Work Force Management

Key Features

  • Unique student profiles with detailed information
  • Capture activities of each child as images or videos
  • Add comments and grade to captured images/videos
  • Smart search & instant share
  • Create colourful postcards
  • Backup information in a common database
  • Easily generate reports as PDF files
  • Analyze the learning and development of each child

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Hema is a school teacher who works with a lot of passion. Apart from just planning, preparing and implementing learning programmes effectively, she provides emotional guidance to her students. She is an active force behind the scenes in extracurricular activities and also engages constantly with parents regarding the progress and development of the students.

But, for the management, she was just another teacher. They hardly knew how much she contributed on a daily basis and she was not able to quantify her contributions to the institution. Therefore, despite her best efforts, she gets a bad appraisal that left her wondering if it’s worth showing such dedication. Knowingly or unknowingly, her performance deteriorated over time. One day, out of the blue, she submitted her resignation, and jumped off to another school.

The sudden void that she left made the management realize the role she had played. But it was too late. It was a loss for the management, the students, parents and even for her, because she really liked to work there. This situation could have been a win-win situation if only there was a proper management system to track her productivity and other activities. This system would be easily accessible to the school management at any given time.

The Work Force Management System for educational institutes provides exactly that and a lot more. Think tracking attendance, marking leaves, and paying salaries apart from a comprehensive productivity sheet. This software is a single solution for all your school Work Force Management needs. Every new teacher or any other staff can be enrolled to the Work Force Management System online portal. They will get a unique profile with a login ID and password. By using this ID, they will be able to punch in/out for the attendance to be tracked, apply leaves beforehand to get it approved, and get the detailed salary report.


The Work Force Management is helpful to both employees and the management.

Productivity – Both the employee and the management will be able to keep track of their productivity. This data can provide more insights into the varying abilities of different individuals.

Performance Evaluation – It provides data that can be relied upon during performance appraisals.

Better Management – By understanding the varying skills and looking at the time schedules, it gets easier for Department Heads or the Principal utilize the talents of the employees in a better way.