Edsys Introduces S-Info Screen Sharing To Make Campuses Smarter

Thursday March 30, 2017


We are introducing a smart and innovative software named 'S-Info Screen Sharing' to make campuses smarter than before.

S-Info can be placed in common places such as reception, library, inside the school bus, etc. It can be controlled by an admin.

With this software, sharing courses, registrations, events and code of conduct across the same school or a network of schools can be done smoothly and easily. Along with ensuring real-time delivery of content and information, it’s also helpful in playing demo videos in the classrooms.

In addition to this, students don’t have to worry about the classes or topics taken in his/her absence as he/she can get the content on their desktop or laptop with this software.

So, do you think the Edsys S-Info Screen Sharing is smart and cool?







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