Parents Protest Strongly Against Commercializing School Education in Ludhiana!

Parents protest strongly against commercializing school education in Ludhiana


A campaign was announced against the commercialization of school education in a press conference held at the Circuit House in Ludhiana on Monday. The move was initiated by parents of children studying in various schools of Ludhiana.

According to reports,parents of children studying in five city-based schools had already joined the campaign . There will be a signature campaign at Rakh Bagh on Sunday, which will begin the campaign formally.


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"We will also launch an online signature campaign against the malpractices of private schools," Inderpal Singh Chawla, a parent of a student from Bal Bharti Public School, Dugri told the media.

Chawla alleged that the schools are denying the issue by claiming that only a few parents are disturbed by the excessive fee institutions charge on students.

"But, this campaign would show the ground reality. All parents unanimously would take up the issue with the government. Although a state-level regulatory authority has been announced by the government, it is yet to be introduced. We want quick solution to the problem of commercialization of school education. Hence, the campaign," Chawla added.