Bureau of Indian Standards Raises ‘SMART’ Tag Procurement Bar for Cities

Thursday October 6, 2016


With the release of Bureau of Indian Standards' (BIS) new draft, National Standards for Smart Cities on September 30th, it is expected that the criteria for cities to procure smart tag will be raised higher than those set under the government’s Smart City Mission.

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The Smart City Mission focus only those factors related to information and technology, unlike the measurable indicators assessed by BIS. The new indicators of eligibility put forward by BIS incorporates assessment of factors contributing to quality of life such as air pollution, carbon emission, renewable energy consumption, per capita GDP, unemployment rate and girl child enrolment in schools among the others.

“The process of BIS standard formulation started prior to the establishment of the Smart City Mission so their standards may not reflect the objectives of the mission. We wanted to understand what the smart cities in Indian context are and then define the indicators for assessing their performance,” informed a senior official in the ministry of urban development.




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