Amazing! 12 Year Old Indian Origin Girl Has More IQ than Einstein and Hawking

Monday September 14, 2015


A 12-year-old Indian-origin girl, Lydia Sebastian from UK secured highest marks in Mensa IQ test, which is more than Einstein and Hawking.

Lydia, a student of Colchester County High school in Essex, resides in London with her parents. She took the test during her recent school holidays.

Lydia Sebastian has scored 162 points in the 150-minute test conducted by Mensa, which is known to be the oldest and largest high IQ society in the world.

Membership in Mensa is open for those who can show an IQ in the top 2% of the populace, measured by an approved IQ testing process.

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"Firstly, I was really tensed but once I started, it was easier than I expected," said Lydia.

The questionnaire at this IQ test is known to be hard making it very difficult to prepare and revise; however Lydia says she gave her ‘best shot’.

“Paper challenged her language skills including definitions and analogies”, guardian reported.

Lydia, whose favorite subjects are Mathematics and Physics, is now applying to join the Mensa society.




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