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A Transition from Industrial Learning Age to Digital Learning!!!

Evolution of Educational Technology

Technology and its impacts have always been on the forefront of education.
Back form the times of rock carving to the present, where students are provided with compact technological devices to learn from anywhere and anytime,technology continues to open new eras for education.
It is surprising to look back how educational methods and tools have evolved so far, and where the technology is heading to in the future!
The footprint of technology can be witnessed now more than ever.
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How is e-learning different from traditional learning?

Traditional Learning

  • Real classroom
  • Have to travel and reach school
  • Classes will be in a particular school premise
  • Most often turns out to be spoon feeding


  • Virtual classroom
  • Saves time and money

  • Can learn anywhere and anytime
  • Self study with teacher guidance

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benefits of e-learning


Environment friendly learning


Access from anywhere,anytime


Minimul use of resources


Visualized learning for better understanding

Major highlights of e-learning

  • Can access content as per syllabus / curriculum.
  • Easy to navigate as per the lessons, topics / sub-topics
  • Students can rate e-learning content as Excellent / Good / Average / Poor on the likert scale
  • Student can make comments(if any) based on the content
  • Teacher can easily choose and share content with students

E-learning to emphasize digital learning!!!

key features of e-learning

1Digital library
What's in our digital library?*

Digital copy of content

Plethora of e-books

Questions banks

Academic guides

Reference books based on academics

Video and images


Question pool

*All the content are categorized systematically for the ease of reference for students
2Hierarchy of E-learning Management
The way in which different user groups control,access and manage e-learning content
3Time-spent tracker
It lets you to track the time spent by each student for e-learning
Can track the content / resource viewed by students
The number of reference / attempts made by the students are recorded individually

Empower education through technology!

types of e-learning content

Users are able to access the below types of e-learning content:

  • Highly interactive animations
  • Google drive links (for doc,ppt,videos,images etc)
  • Slide sharing (for presentation)
  • Interactive HTML content
  • Uploaded videos
  • Youtube content
  • Flash

users of e-learning with edsys

School Admin




e-learning for a greener world!

how can e-learning help our users?


  • Upload resources of any type (notes,pdfs,audios,videos etc)
  • Recorded classes can be uploaded
  • Easily share notes, questions etc with students


  • Access the content any number of time
  • All study resources available at finger tip
  • Learning can made anywhere, 24x7
  • Self-study possible under the guidance of teacher


  • Assist children in learning
  • Enable better view on academics
  • Keep a track on child's scholastics

our vision

" To enlighten children across the globe through digital source "

how to publish e-learning content?

  • Teachers create or upload the content / resource via "Teachers App"
  • Admin or HOD verifies and publishes the content
  • Students can avail the published content from "Student App"
  • Parents can access the content from "Parent App"

Why Choose Edsys E-Learning?

  • Easy to access digital library
  • Well-organized and up-to-date academic content
  • Customized content strategies
  • Hierarchical division of content publishing
  • Systematic track of time-spent on a topic
  • Eco-friendly

What Do We Do For Our Students?

  • Make students smarter
  • Keep them motivated
  • Share information easily with students
  • Increase digital skills

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frequently asked questions

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Yes, the teachers can access the search history of all students.
All content are arranged systematically to refer with least efforts .
Yes, e-books can be downloaded and saved for further reference .

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