Completing Your Kid’s Homework Can Be Hassle Free with iPhone App!

Thursday February 2, 2017


Socratic, a homework app which works through the problem and explains it in detail so that the students can solve it when they get stuck.

This app uses text recognition to digitize the problems and then it delivers results on the spot. And is an interactive way for the students to get a detailed explanation about the question so that they can use the method in other related problems too.

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Completing Your Kid’s Homework Can Be Hassle Free with Iphone App! 
The educator’s team of Socratic is developing highly visual, jargon-free content so that every student will come to know about the essential high school curriculum concept. And is also selecting the informative videos from sources such as Crash Course, Khan Academy and many more.

Collectively, this Socratic app characterizes a massive improvement in how students learn on the Internet.

This app is freely available free.




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