Get A Free Trial Of SMS Management System Now!

You can now get a free trial of the SMS Management System for education institutes from Edsys. This software has some fantastic features that will help improve the overall management of your education institution.

This software has a very intuitive interface that makes it a joy to use. It bridges the gap between school administrators and parents by acting as a medium to distribute vital information in a timely fashion.

It provides you the following advantages.


  • Easy, anytime communication with parents
  • One of the most efficient and timely communication solutions
  • Time and cost savings
  • Convenience for parents and teachers
  • Equally utilizable for Kindergartens, Schools, Colleges, and other Institutions
  • Enjoy a unified experience by integrating with your institution’s ERP system
  • Ability to work as an independent module


This management system offers different set of features to the parent and the teacher, but essentially makes both their jobs a lot easier while enhancing the communication between them.

Parents can utilize the software to know about important events such as meetings, exams, holiday announcements, fee details, exam schedules, school festivals, etc. They also get timely notifications about bus routes, attendance, late arrivals, early school pickups and more.

For the teacher, there are some exclusive features such as time tables, reschedules, follow up, extra classes, daily tips, moral lessons opinion polls and fundraising drives.

The software is part of the Customer Relationship Management Software which helps teachers and the school management to store, organize and call up on data as required. The student data will be stored based on categories that compartmentalise students according to their course and class.

Get to know the SMS software better with this free trial. The convenience it offers is very impressive. To call up on a parent-teacher meeting, you just need to send SMS to the particular parents list.

If you are interested, you can request trial software or drop a mail to info@edsys.in