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5 Activities for a Stress Free School Environment

School should be a place where children love to go. To make it lovable and stress-free we can do something.

1. Make an order and rules from the very beginning:

Having a classroom routine from the very first day of their school life will enable the kid to understand that school is somewhat a systematic place and this is how it is going to work. Setting up a classroom routine, with pre-school or lower primary children is very important in this aspect. Once the ways are carefully established, the children understand how to be a part of it.

One thing we must keep in mind is that the children should never feel that these are rules. Surely they will love following routines since they are not bothered about time at this early age. Saying ‘good morning’ or a Morning Prayer can be a part of this routine. The teacher should also follow the same.

Edsys introduces Smart cards for schools. It can be used for registering their entry and exit time, school bus attendance etc.

2. Bring novel thoughts and have enough fun:

Always bring some new thoughts or ideas for the class. Children love variety. If every day the teacher comes and lecturing, then evaluates and leaves the class, there is nothing new in it. The ability to learn is different in different students. So we have to bring new ideas every day. It will be a great blessing for those who have different learning abilities.

Some students like to learn things as stories, some other as rhymes and some others with pictures or drama. These are interesting methods that provide them with imagination and pleasure.

Fun can be created in the class in so many ways. It is not always singing and dancing. Saying stories, quizzes, games and chants everything can create fun in the class. This will help to make a Stress Free School Environment.

3. Always give surprises, praises and make fair evaluation:

Let them expect something that is really amazing every day. Give them gifts for their achievement and give surprises in different ways. For example, before they get into the class make some models or pictures in the classroom related to the new topic that is about to begin that day.

Prepare for all the special days in every month and do activities related to that particular instant in that week. Encourage them to put forward their ideas and promote them to share it with the class.

Everyone likes positive feedback and respond well to a job that is well done. Surely the children surely the children will be pleased to hear positive comment from the teachers. Always praise them for their good deed and behavior and we can see many of the students trying to copy the same.

Make the classroom evaluation accurate and impartial. It is necessary to win the heart of the students. Tests are a part of teaching and it is to be conducted regularly but not constantly. It is to be evaluated in detail. Don’t trouble them with so many questions and test papers; let them relax and enjoy their childhood.

4. Teachers should be enthusiastic and stay motivated always:

It is really to be enthusiastic always but the smile on the teacher’s face will make the students enthusiastic. Letting them to guess what the teacher is about to begin. Catch their attention with a whistle or clap. Fast and smart movements will make them enthusiastic and energetic too.

Always try to know what the student hood feels. Refresh your mind and be a student by attending refresher courses and classes. Update our skills always and remain motivated for new class.

5. Know the students personally and be in touch with the parents:

It is a must thing to avoid stress in the classroom. If any student has any problem in following the classes or attending the classes the teacher must know it. The teacher must be aware of any kind of challenges the students facing, physically or mentally and should give an extra attention for them.

The parent-teacher communication is very important for a stress free classroom. Both teachers and parents can make use of Parent Portal for effective interaction between parents and teachers. If the children are having a troublesome family background, the teacher must know it and avoid situations in class that make the particular child miserable.

If a student is weak in any subject or there is a decline of grades for him the teacher must talk to the parents and find out the reason for it and should overcome that condition by giving him special attention.

The teacher should always be a good friend to the students. Then only they will feel free in the classroom. Otherwise, they may feel classroom as prison cell which suffocates their childhood.

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