15 Qualities That Can Make a Teacher Supportive for Students


Undoubtedly, there are certain traits in a teacher that are very much innate and those that are acquired during the course of long-standing interactions with students. Either ways, it is a combination of all such qualities that make teachers the best friends of students. While a school is tagged as the second home of students, teachers play the role of guardians protecting and directing students, constantly showing them the right way.

For all those teachers who are interested in knowing the qualities which can make them a supportive teacher, here they are.

  1. Empathy

If you are an empathetic teacher, it means you can relate to your students even with conditions that you have not experienced or dealt with. Empathy is the top quality of a teacher which makes it possible for you to relate to all the needs and issues of your students. This keeps teachers away from being judgemental towards students. You will be prompted to look beyond the four walls of a classroom to better understand the feelings and concerns of your students. If you notice anything wrong, you can use your empathetic skills to lend a helping hand to your wards and support them in their cause.

  1. Forgiveness

It is indeed a noble trait to forgive those you have erred you. Teachers who are forgiving will be able to forgive their wards who have wronged, without harboring any feelings of grudge or anger against them. You as a forgiving teacher can become a boon to your school when you can rope in the support of school administrators, parents, students and other teachers in trying to make a class better one.

  1. Kindness

A kind-hearted teacher can become the best friend of a class. If you are a teacher blessed with the virtue of kindness, you will be able to help your class without expecting anything in return for the good you have done. Students regard teachers who are kind to them.

  1. Patience

Patience is another striking quality of a teacher that makes him or her a potent support to students. You as a patient teacher will be able to face the challenges that each day throws at you. It takes all sorts of students to make a class. A patient teacher understands that every student is unique and is blessed with different IQ’s.

Patience in classrooms is best demonstrated when a particular student fails to understand a concept and wants to be explained not twice but several times. And this does not bother you as a patient teacher. You will put in your best efforts to clarify the doubts of your class without an iota of disinterest or irritability.

  1. Responsible

Responsibility is an ability to make yourself accountable for all your actions. It is also a virtue that will help you carry out your assigned tasks within a pre-defined timeframe. Responsible teachers are an asset to every class. Teachers who are responsible come up as trustworthy individuals with a keen sense of professionalism in everything they do. Tagged as highly dependable and reliable resources, responsible teachers pave way to the development of responsible students.

  1. Adaptable

“The Only Thing that is Constant is Change”. This is famous paradoxical quote by Heraclitus explaining you the significance of adaptability. Being adaptable is to be in total control of the situation so that you can handle a sudden change without any distraction. Teachers who are adaptable will rise to the occasion rather very quickly and will make immediate adjustments so that their students will not be burdened by the change. That means, you as an adaptable teacher will have the reins of the situation in your hands and will effortlessly shift gears immediately in the direction of the changed condition.

  1. Conscientious

Conscientiousness is the ability to complete a task in a methodical method to deliver high quality results. If you are a conscientious teacher, students will be in awe of your efficiency. You will be a teacher who will not only be extremely efficient but also will go the entire nine yards in delivering quality lessons to your class; every single day.

  1. Creativity

To be creative is to think“out of the box”. When it comes to creative teachers, they are the section of educators who will put in their best efforts to make their class a pleasurable experience to students. If you as a teacher are blessed with the quality of creativity, your students will be enamored by your problem-solving skills. You will be able to attract the attention of your students by delivering engaging lectures.

  1. Determination

Determination is the fighting spirit that is demonstrated during testing times, especially when you are trying to accomplish a major task. Not allowing you to buckle under pressure, a determined teacher will have a solution to every problem. You as a determined teacher will clearly know your duties and will always strive to deliver them to the best of your ability. You will teach your students not to offer any excuses but to adopt a series of trial and error methods to eventually complete the ordained task. You will teach your students to never give up on their dreams and that they need to strive hard to live their dreams.

  1. Genuineness

Genuineness is another virtue that will help you stand in good stead with your students. A genuine teacher will set a perfect example to students through sincere actions and words. Your genuineness will manifest in the form of true statements and deeds without hypocrisy. Genuine teachers keep up their promises and come with a great deal of professionalism. They will prompt students to tread the path of righteousness.

  1. Resourceful

Resourceful teachers will make the optimum use of all the resources that are within their control to solve a problem. They will be able to tide over a testing situation by employing technology and curricula and will effortlessly wriggle out of the problem; without any fuss. Such teachers will become an asset to schools when they teach students to make the most of what they have so that can come out of a problematic situation; by themselves being an example.

  1. Warmth

Teachers who are warm are the best “go-to” sources of students with problems and concerns. Such teachers come with great listening skills, prompting students to feel safe and cared for. They take time out of their busy teaching schedules and will be there for any student who seeks their attention and intervention.

  1. Passion

A passionate teacher is the one who is blessed with a practical demeanor. Your passion to teach will manifest in the form of making any subject interesting. You will never demonstrate your irritability even when you are going through a bad day. Despite the fact that you are battling personal issues, you will ensure that your students enjoy your class. You simply leave your domestic baggage outside the class and get on with your class.

  1. A Skilled Leader

A skilled teacher is one who identifies the abilities of different students. There can be students who are good at academics while there can be others who are blessed with strong leadership qualities. With day-in-and-day-out interactions, only a skilled teacher will be able to identify the innate qualities of students. When such qualities of students are identified, efforts can be directed towards encouraging such traits which will support students in their pursuit for holistic education.

  1. Intuitiveness

Last but not the least, intuitiveness is the much-needed quality in teachers. Blessed with an ability to understand anything simply through instinct, you as an intuitive teacher will not go about attaching a reason to anything that happens.

Teachers who are intuitive will be able to tend to students who are not in sync with the class. They can gauge the facial expressions of students who are unable to keep pace with the class and hence will take corrective measures so that every student understands the concepts discussed in class. Intuitive teachers can also be of great help to students battling personal adversities.

Closing Thoughts

After putting in your best efforts as a good teacher through all these qualities, there will come a day in every teacher’s life when students cherish their carefree days in school and college. They then recall such days as a gift bestowed by their best teachers. This will be the biggest reward and appreciation to you as a mark of a job done very well.