Banning Smart Phones in Schools for Better Performance

Thursday May 21, 2015


Children these days are well versed with technology. They learn to operate various kinds of electronic gadgets at an early age.  Some may even take the gadgets to school, giving a tough time to the teachers. According to a new research, banning smart phones in schools help improve students’ academic performance.

The research has revealed that the schools that had banned mobile phones in their campuses gave better results. An average student had at least five days added to their academic year. Louis-Philippe Beland and Richard Murphy conducted the research, which was published by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.

The research was conducted on sixteen year old children. It claims that there had been a 6.4% improvement in the academic performance of students. The researchers also said it’s not student achievement that improved on banning mobile phones in schools.  Improvement was seen in low-performing students as well. Banning smart phones in schools have helped in adding one hour a week to increasing the school year by five days.

Smart phones are banned in most schools in India. However, there is a rising tendency among students to bring them to school. Most schools have taken steps to tackle the problem efficiently.

But, many researches also claim that integrating technology in education have their own advantages. Should smart phones be permanently banned from schools? Tell us what you think. 



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