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Rovio’s Angry Birds Helps NASA to Impart Space Education


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) joining forces with the games company Rovio was not anything meant to be child's play. The team had a firm vision behind their join up.

“We have spent time defining our approach to learning and strongly believe that learning is fun when you love what you do, when it’s fun to fail, when you feel intrinsically motivated and when you experience flow. Well-designed games are strong in all of those four fields by default, thus offering a next generation platform for outstanding learning experiences,” Sanna Lukander, VP Learning, Rovio Entertainment has said earlier.

Watch this video published by NASA, where actor Bill Hader explains why the space organisation chose the seemingly childish game to impart important physics and space studies lessons. Further, Astronaut Don Pettit explains what makes this game different from other video games and why it helps the players learn more about space.


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