Colleges and Universities in India Look Forward To Set Up Their Own Schools



Educational Institutions in India seem to realize the need to mentor students, right from their young years. As a result many engineering colleges and deemed universities have been setting up their own schools to take a step forward in education.

Hindustan Group of Institutions (HGI) is one of those education providers who have realized the same and as a result set up a CBSE school on the KCG College of Technology campus. “Over the years, we have seen a lot of gaps in the skill-sets of students who come in for engineering. Rather than attempting to fill these gaps in four years, we decided to start earlier,” Annie Jacob, director of Hindustan International School and HGI said.

“Understanding of mathematics and science is an important facet of education. Communication skills and other soft skills also cannot be taught in a year or two of college education. Our schools will train students in these skills, so engineering and other higher education is easy for them,” she added.

Many of the schools thus started by colleges and universities follow CBSE or international curriculum. The aim is to provide professional education to the students.

Also, linking the schools to higher education institutes have their own benefits.

“Many of these schools are on the college campus, and being linked to engineering colleges, they tend to have better lab facilities,” K.R. Maalathi, CEO of Auuro Educational Services, said.