Evolution of GPS


You’ve most likely been in this situation. Thinking that you know right where you are going, you take confident strides in an unfamiliar place. But after taking a few turns around the block, your conviction seems to wane little bit, a few minutes later, you understand that you are hopelessly lost. Ever since the introduction of the Global Positioning System, to the public in 1995, the technology has been bailing out people from similar situations.

Currently, a growing number of people rely on GPS technology to securely guide them to their destination apart from other purposes facilitated by the addition of GPS to mobile devices. Today GPS technology is changing the way we live and communicate and its successful applications influence all our lives in a very distinct manner. The evolution of GPS is a gradual process transforming many diverse areas of human activity. Now let’s see how it has evolved progressively.

1972: GPS was initially used by the US Air Force and enlarged by Navstar

1983: GPS was then permitted by the US Government for public use and consumption.

1994: At this time US military has been extensively using GPS technology.

1996: Pedestrians began using GPS for navigation.

2000: Civilian demand for GPS Technology increased when the U.S. military halted its practice of purposely blurring the signals for security needs

2006: Social networking started integrating GPS technology by checking in, providing restaurant locations etc.

2014: GPS becomes a standard in all cellular phones and new automobiles with majority of smart phone users using varied kinds of GPS technology.

Today, 4 out of 6 Smartphone users utilize some sort of GPS Technology

GPS technology continues to alter every year and as the price of these devices becomes cheaper they are more and more readily available. The next 5 – 10 years is a stirring time for GPS. What once seemed like science fiction movie trinket is now recognized as accustomed technology!

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Evolution of GPS