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10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a School Mobile App

Things are taking a revolutionary turn in the education sector. With the introduction of technology into classrooms, books and other stationary items will become memories very soon. They will be replaced with tablets, mobile phones or laptops and the lessons will be in the form of mobile applications.

When today’s schools opt for technology to aid in teaching, education tends to go beyond the four walls of the classroom. Technology allows students to connect globally and expand their knowledge. Also, students find it easy to understand things and learning becomes interesting when they are exposed to visuals than when they are taught from textbooks. Opting for school mobile apps is the best way you can achieve that. But then, there is a challenge that you have to face.


There are lots of educational apps available in the market making it quite difficult to choose from. But, you don’t have to worry! Just consider the following points and you would be able to choose the best school mobile apps available without a second thought:

Review the app

It is important to review an app before choosing school mobile apps. Some apps may not contain content appropriate for a particular age group or sometimes, the app may not work properly. Check if the information provided by the app is accurate and is useful to the students.


Make sure that all the apps you choose has the same theme or covers the same subject. Choose different apps for different subjects

to provide a better learning experience to the students while expanding their knowledge.

Easy to use

There is no point in allotting a very complex app for students. Make sure that students of any age group can comprehend the app and finds it easy to use. Only a well designed, age-appropriate and easy to use app can instil interest in children.

Entertainment + Education

Apps just for the sake of education can be really boring for students. If an app makes education fun and interesting through games, it will grab the attention of students and they tend to use it more. Entertainment and education can surely mean a good learning experience.


One thing that you should ask yourself while choosing school apps is ‘Will the children learn anything from this app?’ You should always go for an app that matches the learning level of students. Since these apps are for educational purposes, choose the one which you are sure will help in developing the skills of students. Children of the same age group may have different skills and therefore, it is necessary to select the apps suitable for their skills.


The app that you choose should be engaging that they feel the need to use it again and again. It should be interactive with good graphic designs that teach matching, listening, problem-solving etc. than just the bright colours and sounds.


Check if the app motivates students to apply the things they learn from it to the real world. Another thing you have to consider is whether the app gives the students opportunity to enhance their skills.


It’s a general belief that anything that is expensive is of high quality. But it may not be right in all situations. Many good apps available in the market are of moderate price. You can save money by purchasing some of those apps.


Choose mobile applications for schools, which not only teach students, but also help them think and put their creativity into action. In such a way, learning gets interesting and also improves the students’ ability to interact and think, while motivating them to learn more.

Progress Reports

Make sure that the apps generate reports based on the performance of the students which you can later share with their parents. This is really important as the main purpose of the school mobile apps is to educate.

Apart from use of technology in classrooms, it is also used for other purposes related to school. Many companies in the market offer numerous products with which you can efficiently manage schools to the fullest. Edsys is an example of companies that provide educational solutions. The wide range of products that Edsys offers include Time table Management Software, Parent Portal, School work force management, Smart card solution for schools, RFID student tracking system, RFID School Management System, GPS vehicle tracking system etc.

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