Fewer Holidays: Bad News for Students!

Saturday May 9, 2015

We all would remember how we used to cherish holidays when we were kids. No such luck for students in Lucknow from now on. They are going to have a shorter summer vacation from this year. The move comes as part of a plea by Independent School Federation of India (ISFI), a body representing all CBSE and ICSE affiliated schools, to the district magistrate to extend the academic year till May 30th. ISF has also made it clear that the body wants schools to work normally on local holidays.

According to the Education Act, 240 days in an academic year must be utilized for teaching. However, with various holidays, both public and local, teaching happened only for 180 days in the previous academic year.

According to the Lucknow president of ISFI, Madhusudan Dixit, there has been an increase in number of government holidays these days that included birth anniversaries of various renowned figures as a result of which syllabus completion was delayed in most schools. As a result, ISFI has asked the district magistrate to let the schools to work on the birth anniversaries and if needed, the students can also be educated about the particular occasion by letting the schools remain open.

Majority of principals and teachers have approved of the decision. They agree that minimising the number of holidays can give enough time to the students to understand and learn the lessons thoroughly than just memorizing for exams.

Due to the increase in number of holidays, teachers in most schools are forced to teach 3 to 4 lessons per day. They are supposed to complete the syllabus before the exams and going. Students need time to understand and learn. But to abide by the deadline, teachers teach at a fast pace. The students of senior sections are most affected by the large number of holidays. School time management can help solve the problem to some extent.  In summers, classes can be held from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and in winters, classes can start at 10:00 a.m.

Most teachers think that allotting holidays owing to weather changes is unnecessary. And that leave should only be given if the weather is too harsh. As of now, the list of holidays is as follows:

Winter holidays-10 days, sometimes extended to over a month(30 days)

Summer holidays -40 days

Government Holidays -37 days

Parent-teacher meetings -8 days

Register Day -6 days

Sundays -52 days

New holidays for Jayantis -10 days

Total number of holidays in a year -183

Total number of days left for teaching -182



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