Going Hi-Tech: Mobile App to Monitor School Toilet Construction Status

Thursday May 7, 2015


Every aspect of education is integrating technology into its functioning these days. Now, the Telangana school education department has launched a mobile app to keep an eye on the construction of toilets across the state.

The app named, “Swachh Patashala,” which was launched on 4th May, Monday, will monitor the status of 8,583 new toilets being built in the state. An amount of Rs. 1.07 crore has been spent on constructing toilets.

The app will not only help in monitoring the construction of new toilets but also the status of dysfunctional toilets. To use the application, the users are expected to enter the details of schools, such as name, code, management and the school principal’s mobile number.

The app, which is available in Google Play, works in three stages. The status of toilets is monitored at each stage by uploading pictures. In the first stage, the officials have to upload photos of the site chosen for construction of toilets. The photos for stage two are uploaded after the foundation stones for the toilets are laid. In the final stage, officials are expected to upload photos of the fully constructed toilets.

According to the commissioner of school education in Telangana, T Chiranjeevulu, the aim of the department is to keep watch on the status of toilets with the use of technology. The authorities can supervise the progress of construction without any troubles.

Veeru Pakshi, executive engineer at Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA), said that they mean to avoid any kind of mismanagement of funds. Therefore, the funds for the toilets will only be released after the toilets are constructed.

Most schools in the state of Telangana lack toilet facilities. This is the main reason girl students discontinue their education, when they reach higher classes.

The  school education department of Telangana wants the school officials to complete the construction of toilets within June 30, 2015.



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