7 Difficulties that Modern Teachers Can Face

Given the penetration of technology into every human sphere, the 21st-century teacher has more challenges to face than be at the receiving end of benefits. Notwithstanding the fact that online learning or e-learning is the latest educational trend, this pattern of learning has its own flaws. Educators who have the responsibility of teaching students in

25 Movies that Educate and Inspire Students

In this digital era, education is not just lecture and blackboard sessions within the four walls of a classroom. The influence of handy gadgets, education apps as well as smart school software are taking education to a new level. The role of teachers changes from just one side dictators to more of a guidance and

Using Gestures Can Make Ideas More Memorable in Kids. Know How

It is the role of parents and teachers to help the kids to think and learn right from their childhood. It is a fact that kids who are exposed to communicative gestures can have a better chance to study languages in pretty quick succession, and they can handle bigger vocabularies in no time. The proper

Why Visual Learning is More Helpful than Traditional Learning

“Show me how to do, without telling me what to do”! This is the novel mantra of visual learning. Contrasting this with traditional learning, students then used to listen to lectures delivered by teachers. Becoming a part of the black-board classrooms, they used to put their heads into volumes of printed study material. Now is

15 Popular Edsys Blogs of 2017

Nowadays, technology has really revolutionized the way we live so as our education. Keeping this in mind, we Edsys is providing relevant and useful information via blogs regarding the things which are necessary for teachers as well as students. Here is the list of those 15 popular Edsys blogs in 2017: 21 Inspirational Movies That

14 Fun Classroom Activities for Students

The conventional lecture methods would not be very productive when the students are tired or sleepy, especially in the afternoon sessions. Having some fun classroom activities can make students active after the lunch hour. Some teachers would make it plainly fun games while some others use it as a strategy to revise what is learned

10 Kid Entrepreneurs Who Achieved Success in Business

If you are of the opinion that entrepreneurship is only for the elderly and well-informed, think again! The world is now awake to the talent of kid entrepreneurs who have made money-making a child’s play, literally and practically. Giving wings to their ideas which in no way are childish, these young entrepreneurs have redefined the

23 Educational Websites that are Fun and Free for Kids

The millennial generation has so much going in favor of them. All thanks to the emerging technologies that are making waves in every sphere of human life, the younger generation can come of age through a host of educational websites. These come as a boon to kids who are brimming with eagerness to learn something

Make Learning Appealing for Kids with Fun Educational Games

Learning should be in an appealing way so it boosts the learning interest of students. It is only possible when fun filled educational games will be brought into the classrooms. To support the above belief, you can refer to a plethora of research articles that are repeating the importance of structured educational games in classroom

50 Innovative Teaching Methods in Science

Student engagement and understanding of materials is given more emphasis in today’s education over spoon feeding the facts. Therefore, using black-boards or the typical lecture methods are not adequate to teach science and other related subjects. Many scholars and researchers have proposed advanced ideas and they claim that virtual teaching scenarios or simulations can help

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