When Disconnected systems take a toll on you

Streamline the ridiculously elaborate procedure of student life cycle management by unifying all data applications.

A considerable amount of facts needed for problem solving go unnoticed at critical times.

With ERP you have the power to leverage all the available data during decision making.

Educational ERP is the system that strives to fulfill a broader mission of progressively perfecting data quality through cross functional integration.

We have created a comprehensive system that not just upholds economic value but also offers psychological comfort to all the stake holders.

We believe ERP is key to the smooth functioning of every school today!

We are providing our basic open source ERP software at zero cost

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Here is what you can do with ERP


Collect and store primary student information


Enroll the student next class once promoted


Details of annual promotions

Student strike off

Momentarily revoke the position of a student owing to lack of attendance.

TC process

Provision of transfer certificate once the student leaves the school.

Online payment

Convenient online transactions of fees.


Calculate Interim registration charges and long term fee structure

Human Resource management

Staff and faculty administration over a centralized platform.


The fee structure and payments to the entire course is available in this module.


Librarians will be relieved of the headache of manual records of book issuing and returns.


The admission process is carefully streamlined to attain a systematic flow.


The faculty module contains details of all the employees registered during the time of recruitment.


Financial dealings of the school similar to funds, taxes, asset management, purchases are embedded in this module.

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Spotlight on stakeholders

  • Students
    All important functions like student recruitment, fee payments, academic success and advancement phases are taken care of. Besides the life cycle management, the account of other systems like library, school bus transportation is also available for supervision.
  • Parents
    The integration of parent portal with ERP will enable the parents to retrieve the academic achievements, advancement phases, yearly progress of the child all at one place. Parents can also pay the school fees, and other expenses like transportation and examination charges through this very system.
  • Faculty Members
    Managing curriculum planning and students becomes easier owing to most tasks like attendance management becoming automated. Now they have more time to plan solid academic modules for the students.
  • Your precious workforce is free to focus on more important tasks like progressive planning and analysis.

The Right choice and how!

  • Integration
    ERP enables integration with all other systems allowing you to Leverage the data from all your management software applications.
  • Scalable
    It is a Cloud based system capable of storing troves of data and protecting from issues like system crash, calamities, hacking etc.
  • Interactive
    interface is very intuitive and makes it easy for all users to work it up.
  • Mobile friendly
    The stakeholders can access any information they need through their handheld devices depending on authorization.

We are happy to provide you with a customized premium version bearing an intricate web of features. But First!

Get your free ERP now!

Edsys only provides the school with ERP software. The school is responsible for managing the hosting process which can either be on the local school domain or on cloud.

The software provided to the users will be free of cost. But incase the user feels they need a fully functional business compatible application, they can contact us and discuss their personalization demands.

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