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An all purpose school smart card!

Why does your school need a smart card system?

Educational institutes rely on ID cards to ensure student security and convenient functionality.

With smart cards students can not only have a validation to their identity, but multiple utilities latched on to a single chip.

We print durable Smart cards with our in-house card printers.

We customize cards as per demands of our clients.

We provide plain white RFID cards or cards customized with the design of the logo of your institute and unique information and photograph of the card holder.

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Smart Card Applications

School Bus Attendance

The RFID reader in the school bus detects the smart card and marks their presence in the car. The recorded data is send to the school server.

Parents receive instant alerts once their child boards and alights the bus.


Children often need to borrow books from the library. Our smart cards eliminate the use of a special library card as it has multiple utilities including issuing books from the library.


Cafeterias are common in every other school. The child might not have the cash to pay for food all the time. But it is not a concern anymore as his school ID card can do the purchases too.

BMI data-

The smart cards can be linked to the BMI information of each student and the school canteen can decide to serve the daily nutritional requirement of the student accordingly.


Parents can pay fees through the Edsys smart cards. The encoded information in the smart cards can be used to pull up the student payment information and parents can accordingly carry out the transaction.

Classroom attendance

The card is detected by the card reader installed at the classroom entry point.

Smart Features

  • MiFare standard RFID
  • 70 mm reading Distance
  • Can be linked to school server holding information of each student
  • Available with active and passive RFID.

Why switch to smart cards?

  • Cashless Transactions
  • Student management on premises made easy.
  • Selective access control can be provided to specific students.
  • Cost effective
  • Manageable
  • Saves a lot of paper work

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Our futuristic vision of smart technology


We are looking at the future where in libraries will take a form of vehicles. These smart libraries can be easily dealt with using our smart cards for the purpose of issuing books.

Students can avail books with a single swipe.

Reducing concerns for parents

Parents get instant alerts when the child boards and alights the school bus and also about their attendance in the classroom.

They can monitor the balance on the card online and refill it at the cash counters or through online payment portals. The card holds a threshold limit of deposit to avoid misuse incase of theft or if misplaced.

Parents will also get a monthly statement of card usage.

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