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Time Table Management System

Time table management'

e- Timetable' is the first and foremost tool in the academic and administrative management of the educational systems.  It is a novel tool with very easy and robust software solution for Time table Management System.



Some salient features of the e-Time table Management System are:

  • Easy work allotment method – both class wise and teacher wise.
  • Clubbing of divisions is possible.
  • Smart classroom facility can be effectively and easily clubbed
  • Lab periods can be easily set according to the availability of lab rooms
  • Blocking and locking options can be easily utilized for the individual adjustments
  • The timetable can be set either automatically or interactively.
  • The substitution work can be easily arranged
  • Ways for getting different types of class-wise and teachers-wise timetable reports
  • Allows you to furnish 3 timetables at a time.


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