A cure for all the issues tolling a teacher!!!!!!!

We can help you in synchronizing student attendance, curriculum, scheduling time-table, assignment, project management and many more..

our highlights

  1. Pay more attention to the curriculum
  2. Scan through the daily schedule
  3. Log student attendance
  4. Mark own attendance
  5. Manage Time-table
  6. Create, assign and review assignments



  • School admin creates school profile on the main website.


  • Details of the teachers, students, classes and curriculum are fed to the data base


  • Profile of the teacher is created on the website


  • The teacher receives an email and password


  • Login using the credentials


  • Start using the app

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Features of Teacher App

  1. Attendance for classroom and beyond :

    Period wise attendance can be checked and edited with ease.
  2. Manage time-table and schedule :

    Resolve the issues regarding scheduling the classes and time table. with ease.
  3. Assignment and Homework Management :

    Paves an easy access for the teachers to create and assign the assignment.
  4. Review of Assignments :

    The assignments uploaded by the students can be corrected by the teacher easily.
  5. Elegant Assessment Management system :

    Teachers can create and share assessment tests that can be easily reviewed by the parents.
  6. Reach everyone at once :

    The teacher can send push notifications for events,emergencies, etc.
  1. Easier access to the curriculum:

    Displays the title of the lessons along with a brief description.
  2. Create and design e-learning content:

    Uses Artificial Intelligence to check the student knowledge level, provides PDFs needed for the academics, graphical representation of student’s growth and many more.
  3. Teacher-Parent Communication:

    When there is a need to communicate with the parents, the teachers can access the student details with least efforts.
  4. To do list – stays ahead of time:

    Make a note of important things or events. It will also be notified before an hour of commencement of the event.
  5. Mark self-attendance:

    Rather than using punching machines, teachers can make their own attendance using teacher app easily.
  6. Apply/reject/manage student leaves:

    In case of class teachers, they can grant leave to their students along with self-leave.

If the teacher is a supervisor or an HOD:

Approve / reject / manage subordinate teacher’s leave.

Manage e-learning category / strands

Approve e-learning content submitted by sub ordinate teachers

Create / manage time-table for supervising class

Allocate teachers to classes if the scheduled teacher is absent.

Notify parents with the required messages.


  • You can scan through the daily schedule, lessons, and class timings with ease

  • To keep track of teacher attendance and manage events and holidays.

  • Make note of important things with the to-do-list

  • Mark self and student attendance and zero paperwork involved.

  • Stay updated with events and announcements

Our Secret Sauce


Are you a teacher in need of a space to showcase your creativity?

Our teacher App is the perfect choice for you to get recognition and acclaim as a teacher.

Apart from the features like Attendance Management System, time table management and class scheduling we have something more to offer...

Introducing Content Publishing Module

  • One of our exclusive features built for teachers to create and share educational resources.
  • It let teachers to create and publish content, question booklets, bundle of solved questions etc.

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What Can be Done With Our Teacher App

It Might surprise you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many student details can be added to this system?

    No worries, any number of student details can be added to this system. It won’t be big deal even if a new student joins or leaves in between.
  • Does the teacher app contain ads in between?

    No, there will be no unnecessary ads in between. Everything will be uninterrupted. Moreover, the Teacher App is user friendly.
  • How will I know when you post a new blog?

    You will get notification with push message when a new blog is posted.
  • What are the platforms from which I can download the teacher app?

    Teacher app can be downloaded from both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Will I have to pay extra for accessing the blogs?

    No, you don’t have to pay extra amount for our blogs. You’ll get the accessibility once you login to your account.
  • Can I message parents privately?

    Yes, you can send and receive messages from parents in your inbox of the app.

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