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8 Benefits of Timetable Management Software You Cannot Ignore



Rita was very happy when she was made in-charge of time table management system in the school she worked in. But, as soon as she started working on it, she began to realize the horrors of manual time management. She was finding it difficult to prepare timetables for every class and adjust them according to teachers’ leaves. At the end of the month, she had to calculate the number of days each employee worked for payroll calculation. Within a month, even the word “timetable” made her panic. From then, she is in search of an alternative to make her job easier.

The solution

Since everything in the world is being digitalized, the search for a replacement to manual timetable management system ends there as well - The time table management software!

How it works?

The timetable management software enables you to generate timetables automatically or interactively. All you have to do is to enter the basic data and once the timetable is generated, you can verify the details and make necessary changes. In case a teacher is absent, you can also generate substitution timetables using the timetable management software.

The benefits

Apart from simplifying your work, the time table management software offers you a number of benefits. They include:

1. Going paperless

In manual timetable management system, you have to deal with stacks of paper that carry important information like leave details of teachers, timetables for various classes etc. in them. You have to sort the papers and go through each of them in case you need any information immediately. The timetable management software makes it easier for you by storing all the information and you can pull them out whenever required.

2. Generating reports

To generate reports on leaves taken or individual employee information, you can depend on the timetable management software. The software enables you to generate all important reports on a monthly basis and the reports usually contain details of substitutions made, leaves taken by teachers and allotted substitutions, and working hours of each employee.

3. Calculating payroll

In manual timetable management system, you have to spend hours to sit and create reports on leaves taken and number of days an employee worked to calculate the pay scale. This is usually done on monthly basis making the task tougher for you. The timetable management software makes the job easier for you by enabling you to generate reports on all necessary details for a month.

4. Substitution timetables

Sometimes, it is when you have prepared the timetable for the day you come to know that one of the teachers is absent. There, all your hard work goes down the drain! You have to start working on a substitution timetable again. The time table management software helps you generate substitution timetables at a quick pace and you don’t have to worry any more.

5. Save money

Your pay scale calculations can go wrong when done manually. You may not mark leave for a teacher on the day she was absent and she gets paid the money for that day. Also, you have to spend an extra amount to buy papers and other materials needed for timetable management. The timetable management software can save you of these expenses. The reports generated by the software even after a month can give the accurate number of days a teacher has worked and since all the information regarding the teachers and timetables are saved in the software, you need not worry about money being wasted.

6. Security

There are chances of sensitive information being leaked while using software. But you need not worry about the risk while using the timetable management software. All information stored in the software is safely guarded.

7. Error-free

Since the timetable management software automatically generates reports and timetables, you can expect fewer errors in them compared to manual timetable management system. Also, you can check the timetables generated thoroughly before making necessary changes. You can trust these error-free reports and timetables while calculating pay scale or using it for any other purpose.

8. User-friendly

Unlike its highly complex counterparts that only an expert techie can operate, the timetable management software gives a person with lesser computer knowledge the freedom to operate it. You can easily use it without any confusion.

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