36 % of Chhattisgarh Populace Are Kept Away From Formal Education

Monday September 7, 2015


Chhattisgarh ranks the lowest in folks receiving formal education among Indian states. Over 90 lakhs of people, who are almost 36% of population in Chhattisgarh has never attended school.

According to the latest figures of population attending schools, from the total populace of 2.55 crores, 92.98 lakh people never got any formal education. It is also shown that only 26.3% of state’s total population is receiving formal education from schools or educational institutions.

The data also discloses that there is a large dropout rate as 6.6% only enrolls for higher education. It is less than the national average of 10.43%.

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Chhattisgarh has one of the best sex ratio – 990 females per 1000 males. But 61.36% women are illiterate as compared to 38.5% males. This indirectly indicates that though the state has achieved success in “beti bachao” (save girl child) campaign, it must achieve success in “” beti padao” (educate girl child) campaign.

Almost every people in backward and rural areas are usually deprived of receiving education. 30-37% people in urban and rural areas never attended any school or educational institutions.



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