What Impact Will Artificial Intelligence Have in the Education Field?

It will not be an overstatement to quote that Artificial Intelligence, colloquially referred to as AI has become the new technology buzzword. While AI was considered to be a futuristic development, it is time you recognize it as a phenomenon that is already making waves in many domains linked to human existence. AI is now

Understanding Student Mindset To Foster A Better Learning Experience

Understanding_ student_mindset_to_foster_a_better_learning_experience
Introduction Learning is a great experience when students get to know about new things in life. The process tastes success when a student gains ability to apply what he has learnt in school in real life. The psychology of learning says a student’s behavior is greatly influenced by his learning process. As we all know,

7 Tips to Develop Growth Mindset for Students

7 Tips to Develop Growth Mindset for Students
As opposed to prevalent theory, high accomplishment isn’t just a result of ability and talent. Truth be told, our inner opinions about our own particular capacities, aptitudes, and potential really fire personal conduct standards and anticipate achievement. Growth mindset has been a trendy term in education, with which many educators and children are now acquainted

Emerging Trends For Improving Women Education

29-05-2018_Emerging trends for augmentation of women's education
Care for the girl child! This is the slogan of almost all the countries across the globe which are aiming for development. Given the fact that women’s education is a necessity for every society, there a number of complex debates and issues surrounding this topic. In the past, boys were always the recipients of better

How effective time management enhances school performance?

Every student has the same 24 hours. Then how is it possible that one student excels in studies while another fails to do so? It is all about how well you manage your time in completing your scholastic projects, your daily homework and finally the preparation for exams. Here we shed light on how effective

10 Tips to Improve Quality of Undergraduate Education

10 Tips to Improve Quality of Undergraduate Education
The path to college graduation is a rough terrain when students either drop out of college after their first year or take longer time to complete their bachelor’s degree. Both these instances are seen as major obstacles for the success of undergraduate education. In an attempt to help colleges and universities improve their quality of

Top 12 Transferable Skills for Today’s Graduates

In layman’s terms, transferable skills are all those abilities that will help you stay employable alongside assist you to lead your life in a fruitful manner. They are skills that are relevant to your social standing, your professional status or while you are at school or college. Most of the times, people think about sharpening

How AI, Machine Learning, & big data could change future of education

The educational sphere is abuzz with three upcoming technological advancements including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. While everyone opines that the current educational model fails miserably in making learning relevant to knowledge-seekers, these three technology-driven options are poised to change the face of education. In contrast to the conventional form of education when

7 Great Indian teachers Who Gave Education a New Meaning

It will not be an overstatement to quote that the India was considered a haven for knowledge imparted by great teachers of all times. The individuals we would be talking of not only excelled in their chosen fields but also influenced the thoughts and actions of the society at large through their teachings. Below is

12 Interactive Classroom Activities for College Students

12 Interactive Classroom Activities for College Students
Is education so mundane that you are always sitting amidst the four walls of a classroom and lending an ear to what all the instructor is talking? No! Not at all! An air of excitement should flow into classrooms so as to make the learning for college students engaging. The stage has to be set