An App for Registering Education Related Complaints

Thursday December 1, 2016

Education related complaints such as the hike in school fees , injustice towards students, issues related to admission, or malpractices can now be registered via mobile app.

This android app was launched by the Forum for Fairness in Education(FFE), especially for parents, students, teachers and school management. At first, they need to register it and then write the complaints.

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People can not only register their complaints, but also get awareness about their rights, education related rules and regulations, etc. through the app.

Jayant Jain, President of FFE, confessed that they have tried earlier on developing an app for the same but cannot bring forth due to technical difficulties.  The app was modified and launched again for the sake of parents, teachers and schools.

Jain also added that if the education authorities are not willing to take action against registered complaints, they themselves will move out to the court for achieving justice.

Sonali Kudarve, a parent and FFE member, admitted that this move will definitely bridge the gap between the law and people and thus get an opportunity to fight for justice.




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