13 Drawing Apps For Students


Drawing has been a pastime that has been prevalent since ancient times to now.

However, the medium and the tools used for drawing have evolved and changed over the times.

The ancient man drew on the walls of caves with charcoal and now children draw on the tabs and computers with the stylus/mouse.

Given below is a list of some of the best drawing apps for students to satisfy their artistic appetites.

1. Sketchbook by Autodesk


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The Sketchbook is a free drawing tool available on the web and has been available for a very long time.

It is rich in features and has about 10 brushes that can be used by the artist.

Each of the brushes can be customized according to the requirements.

The package offers three layers and six blend modes.

The zoom percentage can go up to 2500 %. Simulated pressure sensitivity is also available.

Professionals can use up to 100 different types of brushes, additional layers and more blends.

All the professional facilities can be had for free.

However, an Autodesk account is required for anyone to use Sketchbook after a 7-day trial period.

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw


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Adobe has come up with 2 drawing apps: Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch.

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a package that supports many features including different pen tips and further customization options.

Photoshop Sketch has many independent options for drawing.

The best part is that both of these apps can work in such a fashion that projects can be either imported or exported between the two.

Both are available for free download. However, you can unlock premium features by opting for a Creative Cloud subscription.

3. dotpict


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This is a free drawing app that allows the enthusiast to indulge in pixel art. The application offers a grid that the user can zoom into.

Into the smaller grids, the user can fill the scenes that he/she wants. The user can then zoom out to see the overall effect.

The drawing app allows the user to undo and redo at will.

There is an auto-save option and also the facility to export the drawing. The features are useful and minimal.

4. MediBang Paint


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It is a free drawing app that can be downloaded onto a mobile, Windows or Mac computers.

The most attractive feature of the app is the option to save the drawing on the cloud.

This makes it easy to work with the same drawing on different platforms easily.

This drawing app has many fun tools that include different types of brushes, free-drawing and comic drawing tools, and many more add-ons.

5. Ibis Paint


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Ibis Paint drawing app offers over 140 exciting and different drawing tools such as paint brushes, felt pens, dip pens, etc.

Another option when using Ibis is that you can record the whole procedure of you creating the drawing and at the end, you can have a video of the actual drawing procedure that you used to create the art.

Ibis Paint offers layer support and you can use as many layers as possible while creating the art piece.

The paint drawing app offers support for different types of drawing (manga). There is a free version as a well as a paid version that costs $4.99.

6. ArtFlow


[Google Play]

ArtFlow is a drawing app that can be used by a serious drawing enthusiast.

There are over 70 brushes that a user can apply in the drawing.

There are also other tools that are available for use (smudging, etc.).

This package uses layers and allows for the blending of layers. You can export the drawing to JPEG, PN, or PSD. Access to Nvidia’s stylus is available in case you are using the Nvidia device.

It can be used comfortably by both students and adults. There is a free download version that is available for trial purposes.

7. Rough Animator

 drawing apps for free

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This drawing app is priced at $5 and is used to create animations.

The moving animations can then be exported as well as shared. The versatile app allows the user to create an animation from scratch.

The animation can be created frame by frame and then run it together as a moving cartoon picture.

The drawing app includes facilities which will allow you to control the frame rate and the resolution.

The completed drawings can be exported as GIFs, a video or a simple sequence of images.

The app, priced at $4.99, has a window period during which it can be tried. However, if you do not like the app, you can return it within the refund period.

8. Sketch by Sony

 drawing apps for free

Sony’s sketch app is known by the same name. Sketch presents itself with a set of basic drawing tools such as different brushes, a tool to pick colours, crop, zoom and pan tools, and undo and redo facilities. The user can import any photo and draw over these photos.

When using this drawing app, there is no need to log in. you can just open the app and continue to draw.

There are in-app purchases that you need to do.

9. Paperone

 drawing apps for free

Paperone is an amazing drawing app for students that is very close to real life.

The user is given the freedom to draw in any way that they want by using different brushes, etc., as in most other drawing apps.

However, what makes Paperone stand out is the tracing feature of the app.

Any photo can be imported into Paperone and set to a translucent mode.

Then it is possible for the user to make a trace of the original picture.

Therefore, this app provides a way in which newbies can learn drawing.

The app is available for free. However, with a few in-app buys, the user can unlock additional facilities.

10. Simple Draw


[Google Play]

Simple Draw is just like its name: it is a no-nonsense app with a few simple features.

It is a free drawing app.

There is no facility to use different brushes by the user. It is almost like a simple app with which the user can form different doodles.

However, these drawings can be saved. It is a free download and features no in-app purchases

11. Art Prompts

[Play Store]

Art prompt generators provide instant inspirations to mould your artistic vision. Among the numerous options available for artistic themes, there are mediums, epochs, drawing styles, sketches, genres and words. This is the best-suited app for children to boost the intensity of a vivid imagination.

12. Tiggly Draw

[Play store]

This app is designed to let children play around with Tiggly shapes. There are 4 geometric blocks which would form the base of all drawings. Each shape is assigned with a sound of a musical instrument. This means that it also allows you to compose music. The app interface is optimized for kids usage and there are offline and online modes to give the child an efficient learning experience.

13. Paper by WeTransfer

 drawing apps for free

[Play Store]

Unleash your mind to let creative ideas flow. Paper is a completely fixating experience which lets you do everything including sketch, paint, draw and type.  You can fast pace your sketching activities, highlight details in photos, create checklists an so on.