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Benefits Of Replacing Your Manual School Management With A Time Table Management Software

If you are a school authority, you can understand what a tedious task school management is. The introduction of software to the education management field has changed the situation completely. A School management system involves all those process for the efficient working of a school. Managing timetables, routing and planning of school buses, allotting classes to teachers, calculating each employee’s leaves, preparing pay scale, thus goes the list. Creating timetables are one of the biggest headaches for teachers. It can be confusing and time consuming when done manually. Timetable management software is the best solution in such situations. Apart from generating efficient timetables, timetable management system software can also help you in the overall academic and administrative management of a school. The e-timetable by Edsys is one such software, which can help you in effective timetable and school management. Here is how time table management software can benefit you more than manual school management No more paperwork 1. No more paperwork The toughest thing about manual school management is the endless list of paperwork. Time table management software, with its simple and user- friendly interface helps users for effective school management.   2. No more confusion No More ConfusionCreating timetables manually, considering convenience of teachers is a headache. With timetable software, it is possible for you to automatically generate timetables effectively, sticking by the requirements. Timetable management software generates timetables considering the limitations such as availability of teachers, special rooms, classes etc.     Automatic timetable generation3. Automatic timetable generation If you are using timetable management software, you no longer have to worry about all those problems you face during manual timetable generation. Timetable management software helps you in generating timetables within limitations. You also have the facility to generate timetables interactively.     Error Management4. It is error-free When you manually prepare a timetable, you tend to make errors. You may end up with allotting one class to two teachers at a time or vice versa or you may miss the allotment of certain periods. Timetable management softwares help you avoid such errors. In case there is an error in the data you enter, timetable management softwares detect them and provide alternatives, thus helping you create the best accurate timetable possible.     Substitution made easy5. Substitution management made easy You come to school and you get to know that a teacher is absent. You will surely panic because you have to revise the day’s timetable as soon as possible. You’ll have to check if any other leaves have been marked and allot the classes to the teachers already present, within a short period of time. Timetable management software can help you avoid such chaos. Time table management software looks into leaves taken by

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teachers and allots substitutions accordingly.     6_1 - Copy6. Generate records easily Generating records on leaves taken and other details of individual employees of a school is another hurdle you may come across while manual school management. With the help of timetable management software, you can generate reports on a monthly basis,which include:

  • Substitutions made on a daily basis
  • Leaves taken by teachers and substitutions allotted for a particular time
  • Working hours of each employee

77. Access to every employee’s details When you create records on every employee of a school, you can end up making errors or you may miss out some details. May be, you will have to search the whole school in case you need some details regarding an employee in future. Timetable management softwares can come handy in such situations. It stores every employee’s details and you can easily access them in case you need to refer it in future.     8_18. Number of working days does not matter Number of working days of each school differs, so does the effort taken for effective school management. But it does not affect you at all if you are using timetable management software. You can easily create efficient timetables for schools with any number of working days.       Preparation of pay scale made easy9. Preparation of pay scales made easy Preparation of pay scales is another painstaking job in terms of effective school management. You have to go through leaves taken by each employee to prepare pay scales. Since timetable management software generates reports on leaves taken by employees, preparation of pay scales is no more a tough task.     Timetables for whole school10. Timetables for whole school Preparing timetable for a class itself is a laborious task, forget whole school. Timetable management software is there to your help. It not only creates timetable for the entire school, but also helps you in saving energy, time and money.     If you are still depending on manual school management system, it’s time you switch to timetable management software. Available at an affordable price, it is cost-effective and helps you save plenty of time and it also helps you in preparing the best timetables possible for your school.

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