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finance management


Handles pay scale of employees, improving the effectiveness of company’s administrative information processing.

The module provides provision for generation of Payslips, Allowances & Deductions (DA,CCA, PF, HRA etc.), Provident Fund statements, Professional tax statements, Salary statements and Tax return forms. All income and deduction information can be user-defined to ensure that every exception can be described.

Fees Management

Fee management of students in institutions can be a tedious task without a system that can manage data in real time. Fee information is available across all modules to get full information of students.

Revenue and Expenditure Accounting

Revenue or turnover along with expenditure of institutions can be managed and tracked with our modules specialized in revenue accounting.

Front Office / Reception Management

  • Appointment via call or direct messaging.
  • Notification using email and sms.
  • Appointment approval with reject, forward, postpond facilities.
  • Issual of entry passes.
  • Properties like courier,letters managing facilities.
  • Remainder feature for appointments.


Keeps track of the medical/health issues of all students and staff with features to prescribe medicines and track diseases and provide awareness to staff and students

Event Management module

For Colleges,Schools with features to:

  • Handle any type of Events Eg:Meetings,Arts,Sports. Email,Sms Facilities DashBoard screen g
  • ives total overview of all events
  • Reports for program schedule and candidate details of events.

Cafeteria Management

A total cafe/canteen management software.

  • Fully customizable according to eg:studen
  • Simplifies sales/billing process


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