Signal School for Street Children’s Education!

Thursday December 29, 2016


Signal School, a school which operates out of an abandoned shipping container under the Teen Haat Signal flyover in Thane, Mumbai. This school was inaugurated formally on 15th June and is the first such move for homeless children. Now it has 22 children who used to beg or sell Knick-Knacks at the traffic.

It is working with the collaboration of Pune-based organization and is currently working with the donations and Funding provided by the NGO.

Signal School for Street Children’s Education!
The shipping container has a classroom, audio visual system, toy library, library with over 200 books, washroom and individual lockers. Not only this, it also provides 4 sets of uniforms, meals, educational toys and many more. Like schools, names of students are entered in the TMC School Register and exams are also held on a regular basis.

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It also provides space and blankets to kids at night.

Signal School for Street Children’s Education! 
To analyse their learning capacity, NGO conducted an IQ mapping test in the beginning. And students were divided according to test results.  4 teachers and volunteers were assigned so that every child can get attention. The school is running a crash course now, which includes basic learning from classes I to III.

Signal School for Street Children’s Education!
He also said that they hope they will succeed in bringing every kid living in signals in Thane to this school.




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