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TinyTapps – Smart Apps for Preschoolers Part 2

Last week, we had discussed about our Smart apps for toddlers – TinyTapps. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today, we are going to explain about our English language apps. We have four colourful and fun apps for teaching English. Let’s take a look at them.

Fun with ABC – Alphabet Learning

This lovely app introduces your kid to the world of English alphabets. It has a colourful interface with jungle theme that children would easily relate to. There are four sections in this app –alphabet recognition (ABC), alphabet tracing (ABC Trace), alphabet activity (ABC Game) and song (ABC Song). These sections together provide a comprehensive learning that children will enjoy. The app is simple to use for both child and parent/teacher.

Small abc

Your child will have fun learning small letters of the English language with this smart app. This app aims to develop and strengthen both visual and auditory associations with alphabets. It also has an activities section that has been designed to build your child’s analytical thinking and recognition skills. This app has a read and writes section that, as the name suggests, is aimed at improving basic reading and writing skills of pre-schoolers. Children become familiar with the letters and their sounds. Apart from that, kids are encouraged to trace or write the alphabets, which have the additional benefit of improving their motor skills.

There is an Activities section too, for evaluating how much the child has learnt and retains in his mind. It incorporates a drag and drop activity that strengthens picture-letter association. Other sections include Blast the Rocket for recognising lower case alphabets through auditory association, Matching Activity that emphasizes on visual association and recognition and Rhythm & Rhyme, which hugely improves your child’s speech, literacy, reasoning, physical, emotional, and social development.


As the name implies, this app encourages children to learn word pairs with opposite meanings such as “hot and cold”, “up and down” and “good and bad”. Children show a tendency to learn certain types of words easily. Opposites are one such concept they grasp quickly. They help children to differentiate and distinguish the world around them. This app includes about 50 opposite words and a game. Opposites challenge and fine tune the cognitive skills of your children.

Rippling Rhymes

Songs are one of the easiest ways for children to learn because they love the rhythm and rhyme. Rippling Rhymes is an app that includes a collection of short and rhythmic songs that make it easy for your children to learn and memorize. Each song is unique and has a special theme. But all of these songs are like stories with a beginning and an end. They are entertaining and add value by incorporating new vocabulary, concepts of alphabets, numbers etc. There are beautiful illustrations, animations, an intuitive user interface and excellent audio quality.

These are the apps that TinyTapps have developed to help pre-schoolers learn more about English Language. Next week, we will explain about the Math/Numbers apps by TinyTapps.

Manage Drivers with School Bus Tracker

A good school bus tracking software should invariably be able to manage drivers too. Imagine the scenario where you have the complete database of driver time and attendance. Wouldn’t it be really helpful? Definitely! You will be able to compare driver performance over time. The School bus Tracker would in fact be a single tool required to analyse and improve your employees’ performance no matter where you are.

Let’s see how the School Bus Tracker software helps to manage drivers


Driver attendance and time can be tracked with the bus. Drivers would need to log in to the GPS tracking system when they start their day.

Performance Evaluation

Analyse actual performance against planned schedules for employees with the data collected over time. It can be used
to improve employee performance.


Re-assign drivers with ease in case there is some sort of trouble. Also, be updated about the maintenance requirements of your vehicles.


Along with the location of the bus on a route by route basis, the driver can also be tracked. You will be notified in case of unscheduled stops, over speeding, etc.

Managing drivers can bring some real benefits to you. Employ our GPS school bus tracker and enjoy these benefits.

TinyTapps – Smart Apps for Preschoolers Part 1

Kids are amazing. They are full of energy and are innately curious. In a world where technology is catching on than the wildest wildfire ever imagined, it is inevitable that kids get captivated by mobile devices. Considering these two factors, the best way for preschoolers to learn is through smart mobile apps.

Brilliant colors, large images of animals, fruits, etc are vital to getting the attention of children. Our designers and developers fully understand this and they have incorporated these elements to our smart apps.

These smart apps are in fact called TinyTapps as they are made for toddlers. They are made to work with the iOS operating system. These apps are great for the early learning years. We’ll be discussing the apps in a 5-part series. This is the introductory part. The next one will talk about English Language apps, the third one will be about Math/Numbers app, then E.V.K./G.K. Finally we will discuss all the remaining apps.

Here is an overview of the apps.

English Language

  • Fun with ABC – alphabet learning
  • Small abc
  • Opposites
  • Rippling Rhymes


  • Swim With Numbers
  • Time Bird
  • Math Tables
  • All About Shapes


  • Colour Carnival
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Animal Adventure
  • Fun with Animals
  • Body parts
  • Community Helpers
  • Means of Transport


  • Hindi Vernal
  • Learn Arabic Alphabet
  • Arabic Flash cards
  • Fun with Quiz
  • My Talking Album
  • Fun with Flashcard
  • Learning Hindi

These are the different types of apps we have. We guess you would have got an idea as to the functions of each app here. In the next part we will be discussing about the English Language apps in more detail.

Smart Card Solutions & Their Advantages

A smart card is a payment card embedded with a computer chip (RFID technology), and functions more or less like a mini-computer on a card. The information on these cards are digitized and encrypted within a set of parameters. These cards can be used across a number of industries and are in use all over the world. It is considered to offer the highest level of security among payment cards.

Examples: SIM cards, chip-based ID Cards, Credit and debit cards, etc

Our Smart Card Solutions & Their Features

Student Tracking

  • Real time information about Student & Vehicles.
  • Providing GPS safety & security to vehicles & students.
  • Automated SMS alerts to Parents.
  • Generate various Management Information System (MIS) Reports.
  • Student, Parents, Vehicle and Drivers data can be stored.


  • Students can use their Edsys Smart card to make purchases
  • POS (Point of Sale) would deduct appropriate amount
  • Student can check balance available on Edsys Smart card
  • Parents would get statement of purchase

Fee Collection

  • Pull up school fees payment information easily
  • Easier and time saving than traditional method of entering all details
  • Top up the credit on the Edsys Smart Card at fee collection counter


  • Pull out student records swiftly
  • Use it to issue or return library book/items
  • Mark library attendance Using Edsys Smart card

Book Store Management

  • Student can get books and other utilities from store using their Edsys Smart card
  • Item issue from store will be recorded and reconciled with payment
  • Parent would get statement of items student procured from store

Advantages of Using Our Smart Card Solutions

Ease of Access – Typical contact type ID cards use magnetic strips that requires students to manually swipe through an ID card reader. It slows down student access and can create long queues. Also, magnetic strip cards are easy to demagnetize and tamper with. Smart cards, with their fast, contact less identification capabilities are much more convenient. Students can exit through larger points rather than through narrow passage ways.

Durability – Smart cards are made from durable materials such as polyester and PVC; these secure ID cards can last the entire term of a student’s education, saving the institution and students the recurring costs of annual ID card replacement.

Convenient & Cost Effective– One smart card can serve for a variety of purposes, allowing the management to streamline their processes in an efficient and cost effective method.

Time and Attendance Tracking – By using smart cards as ID cards, it is easy to track if a student is present in class, and if yes, how much time the child spends in the classroom.

Effective Library Management – With RFID cards, it becomes easy for students to access the school library and check out books automatically. These cards can also provide real time information about overdue books. The overdue amount can directly be deducted from the student’s card too.

Electronic Payment– Students can make use of their RFID enabled ID cards at the cafeteria to purchase food and beverages. Similarly it can be used in the school provision store too.

Security – Students’ whereabouts can be tracked with Smart cards such as in the case of School Bus Tracker. This is very useful as the tracking takes place in real time, which can be of help during emergency situations

Intuitive User Interface– The in house developers and designers are very much aware that even the most functional software can be rendered useless if it doesn’t have an intuitive interface. Hence they take utmost care while building the software to provide a seamless user experience.

Create Amazing Profiles With The EYFS Mobile Application

The development during early years is very important to the overall growth of each child. On realizing this, the British government introduced the EYFS system. According to the EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stage system, schools should submit a profile report for each child’s learning and development. This happens at the end of EYFS, which in most cases is the year the child turns five.

There are 7 areas of learning which are divided into prime and specific areas of learning.

Prime areas of learning:

  • Communication & Language
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Specific areas of learning:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The system also mentions three characteristics of effective learning:

  • Playing and Exploring
  • Active Learning
  • Creating and Thinking Critically

The profile reports are graded or judged based on real time observations of children’s activities. This system requires all adults who are part of the learning and development processes to make valuable contributions to the judgements made about children’s profiles.

Being an ongoing or real time process, observations have to be noted down with labels along with photographs taken using cameras. It might not seem much of an inconvenience at first, but imagine taking notes and photographs for 25 children every day for a month or a year. The process that looked very easy on the onset suddenly appears daunting. And don’t start thinking of the problems associated with processing all the valuable observations.

But when you think of it as a modern day problem, an answer pops up – Mobile devices. Yes, those portable, powerful computers with cameras and network connectivity could make it easy for you to collect, sort and process all the information.

Only problem? You need an app for that. But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with an EYFS mobile application. This app makes it easy for you to take pictures and label them according to different activities and sub-activities and save to each child’s profile instantaneously. The various options available in the device are put to excellent use making this application an amazing tool for EYFS management.

The main features of the EYFS mobile application are:

Student Profiles – Create profiles of each student and add them to the database with images and other necessary details including classes, divisions etc.

Images & Videos – Capture images and videos as children are doing activities and save them with tags. The captured images and videos can be shared, commented and graded from the mobile device itself.

Smart Search – We all know how convenient a search feature can be when there is a huge database of information. The search feature is quite comprehensive and works with different criteria such as dates and activities. It becomes very useful when parents or senior management asks for immediate feedback.

Generate Reports – Preparing reports gets hassle-free with this application. Generate monthly or yearly reports in PDF format.

Postcards – No pasting and sticking as postcards can be created from the mobile device itself. Images from various activities can be selected for the postcard which also includes the profile picture.

Sharing – There are numerous sharing options such as email, YouTube, Bluetooth etc to share video reports and images.

Database Syncing – The server application maintains a database of all the profiles and activities in the same institution and syncs them between mobile devices. This results in well organised data.

The app has a nice, intuitive interface that’s easy to use. It sure decreases the workload of the faculty and leaves minimal room for errors. The profiles can provide a clear insight to the development and learning of each child. It definitely lets you breathe easy as far as EYFS profiles are concerned!

TechnoAlliance Partners With For Developing Vehicle Tracking System, one of the leading makers of taxi meters and fare meters, has joined hands with TechnoAlliance for developing a comprehensive vehicle tracking system. While provides industry leading hardware that has integrated printers, GPS and GPRS, TechnoAlliance comes with some seriously good software in the form of web and mobile applications. The mobile and web applications were developed by Redbytes and Probytes respectively, both of which are subsidiaries of TechnoAlliance

Taximeter is known for producing quality products with high precision, compactness, accurate results, efficiency, user-friendliness, and long operational life. They also offer one year warranty for their products against manufacturing defects.

The vehicle tracking system developed by these companies in partnership includes the following features.


  • Smart, simple dashboard that shows which vehicles are currently running, which are available, which drivers are off duty, the pick-ups that are assigned and unassigned
  • Real-time tracking by Global Positioning System or GPS for amazing accuracy
  • Different user profiles such as administrator to manage and assign vehicles, pick ups etc. and a normal user profile for the call centre executive to access information
  • Manage both scheduled and instant pick-ups
  • Billing facility
  • Statistics report including time, distance, number of trips etc.


  • Easy for passengers to book
  • Keep passengers updated automatically by notifying through sms
  • Proper organization and management of vehicles and drivers to maximize efficiency
  • Retention of customers through timely and well organised services
  • Comprehensive data through reports and statistics
  • Easy for drivers to process orders and give receipts using taximeter’s vehicle tracking system.
  • Passengers enjoy the safety of recognised drivers
  • This GPS tracking system can be used for a variety of services such as taxis, couriers, school buses etc.

There are a lot more features and benefits that will come to the fore when you start using this GPS vehicle tracking system. Moreover, the system is convenient with significant savings in terms of time and money. The biggest gain would be customer satisfaction which is the main ingredient in the success of your business

Real-time Institution Management System or RIMS

Run your institution efficiently with our multipurpose Real-time Institution Management System or RIMS. This software was developed with one idea in mind – to provide the most efficient and easy-to-use management tool for institutions all over the world. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will help you to set up a complete management process ranging from student enrolment to TC issuance.

RIMS is mainly aimed at

  1. Schools
  2. Colleges
  3. Universities
  4. Training Centers
  5. Online Schools
  6. Group of Institutions
  7. Kindergarten


RIMS is a comprehensive solution for your management requirements. It removes the need for installing multiple softwares for various purposes.

A Long Features List – RIMS offers a list of features that is vital to suit the individual needs of each institution

A User Friendly Interface – Ease of use is one of the most important aspects to get right as far as software is concerned. The friendly interface of this student management software makes it easy to navigate and handle

Is Developed in PHP – PHP is a very flexible, efficient and user-friendly framework. It provides safety and simplicity to our education management software

Is Mobile Friendly – Mobile is a powerful tool that is with you all the time. RIMS is built to work seamlessly with mobile so that location doesn’t become a restriction for you.

Customize with Ease – All institutions do not have the same kind of governing. Each has its own unique requirements and we understand that. Therefore, RIMS has been created to be customized with ease.

Reliable Support – Do you have some doubt or is there an issue? Don’t worry. Our experienced professionals will help you out anytime.

RIMS plus Facilities

SMS messenger, Chat, RIMS mail, Directory, Task Scheduler


Student Profiles

  • Enrol students with a photograph and details
  • Retrieve information anytime by Admission no, Name, Parent or Guardian etc

Fee Manager

  • Collection, penalty and exemption have never been this easy.
  • SMS alerts and arrear reports will be sent to parents

Internet Module

  • Access to overall information of the institution over Internet
  • Know details about attendance, marks card and fees over the Internet

Statistics & Reports

  • Evaluate the overall performance of the institution
  • Detailed reports to take proper &timely decision

Marks Card Generator

  • Generate mark cards for each class and individual students
  • Get examination dates, mark card, etc through SMS or e-mail

TC Maker

  • TC application to issuance is made easy
  • Make duplicate TC easily according to demand

Access Control

  • User categories with different sets of operational rights and screens
  • Unauthorized access monitoring

Course Manager

  • Manage syllabi efficiently
  • Promotion and batch allocation are done with ease

Apart from the above features, RIMS also has the ability to effortlessly manage Attendance, Transport, Store, Library, Accounts, Human Resources, Pay Roll

Our primary concern is providing a seamless user experience and customer satisfaction, which drives us to constantly strive to improve our software. So, we have planned to include a few more modules to the software in the near future. These include:

  • Advanced Web Interface
  • BI Integrated
  • Continuous Assessment [as per CBSE]
  • Fixed Asset
  • Hostel Manager
  • Lesson Planner
  • Timetable Manager
  • Event Calendar
  • Meeting Room Scheduler
  • Online Payment
  • House Management
  • Exam Room Allocation
  • Entrance Exam
  • Scholarship Manager
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Alumni Manager
  • Faculty Performance Monitoring
  • Medical Records
  • ID card Generator
  • Tour Organizer

Benefits of Real-time Institution Management System (RIMS)

A lot of benefits can be reaped by using our Real-time Institution Management System (RIMS). The benefits can be for the management, the faculty and for parents & students as well.

For Management

  • A single, convenient solution for various requirements makes it easy to operate. Thus saving time and effort
  • No duplication or error while managing the entire institution records
  • Fee/arrear collection simplified, Cost centres are seamlessly integrated for easy management
  • Accurate, reliable reports to help make good decisions
  • Detailed information of all individual institutions under the same umbrella

For Faculty

  • Access information about individual students anywhere, anytime
  • Hassle-free and efficient management of multiple syllabi, semesters and sessions
  • Highly efficient and effective communication system to bridge the gap between parents and school authorities
  • Effective processing of exam results and generation of online score cards
  • Attendance, leave and payroll of teaching and non-teaching faculty

For Parents & Students

  • Stay well informed of latest developments in regard to your children’s education, discipline, attendance fees, activities, etc.
  • SMS notification of the latest news such as organized events, fee due date, etc
  • Evaluating students to identify learning gaps, repeat and reinforce concepts
  • Online projects and examinations for better learning

Real-time GPS School Bus Tracking Gains Popularity

Last year, a school bus with 11 children was hijacked in Arkansas. The hijacker had blended in with parents and got into the bus before the driver could stop him. He himself started driving the bus. GPS tracking system was recently installed in the bus and that helped the police to track it down immediately. The hijacker drove another 10 miles and was finally caught. All the students were saved without much fuss.

It was an incident that brought forth the advantage of having GPS tracking facility in school buses. Now, these are not incidents that happen to everyone or everyday. But think about it. Wouldn’t you be at peace knowing your child is safely on the way home? Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your child is late only because of heavy traffic? Safety and convenience are advantages that school bus tracking systems provide.

These advantages has immensely popularised real-time GPS school bus tracking in middle-east countries such as UAE as well in Europe and USA. It is also slowly picking up in Asian countries as people realize the utility in implementing GPS School Bus Tracking software.

However, GPS tracking would offer more value if it works with another application such the ParentApp. This android application acts as a single point reference for real time tracking of the students’ whereabouts as well as school activities. It is a handy application for tracking attendance, fees, results and much more.

Individual student tracking is made possible through RFID tags that students carry everywhere. It is an economical option and is more convenient than typical barcodes that needs to be scanned by the bus driver.

GPS and RFID are undoubtedly at the forefront of tracking technologies and would give you additional safety, savings, efficiency and ease of use. The main features of school bus tracking are given below

  • Real-time Tracking – Real-time location to parents with the help of GPS satellites including pickup and drop information.
  • Notifications – Parents can choose to get notified by sms, Android push notification or iOS push notifications.
  • Accurate & Efficient Reports – Get reports that include information on travel distance, travel history, travel speed, stops, etc.
  • Simple, Clutter-free Interface – The School Bus Tracker applications have simple, user-friendly interface with minimalist design

EYFS Management

Bid adieu to spreadsheets and tedious processes to create and maintain EYFS profiles. In a similar vein to the ParentApp, we bring you a simple, flexible and precise management system to record the spontaneous moments and other activities of pre-kg students in a very easy way.

This amazing management system consists of a desktop application and a mobile application. The teacher can snap pictures or shoot videos of children with their mobile camera as and when the situation arises. These pictures can then be saved to the gallery or to the profile of a particular child/group of children. While saving each picture, the teacher gets to give grades, add comments and also share the picture through chat, Bluetooth etc.


Images, videos – capture timely Images and videos and tag them for various activities and sub-activities according to the EYFS curriculum. While saving the captured images, comments and grades can be added. On a similar vein, videos can also be graded.

Student Profiles – New profiles can be added to the database with images and other details such as classes, divisions etc. Activities and sub activities can be added according to the EYFS curriculum.

Smart Search – We have a comprehensive search in both the mobile application as well as the desktop application. It works like a charm with different criteria such as dates and activities.

Easy-to-generate Reports – Create reports on a monthly as well as yearly basis. They will be generated as PDF files.

Colourful Postcards – It is easy to send postcards from the phone itself as the app will arrange images from various activities together and create post cards, also with profile picture. Once the post card is created, it can be sent through email to the respective parents.

Simple Sharing – Share videos Reports and images through mail, YouTube, Bluetooth, etc.

Database Syncing – Every profile, activity or other changes added by a person will be added to the server database. This information will be synced with the other devices connected to the server. This will help organize data easier.

These features are sure to simplify management of the EYFS system. If you already use the RIMS, then this system becomes an automatic choice, as it becomes easy to sync the existing database.

Also make sure to checkout our student tracking system

Learning Management System

Make training online easy with our Learning Management System (LMS). This simple, easy-to-use software allows you to handle various aspects of e-learning with ease. Be it administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs, we have got it all covered.

For bringing you the best Learning Management System, our dedicated and experienced developers (Moodle experts) have built it upon an extremely customizable platform with plenty of standard features. The platform is called Moodle. The highlight features of Moodle are listed below.

General Features

  • Modern, easy to use interface – Be it desktop or mobile, the Moodle interface will impress you with its responsiveness and ease of access
  • Personalised Dashboard – There are plenty of features in Moodle, and you will not want all of them. Well, just keep the ones you want in your dashboard and forget the rest!
  • Collaborative tools and activities – Encourage interaction by creating forums, wikis, glossaries, databases and more
  • All-in-one calendar – Keep track of course deadlines and important events with the help of the All-in-one calendar
  • Convenient File Management – Handle files easily by drag and drop method from cloud storage services
  • Simple and intuitive text editor – Compatible across all browsers and devices, the editor lets you format text and add media with relative ease
  • Notifications – Enjoy the convenience of modern day communication facilities. Send messages and receive alerts on assignments, forum posts, deadlines, etc
  • Track progress – Track different activities including the progress and completion of courses at an individual level. There are lots of options available

Administrative Features

As you would have understood from the above features, Moodle is a very flexible and feature-rich platform. As an administrator, you will enjoy working with this software. Let’s see why.

  • Customisable site design and layout – Make your own design with logo, layout, colour schemes, etc
  • Secure authentication and mass enrolment – More than 50 options for enrolment and authentication of new users
  • Multilingual capability – Let users view content in their language and learn
  • Bulk course creation and easy backup – New courses can be added in bulk, and can be stored with ease
  • Manage user roles and permissions – Define roles and permissions beforehand so that there are no security issues
  • Supports open standards – You can import and export IMS-LTI, SCORM courses and more
  • High interoperability – Integrate external applications or content and make plugins for custom integration
  • Simple add-ons and plugin management – Manage all add-ons and and plugins from a single interface
  • Regular security updates – With regular updates, your software is assured to be secure
  • Detailed reporting and logs – get detailed reports for your use with the touch of a button


eLearning Features

While administrative features are important, the focus of the software is undoubtedly on e-learning. Let us look at the features offered by Moodle from that perspective.

  • Decide learning paths – The administrator will be able to manage classes according to the requirements. Classes can be set as instructor-led, self-paced, blended or entirely online according to convenience
  • Collaborative Publishing – The built-in publishing feature promotes interaction and engagement
  • Embed external resources – Study materials and assignments from other websites can be used and then connected to the Moodle’s Gradebook
  • Multimedia Integration – Want to insert a video or an audio file? Or are you looking for a video/audio file that is uploaded? With Moodle’s multimedia support, it is all possible
  • Group management – Create groups for various activities and to promote team work
  • Marking workflow – Manage and control assignments, grades, etc according to your convenience
  • In-line marking – Give feedback with ease using in-line marking in PDF documents
  • Peer and self assessment – Various activities such as workshops and surveys are there, encouraging users to view and assess the work they have done themselves, as well as that of their peers
  • Integrated Badges – Badges are present as a means to motivate users. These badges provide a sense of achievement by rewarding
  • Outcomes and rubrics – Customize the grade book according to your different criteria
  • Security and privacy – Provides a safe and secure means to teach and share. It would be a space that can be accessed by you and your class alone

 Advantages of Using Moodle

Being open source software, Moodle is completely free. Hence it brings a lot of cost savings. However, the main advantage according to Moodle experts is the number of innovative tools the platform has on offer. With this platform, you get a fast, simple and clear view of all your resources and learning activities at one place. There are subscription tools such as RSS feeds of forum discussions, calendar feeds that can be added to MS Outlook or Apple iCal, and email notifications about forum discussions or marked assignments. These encourage activity and participation. Moodle’s file picker can be tied into your account in cloud services such as Dropbox, Googledocs and Flickr, making it easy to share course material. The multilingual ability helps the software to be used by anyone in their native language. Some of the other major advantages are given below.

  • All-in-one Learning Platform
  • Highly Flexible And Fully Customizable
  • A Wide Assortment Of Functionality And Tools
  • Scalable to Any Size
  • Robust, Secure And Private
  • Use Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device
  • Extensive Resources Available
  • Backed by a Strong Community
  • Easy to Use
  • Free with No Licensing Fees
  • Always up-to-date

So, if you are looking for e-learning management software, look no further. Our in-house Moodle experts will help you manage your e-learning system the way you want. They can tailor the software to match your needs.