Indian Education Campaign Has Boys Motivating Girls to Get Educated

Tuesday April 28, 2015


Founded in 2007, “Educate Girls”, has given a twist to the current education scenario in Rajasthan, where education for majority of girls is a dream, unfulfilled. The organization trains youth to go to villages and to find girls who have not yet had the opportunity to attend schools or those who had to quit schools. India is a country where 3 million of its girls are denied the right to education. Hence, the efforts taken by “Educate Girls” are praiseworthy.

Another surprising fact about “Educate Girls” girls is that 60% of its volunteers are males. Boys persuading girls to get educated- a revolutionary thought highlighting gender equality. According to a United Nation report, India has put in lots of efforts in reducing the number of students not attending school by 90%. But, it is unfortunate that most girls amongst them drop out of schools within few weeks.

In Rajasthan, 40% of the girls stop going to school by 5th grade. The state is famous for its child marriages and that is the main reason for these kids to drop out of school at an early stage. Also, most parents there consider their girls as burdens. Therefore, they don’t find it essential to educate them.

Educate Girls aims at identifying those areas in Rajasthan where most girls are out of school and assign its volunteers to bring them back to school. So far, Educate Girls has worked in persuading 80,000 girls back to school. According to the executive director Safeena Husain, no girl she has ever met so far in Rajasthan told that they do not want education. Every girl Husain has met wanted to go to school.

In 2014, “Educating Girls” was part of a consortium launching the world's first Development Impact Bond to finance its activities.  As part of the event, the organization managed to raise $238,000 from investors who wants to bring a change in the society with their money.



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