117 Dubai Schools Get Approval from KHDA to Increase Fees


The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has given approval to 117 private schools in Dubai to increase their fees for the next academic year. KHDA says that further 10 applications are being processed.

According to KHDA, June 11th was the last day for a fees hike and 117 schools have been granted approval. However, KHDA did not name the 117 schools that got approval to increase the fees.

The fee hike will be effective from next academic year which starts in April 2016 for Indian schools in Dubai. For other private schools in Dubai, next academic year starts in August 2016. The percentage of fees increase is based on the inspection ratings. More the KHDA ratings of the schools, more will be the chances for them to increase the fees.

KHDA had announced in February that the fee increase is based on Education Cost Index (ECI) for the academic year 2015-16. The ECI is calculated annually by the Dubai Statistics Centre, taking into account the consumer price index and school operation costs, including remuneration, rent and utilities.

Based on the ECI, schools with ‘outstanding’ rating in KHDA’s 2014-2915 inspections can increase their fees by 5.84% and those with ‘good’ rating can increase their fees by 4.38%. However, schools that are rated acceptable or unacceptable can increase their fees only by 2.92%.

This ECI is applicable for only the academic year 2015-16. However, some schools are expected to be given an exception in hiking their fees than the permitted percentage for the academic year 2015-16.