Cisco to Support Rajasthan Govt. For Digital Classrooms

Tuesday January 10, 2017


In a move to step up the digital vision of Rajasthan, Cisco- global networking giant on Monday announced of providing digital classrooms in Women’s colleges of the state to cover almost 10000 women students in the upcoming year. 

To set up this vision, Rajasthan Govt. And Cisco signed a Statement of Intent (Sol). This will support the women working in the technology field. This will be implemented in both rural and urban areas of the state.

On a statement from Cisco, it is clear that it will surely develop the IT skills of the women.

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Cisco to Support Rajasthan Govt. For Digital Classrooms
Cisco has already joined with the SIEMAT- State Institute of Education Management and Training and made the arrangement of digital classrooms in 12 institutes in Rajasthan. It will provide hours of training to 50000 persons through this.

Cisco to Support Rajasthan Govt. For Digital Classrooms
Mounting the Jaipur Lighthouse City program, Global networking giant Cisco said that the 1st phase of Lighthouse City program, including connected transportation, smart lighting and many more will be included on the Cisco Smart + Connected Digital Platform.

Company, headquartered in San Jose, California will also team up with the govt. in its water resource management. Cisco said that their water management solutions provide real-time visibility on the all water assets via Internet of Things water sensors which transmit information on water flows and levels.

Cisco to Support Rajasthan Govt. For Digital Classrooms 



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