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Thursday December 4, 2014

KHDA, authorized by the Government of Dubai monitors educational quality and development of private schools. To ensure the quality, KHDA conducts regular inspection. Ratings are granted to the schools on the basis of various factors after inspections.

Parent-school contract have been introduced by KHDA to reduce disputes between parents and schools by outlining each party’s rights and responsibilities. According to the Chief of Compliance and Resolution Commission of KHDA, since the introduction of the contract, the complaints have shown 20% decrease this year.

The parent- school contract encourages communication between both, which offers solution for the problems of both the parties.

  • The contract is currently adopted by 38,624 pupils and 24 private schools
  • Amal Bel Hasa, Chief of Compliance and Resolution Commission at KHDA said that KHDA plans to implement the contract within the next five years in all the schools.

Calculation of the complaints received this academic year

This academic year 948 complaints were received by the authority

  • 167 complaints were based on school fees
  • 149 complaints on teacher conduct
  • 130 complaints related to student admission
  • 115 complaints about health and safety
  • 115 complaints on administration affairs
  • 74  complaints were based on school communication

Among the complaints received from parents by KHDA this year, most of them state that they are thoroughly dissatisfied with the fee structure implemented by private schools.  The complaints received by KHDA are investigated and reasonable alterations are made.

Speaking to parents, the school fees issue is one among the worst burden parents have to face in Dubai. When it’s about education, parents feel an urge to ensure the best for their children. When schools offering better education raise their fees, it becomes impossible for parents to compensate. Parents are of the opinion that, it feels worse when education is bought on the basis of money.

Complaints of teacher conduct occupy the second position. Parents are worried about the quality of education received by their children. After managing to pay the fees, if quality education is not received that would be a waste of time and money.

Parents who have implemented the parent-school contract believe that the contract is effective and they feel secure. The feeling of being protected makes them confident in sending their children to school.

Education centers facilities (6 complaints) and admission age applied to specific grade (3 complaints) received least complaints this year.

Amal Bel Hasa assured that the complaints will be taken into serious consideration and evaluation. Investigation will be implemented on a case-by case basis.

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