16 Amazing Books for Students, Chosen by Students

Reading is one of the good habits that need to be developed in every person. Schools play a crucial role in developing this habit among students with special period assigned for library. This helps them to learn more about the world, arts, society and history. Making reading a habit helps them to develop their language

15 Best Free Apps that Help Parents Protect their Children

The advancements in mobile technology have improved the scope of education as kids can connect to the world with just their finger tips. The easy accessibility to information has really changed the way they get to know about the world in real time. However, children are easily susceptible to the ill side of the technology

35 Free Educational Websites You Shouldn’t Miss

In the current scenario, technology has developed in several ways, resulting in the increased number of amazing opportunities. Nowadays, education is no more limited to books. The internet has opened new doorways to the world of knowledge. One such doorway is educational websites that any student and teacher can refer. Some of these sites also

Top 10 Achievements of Stephen Hawking

Imagine being bound to a wheelchair knowing you will never get up from there, all at the mercy of carers and the only thing that works is your mind. Where people usually resort to grief, objection or even self destruction in case of petty failures, Stephen Hawking decided to channelize his major biological defeat into

10 Most Popular Stephen Hawking Books of All Times

The mind with the power of singularity has unlocked many mysterious phenomenon of the universe including singularity itself. The legendary physicist Stephen Hawking gave the world a new perception of looking at the cosmos. He was the man who challenged the work of many scientists and philosophers and also went on to prove that “the

Stephen Hawking, The Modern Day Einstein passes away at 76

Nobel Prize winner and famed Cosmologist Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76, shocking the world. It was a peaceful death at his home in Cambridge. The man of singularity and black holes breathed his last early this Wednesday as confirmed by a family spokesperson. Hawking was diagnosed with a condition called amyotrophic

How Preschool Plays an Important Role in Child Development?

Education that is imparted during early childhood goes a long way in shaping the kid into a promising individual. This happens when kids step into a preschool. Alongside helping kids to socialize with their peers, preschools come as perfect instruments that can boost their confidence levels. As the name suggests, a preschool can be a

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Student

The school life is undoubtedly the best phase of every person. This is the time when you make new friends, learn about new things in life and importantly lay a platform for the wonderful career ahead. With minimal to no family responsibilities, students can fly freely in their dream world and explore life. However, most

8 Smart Ideas to Motivate Independent Reading in Kids

Sparking the reading process in kids so that they fall in love with books all by themselves is no longer a tough task. Parents and guardians now have help that comes in the form of smart reading tips. It is through these intelligent and time-tested guidelines that you can help your kids identify and understand

Advantages of Being a College Student

The life of a student, be it in school or college is indeed a golden period that carries pleasurable memories to cherish. A college student is one who graduates from high school and joins a college that offers him/her an education in the field of electives chosen by him/her. Notwithstanding the fact that a college

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