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Students can now manage scholastic activities and access study materials efficiently at their fingertips

Major benefits
  • Manage student activities in a single place
  • Plethora of study materials
  • Stepping to paperless education
  • Digital library
  • Digitalized way of learning
  • Easy to visualize videos

‘Student App’ for an app-ier student life!

Compatible with

So what makes it unique!

  • Personalized learning
  • Instant grading system
  • Keep students motivated with rewards
  • Students can improve quickly

Student App can be accessed by


Students from Schools registered on Edsys

Features that can be accessed

  • Assignment Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Attendance
  • E-learning
  • Open Courses
  • Communication & more
  • Can open public account anytime

Open to public

Features that can be accessed

  • Can link their school/tuition/college accounts to their profile
  • Choose courses from Library
  • Buy Premium content as desired

The modules we cover

  • Open courses (with course details)
    • Live courses
    • Offline courses
  • Course curriculum
  • Attendance Timeline
  • Assignments
  • Assessments
  • Student calendar(with schedules)
  • Wallet
  • Live chat with teachers(resolving doubts)

The best way to learn new courses

Our tons of features that students can make good use of:

  • Students can access study materials
  • Best platform for students to learn 100+ new courses
  • Access study materials apart from those resources provided by school
  • Using ‘Explore’ tab, they can explore their areas of interest
  • Can access additional resources
  • Buy paid course materials using ‘Wallet’
  • Student account can be linked to multiple courses/institutions
  • Can easily switch profiles for students
  • Students can attend additional courses through their convenient batch/time

Schools too can contribute to Student App

  • Schools can contribute courses/study materials
  • Registered schools can able/disable features as required

Learn anytime, anywhere

Student Wallets?? Get to know what it is

Through wallet, students can easily purchase the needful courses as per their interest

  • Parents can ‘Add’ money to Student Wallet
  • Students can purchase courses
  • Transaction history is available for parents
  • Notifications, statement, Balance, Top-up menus are available

Attendance matters!

Let’s see how attendance works in Student App

Real time attendance is accurately tracked, collected and stored.

It rightly collects the attendance during the time a kid leaves home to his/her school and returns back to home.

On Student App Calendar

Apart from the usual calendars, Student App calendar notifies you about the following

  • Course starting date
  • Course ending date
  • Date for submission of Assignments(along with the topic details)
  • Date for attending the Assessments
  • Exam dates
  • Scheduled classes
  • Absent for school
  • Daily schedule is represented in a time-line format

Other Highlights of Student App

  • List of online tutors is available along with other details
  • Students can easily reach out and explore additional courses
  • Students can attend any number of Assessment tests to understand the subjects to the core
  • Grades will be rewarded, once the exam ends

Why choose Edsys Student App?

  • Many courses in a single place
  • Can easily attend various courses
  • Real-time attendance collected
  • Provision to attend assessments
  • Create and share assignments
  • Visualized videos make learning simplified
  • Systematized list of courses with details
  • Facility to chat with experts and clarify doubts
  • Detailed calendar view with schedules marked
  • Easy to use student wallet

To get to know about our feasible pricing.

To get to know about our feasible pricing.


Of course, Student App is open to public and any student can make use of it effortlessly.
Yes, different profiles are created for a student, so that it is easy to switch between accounts.
This app is customizable according to user requirements. Schools can enable or disable the features accordingly.
The process is simplified using ‘Wallet’ option. Parents can credit their child’s account; also parents are notified of all the transactions they make.

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