Bengaluru Schools Take Measures to Ensure Student Safety


Last academic year, many schools in Bengaluru were in the news for wrong reasons. Several cases of sexual abuse and rapes were reported in school campuses last year. As a result, schools in the city are taking measures to ensure school safety this year. It includes installing CCTV cameras and performing thorough background check before recruiting staff.

However, private school managements have challenged the nine-point guidelines issues by the police commissioner in court. Also, schools have adopted the “wait and watch” policy while the high-powered committee headed by the Additional Chief Secretary has not yet combined all the policies issued by different departments.   

In November 2014, the Department of Public Instruction had conducted inspections of schools across Karnataka state and found that most of them did not follow any safety measures. Many schools had then hiked their fee amount citing infrastructural costs, owing to safety guidelines.

“Many schools have still not made safety a priority. The first thing they need to ensure is setting up a committee for parents who can monitor safety in the school premises,” representative of “Vigilant Citizen,” a parents' group, said. She also said that merely following the safety guidelines won’t help either. “Schools need to have a plan and periodically review it to ensure that campuses are safer,” the representative said.