, it is an exciting and educative movie as well.

 Finding Nemo

Released in the year 2003, Finding Nemo is a wonderful story about a father-son relationship.. The story deals with an over protective clownfish named Marlin and his son Nemo.

Nemo gets caught by a diver as he swims too close to the surface The plot unwinds as Marlin sets out on a treacherous voyage through the ocean to free his son from the confines of a fish tank.

Along the journey, the father learns to trust the son and lets him take care of himself. the underwater aesthetics shown in the movie are visually appealing.  . Your toddler is sure to connect to this movie.


An all time classic, the movie revolves around the life of a boy named Aladdin who lives in the streets of Baghdad and how he finds a magical lamp with a genie inside it who is willing to fulfill all the wishes of the boy.

An endearing story, it deals with magic, fantasy and how one’s wishes do come true. If your kid is into magic and fantasy, then this movie is a must watch for him.

The Lion King 

Based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the Lion King is the story of a lion cub Simba and how his father Mustafa killed by Simba’s evil uncle Scar.

The journey enfolds as Simba ends up in exile as he is misled into believing that he caused his father’s death. What happens when he finds out about the true perpetrator of the evil is the next phase .

A delightful movie to watch, your kid will come to know about lions, the jungles in Africa and others animals as well.

The Incredibles

Another interesting movie that your toddler can watch anytime. The story revolves around Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl and their children Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack. Mr. Incredible and his wife had to go undercover and hide their secret identities after the public opinion turns against superheroes.

Mr. Incredible is bored with his “normal” life and wants to go back to his old super hero days. An incident occurs that allows him to do exactly this and much more but as a vigilante. If your kid loves to play a superhero then he is sure to fall in love with this movie.

The Little Mermaid

A beautiful movie, the plot revolves around Ariel, a mermaid princes and her father who is the king of mermaid land.

Ariel is fascinated with the human world and wants to become a part of it. The story is all this and how she saves a human prince Eric and gives up her mermaid tail and fins to become a human.

Interesting and innovative, the movie is sure to keep your toddler busy while you can take your much-deserved nap.


A story about friendship, loss, power and self-discovery,. His friends include an energetic rabbit named Thumper and a skunk named Flower. The three friends grows up together, discovers snow, the changing seasons followed by the adventure of a lifetime.

A beautiful movie told in a romantic way, Bambi is loved both by kids and adults. If you wish to while away time with your kid, watch this movie. Don’t forget to keep some tissues handy.


When the newly crowned Queen Elsa turns her home and kingdom into ice in an accidental manner, her sister Anna comes to the rescue. She teams up with a mountain man, his pet reindeer and a cute snowman to change the weather and bring back everything to its normal state.

A tale of friendship, determination and undying spirit, Frozen is sure to lift up anyone’s mood.

Kung Fu Panda

The movie showcases the life of Po, a big fat food loving panda who is but a kung-fu maniac. He is accidentally chosen as the dragon warrior destined to defeat an evil Snow leopard.

The movie witnesses how he overcomes his weaknesses and all the humiliation to prove his worth. You can think of it as the best possible means to teach your child the value of courage and endurance through a light hearted, comical adventure.

To keep your child engaged and to catch up on your much-deserved sleep, opt for any of the animated movies mentioned above.

All these movies are available online and can be streamed anytime from the comforts of your home.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these movies today.

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Top 10 Educational Games for Kids

Games are one of the smartest and easiest ways to grab kid’s attention for a long time.

They helps to improve the interest of kids for learning and make study time more fun but productive.

However, choosing the right educational game for your kids is important and it is the role of teachers and parents.

Here let us have a look at some of the top educational games for kids that teach them various aspects of learning without losing the fun element.

1. Fish School HD: This educational game is a very good choice for preschoolers. Learning more about letters, shapes, numbers and colours are a lot easy and funny than ever before with this awesome app. Kids can learn all these things while playing with animated fish. The fishes form the shape of letters and numbers and kids’ role is to identify them.

2. Dinosaur Park Math: This game is designed to suit the kids in the age group of 8 to 12 years which is a good mix of subtraction, addition, and interesting dino facts. The game comprises 15 Dinosaur math levels that come with as many as 225 questions. The kids can make use of their math skills to slit open the Dinosaur fossils to let Junior Paleontologist Pete to open Dino Park. The highlighted features of the game include audio support for every math question, colourful fun graphics, fun dinosaur facts and over 60 Dinosaur games.

3. Boggle Junior: This game is ideal for playing by 1 to 2 kids that introduces word and letter recognition, spelling, matching and memory. This includes two multilevel games, the first one is ideal for kids of 3 years old and second one for more advanced spellers.

4. Balloony Word: This is an interesting game for kids to improve their vocabulary skills by having some fun time. This is a more joyful version of the old hangman game where kids have to guess the words while broadening their vocabulary.. The kids can keep on guessing words and the same time enjoy the fun of popping the balloons. You can make the spelling skills of your kids sharp and challenge them at times by changing the word list dictionary.

5. Math and Letters Air Control: This awesome game lets your kid to exercise both letters and numbers at the same time. The game comes with three difficulty levels and kids can have unlimited fun while learning the basics of Mathematics and English… This educational game runs smoothly in iOS devices without the need of any in-app purchase.

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6. Tower Math™: This is an action packed, 3D game that gives unlimited fun while practicing arithmetic. The theme of the game involves an evil wizard which turned the numbers into monsters. The role of the kids is to free the numbers.. In addition to earning medals for each completed levels, the game occupies the kids with fun sound effects and music.

7. Stack the States: Learning geography can be a tough job for most of the kids and this tricky game helps your kids to tackle the subject with lots of fun. This colourful and dynamic game covers all basics of the subject including state capitals, geographic locations, shapes, flags and more. By learning more states, kids can unlock free bonus games that motivate them to try hard.

8. Bananagrams: Even when kids can enjoy the game the most, this can be played by everyone. This involves building crossword grids. It can be real fun when done in groups of friends or family. While the game drives you bananas with immense fun, it brings in a lot of educational value when played by kids. The kids can learn how to spell words in the most easiest and funny way..

9. ABCya games: This group of games is one of the top most K-5 educational gaming websites for over a decade. The reports say millions of parents and teachers visit the website every month and kids played over 1 billion games in the past year only. The iOS app allows kids to access six free games every week. The option to browse by grade level is one of the highlighted features of the application. You can also help your kids play the right set of games as contents are organized by skill. With a subscription, you can let your kid access over 250+ games and activities.

10. Scribble Naughts: This is a puzzle action video game that makes your kids go crazy as they can use their imagination to juggle nearly anything from a 35000+ word dictionary. With unlimited hours of fun, the kids can explore an open universe.. As puzzles make the kids think out of the box, they can grow up their creative thinking skills. The mobile optimized controls make the game easy to play in any of your hand gadgets supporting Android OS.


To improve the audience reach, most of the games are made available for multiple platforms whereas some of them are exclusively designed for either Android or iOS.

Do you want to be in the list of such smart teachers or parents who improve the quality of the kid’s study time by bringing in fun elements?

First assess whether the kid needs special care in the nightmare mathematics or if they lack in vocabulary. Then don’t wait to download any of the interesting apps that would work best for your kids.



21 Innovative Apps for Teachers

The teaching apps have made the classroom ambience friendly and students have gained immense interest in learning with interactive and fun elements.

These apps are helping teachers to communicate their ideas more freely and ensure that students are actively participating in the subject practice.

Are you a teacher looking for some good apps for your classroom?

Here let us have a look at some of the most innovative apps for teachers that have really made a positive impact over the period.

1. Educreations: This is one of the best apps for teachers that let them to create new videos for teaching and learning new ideas.

For subjects such as math strategies, it is easy for you to explain with pen, voice, and screen recorder.

They have even options to create instructional videos, replay it anytime and share instantly with the student groups through emails.

2. Prodigy Game: Teachers handling mathematics subject for grades 1 to 8 can access this awesome app for absolutely free of cost.

You can make use of over 1,200 crucial math skills to make the subject easy for students.

The students’ learning and statistics can be tracked easily and the animated avatars keep them engaged.

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3. Nearpod: This is one of the best apps for teachers to create an engaging learning experience for students and improve their interest for learning.

The app provides an integrated solution of interactive presentations, real-time assessment tools and collaboration.

With instant assessment options, preparing post session reports from real time feedback are a lot easier than before.

4. Mindmeister: You can use this app to easily handle group projects in classroom.

The features of the app supports easy mapping out of the relationships between ideas when setting up a project in a group.

With support for quick visualization and development of project outlines, planning and executing of complex projects are a lot easy than ever before.

5. ClassDojo: You can utilize the possibilities of this app to engage with students and parents through multiple means.

This app serves as both a motivator and a classroom management tool.

This safe and simple communication app allows free sign up and you can build up a friendly classroom community within no time.

6. Kahoot: The app lets teachers to turn the boring classrooms into interesting play stations with engaging quizzes and games based on the subject.

With pre-entered questions based on the topic, the app creates interesting and funny quiz for the students.

The app also serves the purpose of homework management and even as a remote training camp.

7. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard:

This app lets you to turn your iOS device into a personal interactive whiteboard which helps you to make classes more engaging.

The ShowMe tutorial can be recorded right away for future use.

You can easily drop in images and do instant drawing and erasing which aids in effective explanation of a range of subjects.

8. ABC Mouse: This is an amazing tool for elementary teachers handling all subjects, especially mathematics.

Almost all subjects that are covered in preschool to 2nd grade can be handled well by using this app and it has won recognition for its efficacy with lots of awards.

This one stop location for various educational needs such as arts, science, maths and reading can be accessed through diverse mobile platforms.

9. Seesaw: This app in fact serves the role of a student-driven digital portfolio. In addition to inspiring your students to give out the best, a lot of teaching time is saved which makes the learning more productive.


The app that is used in over 200,000 classrooms are available for absolutely free of cost for teachers.

10. Edmodo: You can experience a comprehensive control over your digital classroom with this awesome. It lets you focus more on teaching than paper work. 

You can quickly create groups, schedule quizzes, assign homework and manage progress. There is unlimited storage available.

It is very useful to manage the app as it is integrated with Google apps.

11. Monster Math: This app is a great choice for teachers to make students understand the basics of mathematics.

This app engages students with maths learning through fun games and tons of adventure.

There are separate sections to practice common core Math standards and the in depth reporting gives you an idea about how students are progressing in the subject.

12. Slack: Classroom communication and collaboration can be conveniently handled from one place with this user friendly app.

Sharing and editing documents with the student group is a lot easy for teachers with Slack app.

Outside the classroom communication with students can be more organized as the notifications can be easily customized.

13. Classtree: Getting parent consent forms for many events and trips of students are a hectic job. This app saves a lot of time wasted by sorting and filtering paper forms manually.

The tool maintains utmost privacy and helps with easier management of e-signature and consents while providing additional support of event reminders and real-time reporting.

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14. Socrative Teacher: This lets you to transform your classroom into a student friendly ambience with better assessment, engagement and personalization options.

Educators find it a really user friendly tool to perform formative assessments in the form of quizzes, exit tickets, quick question polls and space races.

Visualizing student understanding in the best possible way helps with providing further instruction or making a change in the strategy.

15. Ideament: Teachers can facilitate presentation of diverse ideas and planning by utilizing the possibilities of this iOS app.

The options to draw diagraphs, flow charts and create mind maps make presenting ideas more engaging and interesting in a classroom.

Whether the need is to illustrate concepts, brainstorm new ideas or make lists and outlines, this app can be a handy tool.

16. Explain Everything Classic: Teachers can make use of this interactive whiteboard to explain any subjects to students in a better way.

 You have options to use a laser point, animate, or add images, diagrams or equations while explaining the subject ideas to students.

You can easily transform your imagination into a proper communication with this amazing tool and engage students easily.

17. Additio: This easy to use app makes classroom management for teachers easier than ever before.

Teachers can make use of this app as a powerful digital grade book. With customized templates, you can easily make lesson planner per sessions.

It is very easy to use and import data, and the rubrics options help them to perform peer and self-assessment.

18. Remind: This is a very popular tool that is used widely by teachers to improve out of the classroom communication.

The instant text messaging option helps to contact students and their parents pretty quickly.

Reminders regarding assignments or home works can be sent in bulk and the app features supports utmost privacy to the messages.

19. Teacher’s Assistant Pro: A well organized classroom is the basis for a successful teaching and learning experience and this app can be a good support.

This lets you to keep a set of behaviour records for every student in the class and recall it anytime with ease.

The app also provides support for easy and quick communication with the parents of concerned students from an iOS device.

20. Pocket:

Preparing the lessons well beforehand is the key for teachers to present the lessons in the best possible way.

This app is a very good assistance for you to add any relevant content to your teaching material anytime with ease.

Whenever you find some materials relevant for your future lectures, you can easily add it to your material by quick saving options of articles and videos.The easy to view layout enhances your overall teaching experience despite your device model.

21. Schoology: This is in fact a cloud based platforms with security features that are apt for classroom use.

Teacher can use this as a single place to connect with every students of the class in case of sharing of information.

With all privacy and security, you can easily post assignments, completed work, videos and links.


With the widespread acceptance of mobile gadgets in classrooms, these amazing teaching and learning apps are enhancing the quality of study time.

These cool apps have stimulated an expansion of the learning environment. Learning is more easy and fun with greater student engagement.

The apps improve teacher’s lesson plans and communication outside classrooms. They even keep track of their attendance and feedbacks.

8 Family Friendly Superhero Movies


The best way to spend family time is to catch up of superhero movies.

They are fun, interesting and have superb time pass qualities.

Ask any adult and they will jump with joy at the mention of their favorite superhero.

Such is the charm of superhero movies.

So if you have not been to a movie-watching binge with your family then this is the perfect time to do so.


Listed below are some interesting superhero movies that you can watch with your kids anytime.


Superman is a fictional character created by the American Comic Book house DC Comics.

The origin of Superman is traced back to the planet Krypton where he was born. His scientist father Jor-El rocketed him to Earth as an infant, minutes before the planet Krypton was destructed.

From early childhood he displayed numerous superhuman abilities. In the long run, he decides to use his powers for the benefit of humanity under the identity of “Superman”.

Over the years multiple Superman movies have been released. Each one of them has become equally popular and has grossed millions of dollars in the box.



Batman is another fictional superhero created for DC Comics by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. Often referred to as the “Caped Crusader” Batman unlike other super heroes has no special super power.

Rather he uses his physical ability, skill, martial arts expertise, knowledge of science and technology and his vast wealth to fight the villains of the day.

A large number of villains make up Batman’s rogues gallery but his archenemy remains the Joker. Opt for the dark knight trilogy if you are keen on showing your kids how cool is Batman is.



Peter Parker aka Spiderman is an orphan who is raised in New York by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

In the first movie we find him bitten by a radioactive spider that imparts him the qualities of a spider – i.e. he is able to cling to surfaces, shoot spider webs from his wrist and prevent villains from committing any crime by using his spider web.



Another creation from the house of Marvel, Thor’s character is based on the Norse deity of the same name and is the Asgardian god of thunder.

His enchanted hammer, Mjolnir has the ability to fly and manipulate weather so that he can defeat his enemies.

If you are on the lookout for a superhero movie where the protagonist is nothing less than God, opt for the Thor series.


Captain America

Captain America has no dark side. Neither is he a party animal nor a ladies man. He is a wholesome, compassionate and brave person who is prepared to save America from the evil doers any given day.

This superhero adventure is full of explosive action sequences, fistfights and gunfights.

In short, it has all the elements that your kids will look for in a superhero movie.


Wonder Woman  

As the world’s first and foremost female superhero, Wonder Woman is the epitome of grace, determination and strength.

She is one of the founding members of the Justice League and a representative of the Amazon people.

Her humanitarian character sets her apart from the rest of the heroes out there. She is a born warrior.


The Incredibles

An animated superhero from the house of Pixar! The Incredibles has won several accolades and awards for portraying mature themes about families that can be easily enjoyed by adults and kids both.

In spite of being a PG rated movie, the story deals with weapons, widespread destructions, explosions and deaths. If your kids love animation and superheroes, than this movie is the perfect mix of both.

Take a tub of hot popcorn, colas by the side while the entire family sits down to enjoy a wholesome movie together.



When it comes to superheroes Marvel Comics tops the list of creating some unique and out of the box stuff.  X-Men is one such creation.

Made out of mutants – a subspecies of humans they have superhuman powers due to the “X” gene present in them. In the anti-mutant bigotry they fight for peace and equality between humans and mutants..


Stan Lee’s Mighty 7: Beginnings

What makes Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 so interesting that the animated version features Stan Lee in the movie?

Although there is death and violence prevalent in the movie but blood and gore is not shown.

The movie deals with seven heroes who start off as enemies of each other. But as the movie progresses they start developing mutual respect and admiration.

As such your kids are sure to learn the values of respect, understanding and appreciating differences that exist in each individual.

The movie has a lot of appeal for grownups too.


Each one of the above-mentioned movies has become popular in their own right and has huge fan following across the globe.

If your kids have read the comics then show them the movies.

They are equally interesting and captivating.

Which are your favorite movies among the lot? Don’t forget to mention in the comments.

10 Reasons Why Students Fail Mathematics

Mathematics is the fore bearer of the very tag – “difficult”.

In fact, it has become acceptable for certain students to perform badly in this subject.

If examined carefully, one cannot deny that it is a very negative trend. Why should any student be poor in any subject.

Especially when that subject deals with logic and reasoning!

Here we are going to discuss 10 significant reasons as to why students fail in Mathematics.

1. Attitude Towards Learning The Subject

Everything depends on one’s attitude towards the subject in question. The student mindset plays an important role.

If a student thinks from the beginning that he will not be able to perform well in the subject, he will end up developing a phobia towards Mathematics.

This in turn will affect his learning ability and performance. Positive attitude can bring about a lot of difference. It will act as a confidence booster.

2. Method of Teaching


Ideally, Mathematics should be taught in a way that is easy to comprehend.

The technique should be such that students can relate to it even after the class is over.

If the method of teaching is proper, the students will be able to add, subtract, divide, and multiply without using a calculator.

But, more often than not, mathematics teachers rely on methods that are difficult to grasp.

They might appear all right on pen and paper. But when its application comes to the world outside the classroom, problems starts to arise.


3. A Lack of Connection Between The Subject and Students


One of the many reasons why students fail in mathematics! Students are unable to develop a connection between the subject and themselves.

They treat the subject as something alien to them. Something that is unknown and scary!
Such students remain absent from the mathematics class. This hampers their learning ability.

They cannot keep a track between the previous class and the one that they are attending.


4. Self Doubt

Peer pressure is another reason why students fail in mathematics. They are unable to cope up with the pressure to perform at school.

This along with a constant comparison with other good students leads to the rise of self doubt.

Once self-doubt sets in, it becomes difficult to recover. Eventually the student’s ability to perform well in mathematics is hampered forever.

Students might not voice out but in reality they are very scared of the subject. They look out for ways to avoid learning the subject.

5. Low IQ

Many might not agree. But one cannot overlook the role one’s IQ plays in learning mathematics.

This area is kept under wraps because no one wants to accept that his or her child has low IQ.

But the fact remains, some kids don’t have the ability to grasps numbers as easily as others. Thus their low IQ affects their learning graph.

6. Short Attention Span

Some students get easily distracted. They cannot remain attentive throughout the math’s class.

Their attention wanders and they stop paying any interest. When asked to solve a problem in class they falter and become the center of jokes.

Parents should make sure that their child pays more attention in the classroom.

Both the teacher and parents can use different learning aids to make mathematics appear interesting.


7. Lack of Understanding About Signs and Symbols

Mathematics is a tricky subject. Especially when it comes to the signs, symbols and the significance.

There are many adults who are not very good at it as well.

For a below average student in mathematics, the chances of getting confused between the different mathematical signs and symbols is quite high.

If the student fails to put the degree sign in geometrical problems or the right unit after solving a sum, his marks are deducted.

Knowing where to put what sign and symbol is a vital part of learning mathematics.

8. Teacher Student Ratio

Generally a classroom has 15-20 students with a single teacher teaching the subject. This results in poor teacher student ratio.

The teacher in his desire to teach the topic fails to pay attention to every student. He has only a vague idea as to which student is good and which is below average.

Only after class tests are conducted, teacher gets a clear idea of his students’ abilities.


9. Many Mathematics Teachers are not well versed In the Subject

This might appear as a bit of out of the box reason, but it cannot be ignored completely.

There are many teachers who do not have an in-depth knowledge of the subject.
There are many teachers who perform well in mathematics but when asked to teach, they somehow falter.

Not all teachers can teach well. Teaching is an art. Not everyone is well versed in it.

10. Accessible Textbooks

There are many schools where the students cannot afford to buy the textbooks.

If the textbook-pupil ratio is in order, it is not difficult to teach the subject.

If the scenario is reversed, where the students have to depend on the school to access the textbooks, it will hamper the performance power of the students.

All the above-mentioned problems can be solved if they are detected at the right time. Parents and teachers need to make a joint effort to improve a student’s performance.

This will help them deal with anxiety, peer pressure and self-doubt. The student in question will be able to improve his performance gradually.

Parents can appoint tutors who will be able to give personalized attention. Proper guidance and regular practice will turn the tide in the favor of the student.

So what are you waiting for?

If your child is afraid of math, it is time to have a serious discussion with him.
Look out for the above-mentioned factors.

Does your child suffer from any of it? Try to find out what is bothering him and work around it.

Together you can help your children overcome their fears and make them confident about the subject.

6 Amazing Tech Tools for a Smart Library


Like every other educational implement , libraries are mutating to smart libraries.

Thanks to the intervention of digital tools into education!

Why students need a Smart Library?

The present day libraries are modern repositories of information.
They are identified as well-organized spaces of learning for everyone.

They encourage learners and teachers to explore, create and collaborate with each other.

These smart libraries are poised to become the 21st century learning hubs.

Here are 6 wondrous education tech tools to help you create a smart library.


A collection of book recommendations coming from readers like you and me.
This website helps you find new books based on your previous reads.
Most of the students falter in making choices of books they should read.

The website enlists the titles of few books.  Students can scout for them on bookshelves.
You as a student can create your own account, save the books you find and read them.


An Audio-Aided Reading Platform!

What a pleasurable experience if you get to read and enjoy the background soundtracks!
this tool offers a perfect harmony between what you are reading with a soundtrack of your choice.

You can choose from simple music, ambient sounds and sound effects.

They will be played in tandem with the text you are reading.
The underlying idea is a multi-sensory concept of reading.

The students experience an increased assimilation supported by a strong engagement quotient.


Another tool that helps you create and manage research guides!
It is a free and open-source platform.

Organize all your reading resources that are in digital and print formats into online topic guides.

It is as simple as using the “drag and drag” function. You can use it to categorize all your reading material.
Independent of the devices that students use to browse, this tech tool can help research students in many interesting ways.

You might need the expertise of an IT professional to install this tool on to your web server.

This tool supports the addition of staff members. Students suggestions are very much encouraged. This tool which offers video resources deserves a special mention.


Do not sweat it, to prompt and prod your students to read.You can bank on Whooo’s Reading as a promising tool for smart library. It is bound to positively impact the classroom reading tendencies.

With every passing day it motivates students to become good readers. Whooo’s Reading can help a librarian to stay in constant touch with students and their reading preferences.

Here are the smart ways in which this reading tool bridges the gap between a reader and the students:
 Librarians can comment on student reading logs. They can appreciate their consistent efforts to read.
 Students can receive recommendations on what books to read. This feature keeps track of the reading abilities and preferences of students.                                                                                                                                  You can keep a watchful eye on the reading progress made by students through Reading Recovery, DRA and Lexile Score.
 Printed data reports are available to both parents and teachers. This paves way for remedial measures for students who lag behind.


A repository of video lessons for students. Knowmia is another educational tech tool for a smart library.

Through this tool teachers can create interactive and engaging video lessons and mini-courses.
It Allows students to learn at their own pace. Students can build video lessons. You can import your own visuals and categorize them in line with the format of your chapter.
You are all covered!

Knowmia comes with an in-built “drag and drop” option that, widely used by students.


An exhaustive storehouse of audio books, podcasts and MPS downloads! can become your top reading destination. It offers audio-visual reading capabilities.
The website allows you to access a whopping 50,000 educational reading materials.

It comprises over 3,000 audio books for students.                                          It includes all subjects.  Over 1,200 course ware and above 2,000 informative documentaries are available.  It encourages students to enjoy every bit of what they read.


Libraries, normally seen as houses of books and other literature have now undergone a makeover.
With technology spreading its arms into every facet of human life, libraries have become the beneficiaries.

All the tools discussed above provide an equitable access to technology for readers.
These tools come as the much-needed and timely resources for high school and college graduation courses.

These tools promise smart libraries in their quest to make data-driven decisions.

6 Tips to Enhance Lesson Delivery with Voice Projection and Vocabulary

Can you can relate to these common phenomenon?
You were either attracted or not interested in the lectures delivered by your teachers.
You must have found your teacher’s voice to be harsh or or too soft for you to pick and the words.

All the teachers come with unmatched subject knowledge.  The catch is in the style of voice projection in class.

A teacher’s voice is the bridge between the students and their learning capability. Understanding is linked to how clearly they hear what is being spoken.

How your teacher projects his/her voice while lecturing decides the success of teaching.

Surely you are looking to attract the attention of your students through your voice and vocabulary. Here are some advices:

1. Focus On The Elements of “Voice projection”

A teacher’s voice in the classroom is linked to a couple of elements. It includes the pitch (a unique sound from the vocal chords, used to emphasize a particular word or phrase), the vocal tone (the manner in which you talk along with the quality of the sound produced by your vocal chords), the tempo (the speed with which you speak; slowly or fast) and the volume.

The Pitch

It is advisable to have a natural pitch while delivering a lecture. In order to identify your natural pitch, you can relax your throat and begin to hum. A humming sound too loud or too soft can mar your lesson delivery. So, you should aim at practicing a natural pitch which is pleasing and audible to your students.

The Tone

A teacher should make the most of the vocal tone while delivering lecturers. They must watch their tone of voice so as to maintain the attention span of students. When you wish to express empathy, a soft tone teamed with a smile can do the trick. On the other hand, instructions and firm statements should be delivered using a formal tone.

The Tempo

You should watch out for the speed with which you speak. A tempo that is too slow or too fast, hinders your lecture delivery. Pause before you begin explaining an important point. This simple trick will help your students pay greater attention to the key point that will be discussed next.
Try to slow down your pace by taking some deep breaths while you are lecturing. Another tip to direct your lectures well is to ask questions. This is to check if students are in good stead with what you teach.


Volume is another important element that decides the success of your lecturing abilities. If you want to impress your students with an honest and serious demeanor, practice a quiet voice.

2. Unlock the Power of A “Pause”

Teachers should be aware of the power of a pause. To pause, it is important that you attach importance to timing. But to learn when to pause and for long to pause is a skill that comes with regular practice.

3. Aim For Clarity In Your Speech

Pay attention if your students find it hard to listen to your words. This situation arises because you failed to express yourself clearly. To ensure this you need to practice certain exercises that fine-tune your diction. Diction exercises help you speak clearly so that you are audible to your students. These exercises will handhold you to deliver lectures with ease. An exciting way to hone your diction is to ramble tongue-twisters which stress on different alphabets.

4. A Giggle Here and A Giggle There

Humor is another classroom prerequisite. You can attract and engage your students only if you make an effort to bring a smile on their faces. Humor unlocks the teacher-student divide. It creates an environment of mutual trust and openness. Another tip concerning laughter in classrooms is to blend humor with the topic that is being discussed.

5. The Importance of The Breath

It is important for you as a faculty to observe and focus on your breathe when you teach. It will impact how well your lecture is received by your students. Your breath is linked to the quality and health of your voice. A host of breathing exercises can be practiced by teachers to enhanced voice quality. This will make you a competent and confident teacher.

6. Teachers’ Vocabulary

Another Significant Element of a Great Classroom Session!
Subject knowledge that faculty brings to class determines the success of a lecture.

However, teachers should avoid the use of difficult, technical terms and abbreviations. students may not understand them.
Try engaging them by adding interesting extracts, facts and nuances.
This will spark an interest level in students.

Include such bits and pieces of rare information into your lesson delivery. Your students will enjoy a deep sense of engagement with you and the topic in general.

Key Takeaways

As a teacher cover the entire nine yards to fine-tune your voice projection and vocabulary.
Ensure every student can hear you. Most importantly, avoid shouting while lecturing in class.
Voice modulation goes a long way in making you an effective and confident teacher. It evokes a great deal of respect and affinity from students.
Pay attention to your vocabulary. It takes all sorts of students to make a class.

Teachers who project voice in a rightful manner will be crowned as effective faculty by their wards.