Education Minister Admits Marks Were Awarded To Questions Just Attempted

Education Minister Admits Marks Were Given To Questions Just Attempted

Amidst the chaotic SSLC results announcement issue in Kerala, the state’s Education Minister, P K Abdu Rabb admitted that marks were awarded to questions that were simply attended. He said this to the media at a press conference conducted on Monday at Thiruvananthapuram.

Earlier, students, parents and education news channels rejoiced when the SSLC results were announced.

The pass percentage was a record-breaking 97.99%.

This was a 2.52% increase from last year’s result.  464 students had appeared for the exam from Gulf countries and 461 of them passed with flying colours.

Around 12,287 students had received ‘A’ plus in all subjects, surprising a number of students themselves.

But it all turned out to be a hoax. The evaluation and tabulation of the exams were done in record time this year – 18 days. But it appears that there are numerous errors in the published results.

Reportedly, a number of students haven’t received their Physics, Chemistry, Malayalam, Social Studies marks. Instead of their marks, they are notified that results will soon be announced.

Experts have criticized the evaluation process in the state. Some of them have pointed out the instructions provided by the State Education board as one of the reasons for students receiving such high marks.

In 2005, the state’s pass percentage was 58.48%. After a decade, it has come up to 97.99%.

And surprisingly, the win percentage has never gone below 90% since 2008.

It is quite easy for a student to secure pass marks, which is set at just 15. Each of them can easily secure 7-10 marks from internal assessment itself. In addition to that half marks are given to questions that are attended.