Teacher App

Class scheduling and marking attendance made effortless for teachers!

You can keep tab on classroom attendance and curriculum progress with this classroom app for teachers

Mark student and teacher attendance with a single app

Teachers can apply leaves from the app

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How Teacher App works

  • School admin creates school profile on the main website.
  • Details of the teachers, students, classes and curriculum are fed to the data base
  • Profile of the teacher is created on the website
  • The teacher receives an email and password
  • Login using the credentials
  • Start using the app
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Features of Teacher App

Manage school schedule with ease

Teachers can check the schedule for the day anytime using their phones.

Log attendance.

Period wise attendance can be checked and edited once the period is over.

Log in!

There is a whole new function where in teachers can mark their daily attendance. Log in through the app once inside school premises and log out once done for the day.

Apply for leaves

Your leave is only a few taps away.

Teachers can apply for leave with this app through the leave menu.

To do list – Stay ahead of time!

Make a note of important things or events.

The app will provide a reminder an hour before the commencement of the event.

And one more reminder just when the event is about to begin.

Reach everyone at once

The admin can send the notifications for an event through the app which will be broadcasted to all the user’s belonging to the particular school.

Easy to access curriculum

Displays the title of the lessons along with a brief description.

In the pages of History

All you need to do is select history –and Check attendance records of any previous class

Benefits of using teacher app

  • You can scan through the daily schedule, lessons, and class timings with ease
  • To keep track of teacher attendance and manage events and holidays.
  • Mark self and student attendance and zero paperwork involved.
  • Make note of important things with the to-do-list
  • Stay updated with events and announcements.

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