How Command Center can help education institutions?

Command centers act as a platform to display relevant resources, useful for teachers, students, staff etc. It helps the authorities to ensure that all the relevant informationis being conveyed to the teachers and students at the right time.

Helping end-users to stay updated and to move along with time is one of the key features of Command center.


  • Can place different screens for different areas
  • Same information or different can be displayed on each screens
  • Information to be screened for different areas can be planned accordingly
  • (Ex: library screen for book related content, canteen screen displaying menu details etc)

Benefits for Admin

  • Gets the overall control
  • Can decide what content to display for each screens

How is it beneficial for teachers?

  • Details of exam dates, results can be published
  • Teachers get to know announcement from management side
  • Stay updated with curriculum

How is it beneficial for students?

  • Study resources will be displayed
  • Students get to know important announcements, exam dates, fee details etc
  • Stay updated withal relevant news


Create separate URL’s for each website

Design the layout of screen

Install player and design which content to display in each side of the screen

To Chrome device, screen and computer connected using wifi

Admin can decide the content to display in each screen


Of course, teachers can also provide the resources to be displayed on the screens.
All the important announcements regarding PTA meetings, exam details, fee payment details, school events and upcoming holidays etc will be displayed on the screens.
Yes, it is possible to customize the content for each screen. Admin can make it available for every class to display the content accordingly.

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