School Enrolment Increases, But Poor Sanitation and Nutrition Continues

Tuesday May 26, 2015


According to a recent study, there has been an increase in school enrolment in India. But, nutrition and sanitation continue to be poor in Indian villages.

The study reveals the following stats:

  • In 2006, 89% twelve year olds were enrolled in elementary schools. But, in 2013, it had increased to 97%
  • Almost 1/3rd of the 12 year olds continue to show signs of malnutrition. Majority of them are economically and socially marginalised children and those from rural areas.
  • 49% of the children are still in school at the age of 19 years. 9% of them are yet to complete their secondary education. 8% moved on to vocational or post-secondary education. The rest of them had already started university education.

The study was conducted in states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by Young lives. It is an international study being conducted over 15 years on childhood poverty. The study involves 12,000 children from four countries.

Young lives conducts the study in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by following the lives of 3,000 children and their families. The families are living in 20 communities in six districts of the states. The children come from poor families.

The study, which extends over a long period of time, gives an idea of transitions in children over various phases of their lives. Other than India, the countries where studies were conducted include Ethiopia, Peru and Vietnam.

With the study, Young lives aims at examining the consequences of childhood poverty to better social policy alternatives for the children. The final report of the study is not yet ready. However, the preliminary data shows mixed results in improvement of socio-economic welfare of children in India

According to the reports, there is an increase in school enrolment and access to facilities like clean drinking water. But there has not been any improvement in nutrition and sanitation in villages. Also, the plight of our youth, especially young women remains the same.



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