How Command Center can help education institutions?

Command centers act as a platform to display relevant resources, useful for School Principal/Admin. It helps the authority to ensure that all the relevant information is being conveyed properly.

Helping end-user to stay updated and to move along with time is one of the key features of Command center.

Command Center
Command Center


  • Management made easy
  • Can get access to different data from a single screen
  • Helps to stay updated with all school related news

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Benefits for Admin

Command Center
  • Gets the overall control from a single space
Command Center
  • Admin can decide the content to be displayed on command center screen

Purpose of Command Center in School

Command centers are implemented in schools for the ease of Admins/School Principal to get access to different details from a single screen.

Command Center
Command Center

How it helps the school admin/principal?

Using Command Center, Admin/Principal can view the given details:

  • Total student strength
  • Daily attendance report
  • New registration
  • Fee payment details
  • Details of dues
  • School bus tracking
  • Academic calendar & more

Administration from a single place


Schedule available resources based on monitoring needs

Create Command Center Monitoring display list

Allocate Command Center Displays to Monitoring display List(players may be smart TV/ digital displays)

Start Monitoring


You can use any streaming device ( Eg: Chromcast) ,it enables you to share your phone or laptop's screen directly onto your TV.
You can choose the layouts required from our layout list and decide how it should be shown ( ex: full screen/split the screen to 4, scrolling etc). Then you can decide the information to be displayed and in which portion of the screen.
Yes, You can set more than one TV, each TV will act as a channel. You can create multiple playlists and allocate them for each player (TV).

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