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25 Pictures That Evoke School Memories

School days are the happiest. Countless memories are tangled with school days. Refresh your Indian school memories with these pictures.

1. Covering Books before Every Academic Year

Covering books before every academic year

2. Chewing Gum to Look Cool

Chewing gum to look cool

3. Drawing the Superheroes in the Last Page

Drawing the superheros in the last page

4. Exploring Ideas during Crafts Period

Exploring ideas during crafts period

5. Free Periods and Games

Free periods and games

6. Faking Illness on Test Paper Days

Faking illness on test paper days

7. Choosing the Right Colours

Choosing the right colours

8. Pen Fights with Friends

Pen fights with friends

9. Sharing Lunch

Sharing Lunch

10. Calculating Love Percentage

Calculating love percentage

11. Punishments were Fun with Friends

Punishments were fun with friends

12. Following GOD and his Energy Secrets

Following GOD and his energy secrets

13. Trying out Different Styles with the Uniform

Trying out different styles with the uniform

14. Handwriting that Keeps on Changing

Handwriting that keeps on changing

15. The new Language Invented When you don’t want to Write the Notes

The new language invented when you don’t want to write the notes

16. Trying out a Different Manicure Technique that Tastes Best

The new language invented when you don’t want to write the notes

17. Wait for the Senior “Saree Day”

Wait for the senior “saree day”

18. The Innocent Look on Picture Day

The innocent look on picture day

19. Fear of Front Bench

Fear of front bench

20. Parents- Teacher Meeting: Needs no Special Introduction

Parents teacher meeting Needs no special introduction

21. Slam Books that Remains a Treasure Forever

Slam Books that remains a treasure forever

22. First Picnic with Friends

First picnic with friends

23. Performing Dance you were Practicing for Months

Performing dance you were practicing for months

24. Fancy Dress Competitions

Fancy dress competitions

25. FRIENDS: No Matter Where You Go, School Friends Will Always Be Special.

FRIENDS No matter where you go, school friends will always be special

Hope you are smiling now! Share it with your school friends and spread smiles!

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