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Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) Inspection


The Govt. of Abu Dhabi has appointed an authority to keep track of the educational institutions, be it private, public or those for higher studies. It is a means to ensure that every student is provided with high quality education. This institution holds inspections regularly to check the quality of each school in Abu Dhabi. This makes it easy for parents to choose schools as they will be ranked according to the overall of education and infrastructure provided to students. 



Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), which is the educational authority of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, aims at working towards the management and administration of public schools in the emirate along with monitoring,inspecting and issuing licenses to private schools. The authority achieves that by implementing innovative plans, educational policies and programs to improve education and to support the educational institutions in the emirate.



At Edsys, we provide schools with our unique software solution to ensure they comply with the ADEC norms. This software can notify schools of the different criteria that need to be fulfilled to keep their school ADEC compliant. The timely notifications from our software will help you to face ADEC inspections with confidence. Thus, by using this software, you will be able to get better ratings in ADEC inspections, building trust among parents as well.

ADEC: the history

ADEC was established in 2005 in accordance with the law No. 24, by the UAE's president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan aiming at improving the standards of education in the country. The move was initiated when the Emirate of Abu Dhabi realized the role of education in building a strong and progressive society. ADEC has been monitoring, regulating and implementing initiatives in all education sectors since then.

Role of ADEC in improving education standards

To ensure high-quality education to every student, ADEC does the following:

  • Provides technical and material assistance to develop education and educational institutions in Abu Dhabi
  • Collaborates with the Ministry of Education to implement plans to improve the education sector, standing by the general educational policy of UAE
  • Conducts surveys and implements new ways to develop education and training to the employees so that they can keep up with the progress happening in the education field
  • Supports connections between educational sector and private sector
  • Implements plans and provide vocational training to provide wider employment opportunities
  • Provides guidance and other technical services to educational institutions to help different institutions to work together in implementing educational plans
  • Helps in establishing an educational database in the emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • Encourages private sector to provide quality educational services in accordance with the existing laws

Steps taken by ADEC to improve quality of education

Over the years, ADEC has been taking necessary steps to look into and to improve every aspect of education

  • In 2009, ADEC came up with a New School Model project to improve teaching standards in schools. For that, the authority went on to hire teachers from native English speaking countries.
  • Since 24% of students in private schools are Emirati and there are chances for the numbers to increase, ADEC officials are encouraging schools to prioritize the teaching and learning of Arabic language in schools
  • ADEC  has released a school policy manual which explains the rules and regulations that private schools in Abu Dhabi are expected to follow
  • ADEC has recruited 52 female and 3 male school leaders, 960 female and 74 male administrators, 372 female and 24 male teachers, with a total number of 1,485 educators as part of increasing the number of Emiratis in school jobs
  • ADEC will conduct a workshop named, “Tanmia” under which educators from 256 public schools will be trained with 20 hours of professional development in fields and courses that they prefer
  • To control school fees hike, ADEC has standardized the school fees in private schools and has implemented six criteria out of which at least one has to be met by schools if they plan to increase the fee amount. Those criteria include:  Improvement in school rankings, recruitment of new educators or increase the salary of existing employees and professional development for staff, investments in facilities and resources, prioritize recruitment of Emirati teachers and enrolling Emirati pupils, efforts to collaborate pupils and teachers with special needs and to implement a well planned system to handle and resolve parent complaints
  • Only 18 out of 72 villa schools that started in 2009 are operational at present and many of them are expected to shut down by summer of 2015. ADEC has allotted lands to many of those schools that have planned to relocate.
  • First round of school inspections have been conducted by ADEC and they have standardized school uniforms. The school uniforms would be blue in color and carries ADEC logo
  • In October, ADEC integrated various wellness organizations and individuals to plan and implement strategies to improve lifestyle of students

Apart from improving the quality of education, ADEC also plans to implement strategies to improve school children’s safety.

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