Education Index in the Works to Rank States

Tuesday October 18, 2016


The HRD Ministry has plans to rank all the states on education in collaboration with the Government policy think tank Niti Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India). An education index would be set up entirely on the basis of performance factors, including education quality, school infrastructure, and learning outcomes.

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It is hoped that the move will generate a competitional spirit among the various states, which would propel quality improvements in all the educational modes and methods. Two government officials  requesting anonymity reported that Niti Ayog has already considered some expert educationists regarding fixing the index parameters.

The index is said to be released in a couple of months time, which will shift the focus of educational systems to an output-driven body of operation rather than an input-driven one. Sources are stating that there will be realtime updating of the ranking status on a website once the project is in place.




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