Parent Portal

Key Features

  • Reliable & secure system
  • Real-time access to each student’s daily activities and progress
  • Simplified enrollment & registration process
  • Easy Sharing of school news and calendar
  • Daily attendance and reports generation & sharing
  • Enhanced Parent-teacher communication

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When students are sent to school, the two main concerns of any parent would be safety and development. Parents seem anxious when they wait for the results to be announced. This anxiety cannot be eliminated by any means, but can be reduced drastically if they feel they are a part of students’ every day activities. For parents, the best way to do that in this busy world is to be notified of all the happenings at school with minimum delay. Our Parent Portal software has been designed for the same. Any parent can login to the Parent Portal from their desktop, laptop or even their smart device. It is available from anywhere, anytime if you have a working Internet connection. So, for parents, this web portal is Information (about student lives) at their finger tips From an administrator’s perspective, the Parent Portal is a very useful tool that helps them to keep the parents updated about the students’ performance at school. It enables constant communication between teachers and parents as well. They will be able to track each student’s performance and identify the students who need more attention and care. Apart from that, the integration of school bus tracking system in the Parent Portal means both parents and school administration are able to keep track of the real time location of the students from their desktop or smart device. This provides safety to the child. You can see the features and benefits of employing the School Bus Attendance or school bus tracking system in our solutions page.

Developing Partners

The Parent portal was developed by our partner, ProBytes Software. They are an independent web development agency with experts for developing websites with various types of software. PHP programming is their stronghold. They offer a Test Drive of their services too. Click here for Contact Us.