Annual KHDA Inspections Yielding Notable Results for Indian Schools

The growth, direction and quality of private education and learning in Dubai was being regulated or observed by The Knowledge and Human Development Authority. Every academic year KHDA conducts inspection at private schools in Dubai to evaluate the performance through a number of quality indicators and publish the report in their website. It helps parents to choose an institution for their child.

The Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB), conducts this inspection and the evaluation is based on a four-point scale.

*Outstanding : for exceptionally well and meeting every criteria put forward by KHDA

*Good: the expected range of performance for each school in Dubai

*Acceptable: the minimum range of performance. Schools above this level are not accepted in Dubai.

*Unsatisfactory : very poor and lack of quality.

They need necessary steps to improvise on the quality and performance.

An overview of 2013-14 DSIB inspection

In 2013-14, DSIB inspected 141 schools in Dubai and among them 25 were Indian schools under CBSE or ICSE syllabus. The total number of students in those schools was 74,451.There were 51 schools with the UK and 30 with the US curriculum.

Only 12 out of 141 schools were rated ‘outstanding’ and among them 2 were Indian. Within the 12, includes 9 schools with UK and 2 with US curriculum.


OUTSTANDING 9 2 1 0 12
GOOD 27 8 7 15 57
ACCEPTABLE 14 13 21 16 64


KHDA rating of Indian Schools:  2013-14

During 2013-14, 25 Indian Schools were inspected and there were 2 schools with an ‘Outstanding’, 8 with ‘good’, 13 with ‘acceptable’ and only 2 were rated unsatisfactory. It was a brilliant achievement of the Indian Schools and it showed that Indian schools were deliberately working hard to keep up their standard.

Among all these, there was a school which showed a fine improvement from the previous inspection. JSS International School was rated from ‘acceptable’ to ‘good’ was a subject to appreciation. All schools rated from ‘outstanding ‘and ‘unsatisfactory’ was in a stand still since 2011. To specifically note, there wasn’t a single instance which downgraded the quality.

Comparison of KHDA rating of Indian Schools with previous years

  2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
GOOD 7 11 7 7 8
ACCEPTABLE 10 7 10 12 13


Overall rating of Indian Schools by Years

  • DSIB inspection of Indian schools started in 2009-10. There wasn’t a single school with rating ‘outstanding’ in that inspection and the next.
  • 3 schools were listed ‘unsatisfactory’
  • 2011-12 period the number of schools rated ‘unsatisfactory’ is reduced to two and two schools were included in the level, ‘outstanding’
  • The two schools rated ‘outstanding’ remains in a constant position
  • The number of schools with the rating ‘acceptable’ and ‘good’ varied a bit
  • Around 75,000 students attending Indian curriculum 55% (41,240) were in ‘good’ and ‘outstanding ‘schools. It was 37,589 in the previous year. There was a notable increase of over 3,600 students.

JSS International School showed an overall Improvement

In the 2013-14 rating it was JSS International School which showed an improvement from ‘acceptable’ to ‘good’.  They gained this achievement by concentrating on the issues mentioned by DSIB in the previous inspections. They improved their KG section by bringing trainers from abroad and sending the teachers for University workshops on KG training to increase their professionalism.

Indian Schools with ‘Outstanding’ KHDA rating

  1. GEMS Modern Academy :  Since 2011 they are rated ‘outstanding ‘. The credit of this achievement goes to teachers who always seek professional development through training, the students who take part in the meetings gave their feedback and then came the involvement of parents
  2. The Indian High School : They have maintained their standard since 2011. They gave the courtesy to the hardworking teachers who made this dream come true through various professional development programs, and the highly motivated students took part in different activities outside the classroom.