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School Bus Tracking Management

Global courier companies have to deliver millions of packages everyday. Despite the numbers, they deliver with spot-on accuracy. They do it with vehicle tracking system utilizing Geo Positioning System (GPS). We thought – why not use the same technology for student school bus tracking and give that extra peace of mind to worrying parents. Thus was born the school bus tracking software.
This state-of-the-art technology can be used to track students using the school bus service from their boarding points to drop-off points. Each student will be provided a unique RFID tag which needs to be swiped when entering and leaving the bus. Once the tag is read, parents will receive an sms or Android/iOS push notification. Parents can track their children real-time from their mobile device using the ParentApp application or the web based application.


Real-time Tracking – Lets parents know the location of the bus in real-time with the help of GPS satellites. It helps them know if bad weather, traffic jam or some unexpected event has caused any delay. Parents also get to know pickup and drop information real-time.

Notifications – Parents can choose to get notified by sms, Android push notification or iOS push notifications. They will be notified. In short, parents stay aware of the whereabouts of their children.

  • When there are bus delays
  • If their child gets in the wrong route
  • In case of emergencies
  • Unscheduled stops

Accurate & Efficient Reports – The software can generate reports that include information on travel distance, travel history, travel speed, stops, etc.

Simple, Clutter-free Interface – Having so many good features will be useless if the interface is difficult to comprehend and use. The School Bus Tracker has a simple interface with six menu options. These options show running vehicles, available vehicles, pickups assigned, pickups unassigned, Off duty drivers and an option for other vehicles.


  • Plan, schedule and route your school bus fleet with efficiency
  • Parents and school authorities are aware of the students’ whereabouts, providing extra safety
  • RFID student tracking system is more efficient and easier to use than typical bar codes
  • Time-saving when compared to managing manually
  • Have a clear picture of worker hours
  • Cost savings by optimizing. Reducing the need for even one bus can save you a lot
    The attractive features and benefits of the School Bus Tracking software is sure to revolutionize the management of your School Bus Fleet. Enhance the reputation of your school by adapting this efficient and feature-rich software.

ParentApp – An Android App For Parents To Track Students

The progress of a child at school is one of the most important concerns of a parent. They are keen to track attendance, results and the different activities that take place at the school regarding their child. The best way to address this concern is to hand them the ability to track the different aspects 24/7, no matter where they are. This is what the ParentApp mobile application does.

The ParentApp has been designed to help parents in two ways – Tracking and communication.

Tracking Features

  • Attendance Tracking – Attendance of the entire school year displayed on a day to day basis
  • Tracking Semester Results – Semester-wise results with grades received for each subject
  • Track Fee – Find out if there are any fee arrears
  • School Bus Tracker – This is a real time tracking facility that helps parents to pin point the location of their children’s school bus. (This is a feature under progress. It will be fully functional with the next update to the application.)

Communication Features

  • Noticeboard – View schedules, time tables, circulars,etc in PDF format
  • Information section – Push notification facility that shows up critical messages from the school to the parents and bridges the communication gap between teachers and parents.
  • Feedback Section – Allows parents to send feedback on your child’s progress and activities, which help you to improve your service.

Usability and Safety Features

  • Simple Interface – Easy to comprehend and navigate for even the least tech-savvy person
  • Separate Profiles For Each Child – Access the details of your children from the same app
  • Single Point Access – Can be accessed from a single device only. Cannot be logged in from other devices.
  • Login ID and Password Recovery – Enables parents to recover the log in details and password with ease.

The main advantage of using the ParentApp is the satisfaction of parents in being up-to-date with the progress of their children. This application is convenient, saves time and eliminates the need for an extensive setup to communicate with parents. Employ this application and improve your reputation.

Payroll Management of Institutions

Payroll processing can be difficult and we at Edsys understands the complexity and believes in a business model driven by a powerful Payroll Management software for success.

Our Payroll system efficiently handles pay scale of employees, improving the effectiveness of company’s administrative information processing.

The module provides provision for generation of Payslips, Allowances & Deductions (DA,CCA, PF, HRA etc.), Provident Fund statements, Professional tax statements, Salary statements and Tax return forms. All income and deduction information can be user-defined to ensure that every exception can be described.

The module processes payroll procedures faster and produces reports immediately with the ability to analyse payroll and deduction allocations by any parameter, making your existing payroll processing more effective, streamlined and accurate.

Feature list includes

  • Employee grade levels
  • Deduction settings
  • Individual and group wise salary compilation
  • Issuance and cancellation of leaves, salary slips
  • Manage notice period and final settlements
  • Loan Management
  • EMI calculator
  • Gratuity

Write to us to get a quote or to discuss about the feasibility of our software for your business. We are also equipped to transform your existing payroll software to our system.