Class X Board Exams Made Compulsory Again By CBSE!


New Delhi: The central government may make it compulsory for the school students to attend class X board examination in CBSE and will end the no-detection policy started by “Right to Education Act”.

The HRD ministry will discuss about this issue with the state education minister and other experts in the CABE meeting on Wednesday.

Under the no-detection policy, students will not hold back even if they are not capable to get a minimum passing grade.

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Most of the parents and students have taken the “schooling up to Class X too easy” as this no-detection policy had spoiled the quality of school education, government official said.

“Though this policy was brought to reduce education stress among students but it has not achieved the desired result. The ministry will discuss this issue in CABE for a consent view following which policy can be revised,” a second official said.

The ministry will also submit the sub-committee report on the no-detection policy which was prepared by the group of education ministers, a couple of years back which was then led by Geeta Bhukkal, Haryana education minister.

School students are not taking the schooling seriously as they know no one will fail them and no board exam in Class X, said Lalatendu Mahal, school teacher in Hyderabad.

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He also said that making Class X board exam compulsory and ending the no-detection policy will be a great move.

In 2010-2011, according to the International Student Assessment Programme, coordinated by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, India was at the bottom position among 74 countries.

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