After Delhi, Mumbai goes the GPS way!

You may be familiar with lots of applications in your daily life that involve Geo Positioning System or GPS. The best thing about GPS is that we can get to know the whereabouts of a vehicle or a pet real-time and hence, GPS devices are used to address safety concerns. Many countries around the world have adopted GPS, be it for defence or civil purposes. Many schools have also introduced GPS systems in their school bus fleet to ensure the safety of students.

Mumbai, one of the metropolitan cities of India, is now planning to go the GPS way. It is a sign that GPS has gained worldwide recognition since its introduction.

The transport department of Mumbai have already started their efforts to introduce GPS based meters in auto rickshaws and taxis of the city. By this, they mean to enhance safety of passengers, especially women, who rely on auto rickshaws and taxis to travel. The e-meters, which will have GPS installed into them, are being developed in such a way that the vehicles can be tracked real time from control rooms. These meters also provide accurate calculation of fare. This can help in preventing the drivers from asking the customers for extra money. It is known from the sources that the meters will be loaded with panic button, which the passengers can press when they are in danger. This will send alerts to the control room, which consists of a server and help the officials to take quick action. Though orders have been proposed for introduction of GPS meters, no deadline has been fixed yet. The proposals are still in their introductory stages, which have to be approved by the state government to bring it to reality.

Delhi, the capital of India, has already started using GPS meters in taxis and auto rickshaws. Chennai is another city, which will soon follow the league.